When Obama speaks at Ft Hood Tuesday

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Horn6721, Aug 30, 2010.

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    Will he remind us he was against the surge and predicted it would fail. Will he remind all the troops that he said in 2007 that the war in Iraq made Americans more in danger than before 9/11?
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    With so many vids of Obama saying the Petraeus surge would fail he looks like a fool to try to take credit for this now but I guess he can't pass up an opportunity to get camera time.

    It is also amusing that he is hanging his hat on the same guy he predicted would fail.

    Obama would do himself a better favor by staying low key on Iraq.
    Or he might take advice from Bill Kristol:
    "Mr. President,

    When you speak to the troops tomorrow at Fort Bliss, and to the nation tomorrow night from the Oval Office, you speak, of course, as the president. As our president.

    You won't be speaking—not in these settings—as a once (and perhaps future) candidate for president. Nor as the leader of the Democratic Party. Nor as a critic of your predecessor's foreign policy. You are all of those things, of course—but it is not in those capacities that you speak to the troops at Fort Bliss, and to the nation from the Oval Office.

    So my sincere hope—and it is sincere, with no political agenda (for what it's worth, I think following the advice I'm about to give would help you politically)—is that you don't begin your remarks tomorrow night, as you did your weekly address Saturday, by taking credit for fulfilling a campaign promise. Your oath as president was to "preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States," and it is in that capacity that you now make foreign policy judgments, not as a former candidate keeping well- or ill-considered campaign promises.

    When you speak tomorrow, you might also do what you neglected to do Saturday: You might praise General Ray Odierno, who, with General David Petraeus, turned the war in Iraq around in an amazing feat of generalship, and then did a terrific job of managing, under your direction, a delicate drawdown and transfer of responsibility to our Iraqi partners'."
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    "Really, I hope he keeps it short, simple and nonpartisan. "

    Hear Hear. Please let it be.
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    I would take the over on how many times he says "I" before "us" or "we".
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    I'll bet we could pretty easily come up with a drinking game for tomorrow night's speech... [​IMG]
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  7. Horn6721

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    Show me where I said that.
    I was pointing out statements Obama made in 07, that he felth the surge would fail and that he thought the war in Iraq made Americans more in danger than before 9/11.

    Do you agree with obama?
  8. YoLaDu

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    i like how some are already criticizing the speech before it has been given.
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    No attacks on the US since 2001. Something is working.
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    actually he has already referenced the pull out of troops twice and each time he couldn't bring himself to mention Bush who ok'd the surge he was against, couldn't mention Odierno or Petraeus who were responsibile for moving everything forward.
    I think that is shameful and petty
    Now if he mentions anything positive about Bush tomorrow and if he gives credit to Bush I will post a big thank you obama in capital letters
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    I wasn't criticizing the speech before it's been recited, just the teleprompter for it's lack of self-efficacy. [​IMG]
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  15. Horn6721

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    Do you think America is safer because of what we did in Iraq?
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    The purpose of the surge was to give the Iraqi government time to make the political changes necessary to keep the country from destroying itself when we left. They haven't done that. The Shia continue to dominate the government and exclude the Sunni, the government that was supposedly elected months ago has not formed and the Kurdish question has been postponed, not answered. The country is going to implode within the next few years.

    The attacks of the last few weeks and the continued failure of the Iraqis to form a national government suggests that the decision of W to rid the country of Saddam Hussein and replace him with whatever has only resulted in the strengthening of the Shia and indirectly of their co religionists in Iran. Not exactly an adroit political move.
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    above all the politics, it was best said earlier on this thread. The credit goes to the men and women on the ground who sacrificed so much. Praise them. Obama should be our President in praising our military men and women. Obama has no need to either praise or demonise W. That is not the time nor place. The time is to praise our service men and women.
    Btw, I pray we will all do all we can to do that as well. My next door neighbour is in Iraq right now. He was going to ask the neighbour across the street about paying him to mow his yard all summer. We said, HELL NO. Your yard will be mowed. You will owe nothing. You are the one serving us, the very least we can do is cut your grass. Honestly, I am choked up thinking about the people like him who serve. Let us give them the credit for their work.
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    You will not hear the word "surge" in that speech.
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    "Did we get bin laden and others responsible for 9/11? Just askin... "

    And this relates to the OT of Obama speaking on the end of combat in Iraq how?

    But to answer, No we didn't during the Bush years.
    Since it is so important to you: Has Obama gotten OBL or those responsible for 9/11? Just askin'
  24. HornsForever'93

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    You won't hear "Mission Accomplished" or "Bring it On" or "We found the Weapons of Mass Destruction"
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  26. Horn6721

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    Often you add inadvertent humor to this board, for that I thank you.
    You posted
    "When you speak tomorrow, you might also do what you neglected to do Saturday?"

    Then you asked me:
    "Is Obama on here or something? How about you wait for the speech and then come back with any points you wish to discuss"

    Why No Pharm, Obama isn't on here or something.
    Neither is Bill Kristol who wrote the question to Obama you quoted. Perhaps you should email Bill.
    Please note I credited Bill Kristol, quoted his open letter to Obama and even provided a link at the end of the letter.

    As far as waiting to comment on an Obama speech does that enjoiner of yours extend to every talking head and pundit on Network, CNN, MSNBC etc?? They have been speculating and offering suggestions as well.
  27. Austin Orange

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    Gibbs is ready to CHANGE history. Side-by-side video of the CHANGE. Nice, Gibbs.

    And is acting like a complete child by the end of this. Be a professional worthy of the US presidency, Bro. Come on.
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    Obama is going to wrap himself in the only thing he has done that a majority of Americans agree with. Why else would he be talking about a faux withdrawal from Iraq...?

    Do we have the over/under yet on how many times he will say "I" tonight vs "we".
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    I just want to point out that Clinton left office with the US on the verge of a recession. We were in recession from March of 2001 till November of 2001.

    Just wanted to clarify that for you Yo.
  30. Horn6721

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    Pharm. oh Pharm
    here are some others you need to get after for asking what Obama will say tonight OR for making suggestions on what he should say instead of waiting to hear the speech.
    ABC’s George Stephanopoulos ,CNN’s John Roberts, NBC's Matt Lauer,MSNBC's Morning Joe,Fox Gretchen Carlson.
    they all asked specifically Of Obama spokesperson( Gibbsy) if Obama would give Bush any credit.

    Now I know Pharm You wish they'd hear the speech and then come back with any points they want to discuss
    So I know Harry Smith of CBS is your hero. He is the ONLY one of the top 6 news shows who didn't not quiz Gibbs on the Bush surge question

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