What are you listening to?

The sync with Fantasia is perfect. Many don't like electronic music but others do. This song and video tells a story. A lot of changes in direction in this and different from what you hear in cheesy bars and clubs. Thanks be to good speakers. Full screen is recommended for viewing.

I see the Mexican and Russian brides below.
But up here in space I have nowhere to go.

Theyyyyy, they can see me.
Theyyyyy, they cannot hear me.
Theyyyyy, they don't answer my emails.
I, I wonder if they are not actually She-Males.

Jerks. :angry:
Apparently some guy in past hisssstory who went by the name of l00p. Now the natives will be all kinds of riled up. Pinche gringos.
Ah, score one for NBHorn7 !!

HF classic history lives - the infamous Rant of Senor Comrade Loop aka Mansnake !

It all started with an innocent post about racy Madonna photos and it grew into a monster:yippee:
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