Where is Eric Braverman?

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    Day 147 Dr. Suraiya Begum, AATI, Johns Hopkins Dr's at DHS

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    Day 148 Awans New Dawn 2001 Corp Created 8 Days Before 22 OBL Seal Team Six Killed

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    Day 149 (Part 1) Hillary's Pakistani Mangos Arrive in Chicago July 30, 2011, A Day After Awan Brothers New Dawn 2001 Coporation Is Created

    Day 149 (Part 2) Enter Hillary's and Huma's Pakistani Mangos

    Day 149 (Part 3) Lucky Luciano Did Wax Oranges To Hide Heroin, How About Pakistani Mangos and Gulen English Teachers?

    Day 149 (Part 4) National Mango Board Ensures India and Pakistan Mangos Get Bought In Chicago

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    Story beginning to come to light?

    Day 150 (Part 1) Nunes Cites Dozens of Surveillance Tasking , At Least Two Whistleblowers More Now

    Day 150 (Part 2) More Muhammed Shah Photos - Iwan Brothers Facebook Likes

    Day 150 (Part 3) Enter the Teamsters, Alan Dorfman, and the Chicago Outfit

    Day 150 (Part 4) USDA and FAA Very close to Concept Schools HQ

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    Day 151 (Part 1) Collect It All - McCabe Can Order Electronic or Physical Surveillance Any Time Without Warrant. You Only Need FISA If You Are Going Public Or To Trial

    Day 151 (Part 2) Managing David Bluhm Organ Donors and Casino Money Cleaner With Physical Surveillance.

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    Day 152 (Part 1) Enter the NGA, the NSA From the Sky

    Day 152 (Part 2) Neil Bluhm Fresh Hearts From Homan Square

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    Day 153 (Part 1) History Solves Mystery, Starting With Fuller and Mena Airport.

    Day 153 (Part 2) Enter Carl Cameron of Fox and Dennis Montgomery

    Day 153 (Part 3) Enter Midway Airport and Gary (KGYY) to Reagan Int'l Flights and Awan Brothers Pickups

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    Don't miss Part 4 today.

    Day 154 (Part 1) Imran Awan's Dad, Pakistan's' Opium and Heroin Ratlines

    Day 154 (Part 2) Tweet Storm For @DanScavino

    Day 154 (Part 3) Awans Brothers "Rice Export", Pharma, Pc Disposal, Routers, 111 ISI Awan Brothers

    Day 154 (Part 4) How imran Awan Cloned Top Secret Access For ISI Awan Bothers.


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