Where is Eric Braverman?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Musburger1, Dec 15, 2016.

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    Serena Shim

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    Don't miss the day 57 presentations!

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    Neil Brown, oil connections, Marc Rich, Huma's server, etc.

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    This is really chilling.
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    Day 59

    Day 59 (Late edition)

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    Day 60 (Haiti)

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    Going back to Day 40 (Sale of stinger misslies)

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    Day 42 (Arms deals & money flows)

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    Day 43 (Pipelines and oil deals)

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    Day 61 (Haiti, Sex Trafficking)

    See also this article as footnote to video. (Link).

    Day 61 Supplement - Sex Trafficking

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    Day 62

    Day 62 (Supplement)

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    Day 63

    Day 63 Part II

    Day 63 Part III

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    Day 64 (follow the money)

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    Day 65 Part I

    Day 65 Part II

    Day 65 Part III

    Day 65 Part IV

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    This is crazy and I'm not seeing any coverage about it on TV. Is it being covered at all?
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    I don't think so. One of the interesting parts is the interconnections between government, finance, and industry. The incentive to take advantage of power (NATO, The FBI, the State Department, Generals, etc.) to fully exploit the system for enormous personal gain is enormous.
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    Yep, this is the first I've heard of Eric Braverman or Serena Shim and I follow the news closer than most people.

    I have no problem believing Turkey knocked Shim off. I had a buddy that was traveling on business, first to Greece and then to Turkey. In Turkey, he was doing the tourist thing and took what he thought were harmless pictures of Turkish Naval ships offshore. He was spotted by the Turkish police while doing it. They questioned him and asked to see his passport. His passport's last country stamp was from Greece. They took his passport away and arrested him. They questioned him for hours before letting him call the American embassy. The embassy thankfully got him out of the pokey before he got the full "Midnight Express" treatment in a Turkish prison.
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    Day 66 (Part 1)

    Day 66 (Part 2)

    Day 66 (Part 3)

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    This is a lot to take in if one has the free time. Is there some sort of synopsis anywhere on this that is relatively up to date?

    Is the YouTube author in danger at least in speculation circles?

    Pretty sure analyzing these things might not be in one's best health interest assuming other proposed incidents have any validity.
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    Day 67 (Part 1)

    Day 67 (Part 2)

    Day 67 (Part 3)

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    I am with Brad. I know nothing about this but know I should.
    I did not start reading at the beginning.
    Sorry I am so lazy
    But could you give a cliff notes versions?
    I will start to keep up.
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    It's too complex to grasp everything. I'm still working on it. What I've taken away from this are the following:

    1. Hillary was deliberately acting outside of official channels to conduct policy. She used assets within the Clinton Foundation, State Department, business, and the military to achieve her objectives.

    2. Her objectives included amassing a war chest for political power. Money flows ended up in Clinton Foundation via a laundering labyrinth of contributions from dictators, doners, and multi-national corporations.

    3. Events in Libya and Syria were preceded with years of planning. This included NGOs, education, and propaganda facilitated by the likes of people such as George Soros. These efforts sowed the seeds for discontent and eventual insurrection.

    4. The Muslim Brotherhood provided the "muscle." One chain of communication went through Huma who had contacts in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Blumenthal would coordinate back and forth to Patreus (planning) and a former general (don't remember the name but he's named in some of the videos) who implemented the training and assembly of the Libyan rebellion (Muslim Brotherhood).

    5. The primary motive to overthrow the Libyan government was to confiscate billions of dollars controlled by Qaddafi. The proceeds of these billions could then, among other things, go toward major construction projects in places like Haiti. That's where the multi-national corporations come in. The beneficiary of these projects could then siphon off some of the money as donations to the Clinton Foundation. Other money for the projects could be obtained by loans from the World Bank.

    6. In addition to Qaddafi's billions, Clinton's army if you like that term, was able to grab an enormous cash of Libyan weapons. Then a "rat line" (an illegal transport of these weapons) was arranged to move these weapons from Libya into Turkey and Jordan where they would be given to trainees ("vetted" jihadists managed by the Muslim Brotherhood) to fight against the Syrian army and overthrow Assad.

    6(a). Somewhere in here, Stephens was murdered in Benghazi. One question is whether or not Stephens was aware of everything going; the transport of the Sarin gas and Stinger missiles (he surely knew something) and if Clinton's people actually arranged for the attack to happen in order to keep the operation hidden?

    7. The first motive for the Syrian overthrow was to enable pipelines from Qatar/Saudi to pass through Syria into Turkey and then Europe. This is why the coalition against Assad was fueled by Saudi Arabia and Qatar.

    There are literally dozens and dozens of important steps and issued I've left out, but this is enough to get the general idea. This is why Huma's 650,000 emails are so important. Many of the videos show the incestuous relationship between Comey, some of the generals, and much of Congress as it relates to investments dependent on the outcome of these actions.
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    Thanks and good grief
    How did obama fit in?
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    The implication is that this was Hillary's project and no government authorization was given for the specific actions orchestrated through Clinton and documented on non-government email. I'm sure Obama knew quite a bit but kept his distance and didn't dirty his hands. His policy advanced both the Libya and Syria campaigns but the weapons rat line and money trails were conducted outside of "official policy" and tied to Clinton and the network constructed through the Foundation.
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    Day 68 (Part 1)

    Day 68 (Part 2)

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    Seeing what has gone on and the power the Clinton machine seems to have exercised how did she lose in 08 let alone 16?
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    People are still allowed to vote and even if there are only two choices, usually neither of whom answer to the general public, Clinton can't hide everything. Even without knowledge of what she may have done, at a visceral level people don't like her nor do they trust her. As Lincoln said, you can fool all of the people some of the time, but....

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