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    Working at a children's hospital makes me very aware of a number of causes that people volunteer and raise money for... I've been co-chair for nearly all of them at one point or another (March of Dimes, Great Strides, Heart Walk, etc)...

    I've never really had a direct reason to be a part of any of them other than for kids and families I developed relationships with... until now...

    My aunt fought Cancer for 3 years, and finally lost her fight... It becomes incredibly clear how many people are affected by cancer after having someone close pass... Seems like everyone knows someone or have themselves fought a round or two with cancer...

    Support this cause, support your cause... represent longhorns in the best way you can...


    What's your cause? what's your story? I would love to support it.
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    My youngest spent his first three weeks of life in the Texas Children's Hospital NICU and we gained enormous respect for what those great teams do in difficult circumstances.

    One thing we have supported over the years since then is Smile Train. They help train doctors in developing countries to provide cleft palate surgery for families who cannot afford it. These kids are often shunned by their communities and can be emotionally wounded for life due to this condition. Smile Train is a great organization and does noble work.
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    I just did the March for Babies campaign last week... we collected a lot for March of Dimes, they focus on NICU babies and Maternal/Fetal issues... great org...

    In re: cleft lip/palate surgeries, I often work with a ped plastics surgeon that goes once a year to central america to do these procedures for free... It's such an amazing process he has going... Years ago I started working with him because I used to be a medical interpreter, and we would have meetings (via telecom) with volunteers in those cities in Latin America... It's so warming to see the kids pictures years later... the before and after pics are incredible too... I've never worked with Smile Train, but sounds noble, as you said.
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