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Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by Menjou, Jan 21, 2007.

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    I love educational posts like this right before spring practice.

    Hope the coaches are reading. Makes the brain work. [​IMG]
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    You don't get along with practically anyone here. Does that mean those people are Al Gore as well?
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    Lighten up, Francis.
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    You seem to think that I have an emotional status in what you say. I don't. I already explained to you why: I simply don't give a ****.

    Oh and I also didn't give a **** when WarEagleHorn was posting the exact same type of self satisfying blather either.
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    Is this thread ranked because of the critique of our defense or the bickering at the end?
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    It was the critique of the defense.

    I'd actually like to focus more on the outlook of the 2007 season. I think menjou and others have pretty much dissected all that needs to be dissected over our past failures.

    The one thing I hope for Mac Duff is that he be flexible. One of the common links between Reese, Robinson, and Chizik was that they were so dead set on using their systems and their systems only even if they had basic schematic flaws against Big 12 offenses. They insisted on doing things their way even if it meant getting scorched by an elite team despite the fact that we had the horses to do much better (they insisted upon themselves, Lois).
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    Slugga et al, sorry if this is old news, but what was the general consensus about Akine during and after the Alamo Bowl? I thought I saw a couple new looks and was relatively pleased.
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    Well.. hell.. after 6 pages and I still don't know... are we doomed this year or not????
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