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Discussion in 'In The Stands' started by LousianaHorn, Sep 20, 2018.

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    Nothing in the article as to what total number of seats for DKRTMS will be after completion of this.
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    I believe when they announced the plan that the seating would actually go down. The intent is to have more suites; not more attendance. (Remember when CdC renovated TCU's stadium the capacity went down 5,000 seats.)
    My question is why go to Kansas City to find an architect especially one who boasts about "Poplous has completed high-priced expansion and renovation projects for a number of college football programs, including Texas A&M, Oklahoma, and Purdue." I did not realize that there are no competent architects in Texas.
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    Del Conte recently said about $80 million of the project's $125 million fundraising goal has already been met. The remaining $50 million will be drawn from premium seating and ticket sales.
    CDC has $80M already completed I doubt that a downsizing is the focus just not an increase to be the biggest/ 103.5K on Saturday
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    While they did a really incredible job at OU, they did lower capacity (or will when Phase II is completed).
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    Is Phase II when they install the bigger sucking machine?
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    I am not impressed with the K-State rejects in Kansas City. I give my Aggie friends grief about using that firm, and ask to whom the kickbacks were delivered.
    Lockwood Andrews & Newman did virtually every major stadium renovation in the country, including the West side upper deck at Memorial Stadium. The firm worked on Neyland, Florida Field, Owen Field, Bryant-Denny, Jordan-Hare, Kyle Field, among others. They seem overly qualified, even though they are about 70% Aggies. Rather than go with them, the Aggies go with a bunch of wheat field Aggies for the latest **** show.

    I am totally unimpressed with the work done by the KC firm, whom I believe should stick to railroads.
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    I was hoping for many more seats....

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    Why? Can't fill the empty seats we currently have. Ticket prices for "good" games like TCU are in the toilet. Can't give them away.
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    Something for the millions being spent?

    I need to send Deloss a letter of apology for complaining about the amount he spent lowering the field and only adding 3,000 seats.

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    I'm not so sure. If it wasn't for the large amount of rain and threat for more, TCU would have been a sell out. I was planning on coming down from Dallas but had to clean up back yard flooding from Friday night.
    If Texas gets back to our winning ways, we will be sold out for every game.
    - Mike
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    I have a good friend who had connections in the Athletic Department and got to go on a guided tour of DKR several years ago (before we got to this capacity/standard). While going through the stadium and seeing luxury suites, we came upon a model of DKR that was two level complete bowl. I asked our guide, what's that, and he said "it's a model of what DKR could look like in a few years, a complete bowl upper decks included, capacity, 120,000". I said "Why don't they build that NOW?" and he smiled and said, "No, you don't build that now, you wait until there's 140,000 people waiting outside, and THEN you build it". Demand is necessary first, I imagine in order to pay for the rebuild....It looks like, for now, capacity will lose to luxury suites, which generate more revenue.....
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    Is there any chance that, in the future, the upper deck could still wrap around and be the "roof" of the luxury suites?
  14. zuckercanyon

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    That’ would be cool!
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    That would probably run afoul of the Lady Bird Rule (nothing can obstruct the view of the Capital from the top floor of the LBJ Library).
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    She no here
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    The rule is law. No one has the cojones to change it.
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    Oh she still here
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    We just don't "need" to up the capacity. Everyone who thinks we should have more seats than Michigan or Penn State or whatever discounts the kind of fans we have versus those schools. The difference between the volume of the USC crowd on 9/15 and a crowd with 7K more people would be negligible.

    I think a bigger impact is what the renovation will do to Moncrief. We need our athletics HQ to be more on par with what recruits see in places like Eugene and Tuscaloosa. I heard several kids state that the position coaches' offices were tiny and unwelcoming compared to what they have seen at A&M and even UH.
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    It's not necessarily the capacity I'm worried about (although a little more would be nice), I simply like the idea of a fully bowled-in stadium, including the upper decks, to hold the sound in. And I'd like the stadium to look like one unit instead of a thrown-together mess. More like Neyland Stadium and less like Kyle Field.

    If the SEZ had half the stands in the lower deck compared to the NEZ, and had a ton of suites instead, so be it. It's more the look and balance of the stadium that concerns me.

    Also, the longhorn cutout in the stands is moronic. Let's go for a timeless look instead of gimmicks.
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    I could have purchased upper deck on West side near midfield for $53. Just could not get to Austin that weekend. Pretty sweet deal as a buyer but it says something about demand. After beating USC those seats should have been snapped up. I will be at OU though with upper section corner seats for $300.
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    USC sold out in Summer and there were unsold 40 yl tix in UDW for TCU.
    But USC did bring a load of fans much more than instate TCU
    Winning solves all attendance issues.
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