Where are they now?

Discussion in 'Locker Room' started by HookemHorns, Sep 10, 2001.

  1. HookemHorns

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    Every now and then someone will post an update about a former players whereabouts. I am always interested in news concerning guys that we cheered for in years past. It would be great to create a new section on the site for these types of updates.

    If any of you have any info or requests for info on a player please post it here.

    Anybody have any info on:

    Dusty Renfro
    Stonie Clark
    Pat Fitzgerald
    James Brown (Arena?)
    Butch Hadnot (Arena w/ Brown?)
    Van Malone
    Keith and Kerry Cash
    Kris Stockton
    Lovell Pinkney
    Mike Adams (still in NFL?)
    Pete Gardere
    Shea Morenz

    any other Horns?
  2. speedracer

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    Doesn't Shea play baseball?
  3. GatePratt

    GatePratt 25+ Posts

    Renfro - some NFL developmental squad I think
    Stonie - Selling cars in Austin (Covert?)
    Fitzgerald - UT Law
    Shea - Michigan MBA program / intern at Goldman Sachs
  4. WSN

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    Gardere is in Austin working for Stratus Properties and Morenz married the richest girl in the world. Don't worry about Shea ever again.
  5. mia1994

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    Kieth Cash... the 'wellness' group
  6. busterbrown16

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    Yeah, you can join Keith Cash of the wellness group and make as much, if not more, then he did when he played in the NFL. What a crock...
  7. CaptainAmerica

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    Wasn't Stockton released by the Saints a couple of weeks ago? Correct me if I am wrong.
  8. HookemHorns

    HookemHorns < 25 Posts

    Any info on:

    Norman Watkins?
    Hodges Mitchel?
    Blake Brockermeyer?
  9. scally

    scally 100+ Posts

    hodges graduated this summer and was looking to get a shot in the MLS.

    Stockton has a stress fracture or some such injury and was cut by the saints. he may be on their practice squad.
  10. HookemHorns

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    Thanks for the updates! I remember people talking about Hodges ability to play soccer. I hope he makes it.
  11. bc2bagger

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    Blake Brockermeyer is with the Chicago Bears. Here is a link from the Texas website about Longhorns in the pros.
    The Link
  12. UTlonghorn

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    Is Erxlaben(sp?) in jail yet?

  13. WhoooTex

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    It's good that Morenz married a rich chick. All he had going for him was good looks, brains, terrific athletic talent, and being a genuine nice guy tthe couple-few times I met him. Hell, aside from those things, he was a loser. [​IMG]
  14. HookemHorns

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    Shea was great at falling down stairs during frat parties. [​IMG]
  15. El Sapo

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    Norman Watkins played a season in the NFL Europe and was working as an IT recruiter in Austin as recently as a year ago. I did two interviews with Norman and I have to say that he is a class act. The position he was recruiting me for was scarce, but Norman tried hard to help me get my foot in the door and land my first 'real' job . I'm not sure where he is now, but I would imagine that his job was one of the first to be cut when the dot com market collapsed. We talked about football, but he only responded as far as I asked him. My take is that it was a bittersweet memory for him.. one that he would rather keep in the past.
  16. Orangesweat

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    What about Richard Walton? Wasn't he going to go to Medical School. He would be in his third year by now.
  17. scally

    scally 100+ Posts

    Walton got married this past summer.
  18. Detective Shilala

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    Keith Cash works here in town at Apple Computer. I see him in the gym at work every now and then. seems like a really down to earth guy whose doing well for himself without professional football.
    I talked to him at length one day in the gym and got updates on a few other people.
    I think I remember him saying that Lovell Pinkney had become very religious and was doing well for himself, which was good to hear.
    Can't remember who else we talked about that day.
  19. utstudboy

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    Marty Akins - Running for Governor
    Ed Cunningham - Sports Agent and running for the Senate
    Doug Dawson - Has an insurnace companyagency in Houston
    Mark McBath - Surgeon in Houston, Texas
  20. close to jumping

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  21. Bookman

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    Richard Walton's in Medical School at UTHSC-San Antonio.
  22. KaspaUT

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    Butch was at Antonio's hanging out with Hugh Lewis for the Big XII Championship Watch party. Not that i know what he's doing other than that.
  23. Benson32

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    ya where is dusty renfo
  24. sblazer

    sblazer 500+ Posts

    what about cherry!..there was an all american in the making!
  25. nycLonghorn

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    I heard Marty Cherry is modeling?
  26. threenine

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    Van Malone is presently Defensive Coordinator at Conroe HS. He is also Head Track Coach. Married with two kids.

    Spent Four years with the Detroit Lions and one with the Arizona Cardinals.

    Loving what he is doing....Hook 'em
  27. TexasUFO

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    Adrian Ford and Rick Thurman- own one of the largest flooring companies in Houston

    wrong sport but- Dan Krueger capt. of basketball team in the 70's is a field operations manager for Farmer's Insurance in Austin...have not seen him in years, but he and his wife are going to the game with us on Saturday.

    Met McBath when my wife was having surgery in Houston. He offices at Park Plaza. I hear a really good surgeon. Nice guy.
  28. CedarParkFan

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    What about Phil Brown?
  29. HoosierHorn

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    Last time I saw Butch Hadnot he was driving a 7-up truck in Austin - two or three years ago... I could probably find out more from a high school buddy of his who was at UT with me and is in my fantasy football league...
  30. Mizzou415

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