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Discussion in 'Horn Depot' started by orangecat1, May 27, 2012.

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    I have a thing for nice round even numbers. I ran my only half marathon on 10/10/10, in Tyler. It was awesome! I will never forget completing a half marathon and the date made it sweet.

    I skipped doing anything last year for 11/11/11, shoot it's not even anyway.

    So, now I'm thinking about '12. 12/12/12 is a weekday, so I doubt there are any events that day.

    So, it looks like I'm down to 12/22/12 or 12/2/12. hmmm.

    I should have the week off before 12/22, so if I wanted I could go someplace special and run. That might tip the scales for that date.
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    Ya srsly.
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    Obviously this is a weird request, but I looked at a marathon calendar and decided Sacramento sucks, so here's my recommendation:

    Death Valley Trail Marathon 12/1/12

    EDIT: Ok, after reading reviews of that marathon (poorly organized, crappy shirts & medals), I'm changing my recommendation to the Las Vegas Rock 'n' Roll marathon. The RnR marathons are pretty corporate, but it's in Vegas, and it's at night.

    Las Vegas Rock 'n Roll Marathon 12/2/12
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    I usually run when hornets are chasing me.
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    I usually run when I have to chase the ice cream truck.
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    Does 1/13/13 have any ring to you?
    If so, there are races that day, including Houston.

    The ice cream truck comment was most excellent.
  8. VYFan

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    Wait! Wait! Wait!

    According to the Mayan Calendar people, the world will end on December 21, 2012. There are two end-of-the-world marathons that I have seen. One, in Anchorage, AL would be a winter situation to remember. events.adn.com/anchorage_ak/events/show/229567164-end-of-days-fun-run-series-12-marathon-and-5k.

    Or, they have one in Humble, Texas.

    So, you and all the other runners would be daring the world to end right in the middle of your run. That would add to the experience, I think. People would probably wear fun costumes and slogans, too.

    You can't beat that. End of the world!

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