Where is Eric Braverman?

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    Day 147 Dr. Suraiya Begum, AATI, Johns Hopkins Dr's at DHS

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    Day 148 Awans New Dawn 2001 Corp Created 8 Days Before 22 OBL Seal Team Six Killed

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    Day 149 (Part 1) Hillary's Pakistani Mangos Arrive in Chicago July 30, 2011, A Day After Awan Brothers New Dawn 2001 Coporation Is Created

    Day 149 (Part 2) Enter Hillary's and Huma's Pakistani Mangos

    Day 149 (Part 3) Lucky Luciano Did Wax Oranges To Hide Heroin, How About Pakistani Mangos and Gulen English Teachers?

    Day 149 (Part 4) National Mango Board Ensures India and Pakistan Mangos Get Bought In Chicago

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    Story beginning to come to light?

    Day 150 (Part 1) Nunes Cites Dozens of Surveillance Tasking , At Least Two Whistleblowers More Now

    Day 150 (Part 2) More Muhammed Shah Photos - Iwan Brothers Facebook Likes

    Day 150 (Part 3) Enter the Teamsters, Alan Dorfman, and the Chicago Outfit

    Day 150 (Part 4) USDA and FAA Very close to Concept Schools HQ

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    Day 151 (Part 1) Collect It All - McCabe Can Order Electronic or Physical Surveillance Any Time Without Warrant. You Only Need FISA If You Are Going Public Or To Trial

    Day 151 (Part 2) Managing David Bluhm Organ Donors and Casino Money Cleaner With Physical Surveillance.

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    Day 152 (Part 1) Enter the NGA, the NSA From the Sky

    Day 152 (Part 2) Neil Bluhm Fresh Hearts From Homan Square

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    Day 153 (Part 1) History Solves Mystery, Starting With Fuller and Mena Airport.

    Day 153 (Part 2) Enter Carl Cameron of Fox and Dennis Montgomery

    Day 153 (Part 3) Enter Midway Airport and Gary (KGYY) to Reagan Int'l Flights and Awan Brothers Pickups

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    Don't miss Part 4 today.

    Day 154 (Part 1) Imran Awan's Dad, Pakistan's' Opium and Heroin Ratlines

    Day 154 (Part 2) Tweet Storm For @DanScavino

    Day 154 (Part 3) Awans Brothers "Rice Export", Pharma, Pc Disposal, Routers, 111 ISI Awan Brothers

    Day 154 (Part 4) How imran Awan Cloned Top Secret Access For ISI Awan Bothers.

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    Has anyone found Eric B. yet?
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    The story however is really resolves around the networks working in conjunction with Hillary Clinton. The major interest is the Muslim Brotherhood connections and collaboration of leaders within the intelligence agencies.

    Braverman is believed to be working for Eric Schmidt, former CEO of Google now leading Alphabet Inc.

    Braverman and the Schmidts declined to be interviewed for this story but the couple issued the following statement about his appointment:

    “Now more than ever, there is important work to be done as we bring the power of both technology and people together into networks that can help address this century’s greatest challenges. As we look to increase our impact, Eric Braverman’s insight into growing solutions that work and his experience with leaders in government, philanthropy, and business will be central to our efforts. We are very pleased to have Eric working closely with us to direct our family office and to lead and continue to innovate in our philanthropic efforts.”​
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    Day 155 (Part 1) Enter Awan Brothers Pharma, Logistics, Visas, and Pakistan's Elite Triple-One, 111th Army Division

    Day 155 (Part 2) Correct Version - Imran Rice Mills, Springfield, MA

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    Day 156 (Part 1) Now Murder For Hire With Manassas Mahmood, Business Partner For Nanoset Technology

    Day 156 (Part 2) Security Audits, Cisco Routers and Vulnerabilities at VA, and Microsoft Active Directory Hacks.

    Day 156 (Part 3) Moving Toward Food Giants Distribution of Drugs - Walmart, Conagra, Abbot Labs. KKR Stores, and Sec of Agriculture VIlsack

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    Day 157 (Part 1) Grassley Asks If McCabe Has Conflict, Diplomatic Suitcases and Diplomatic Food

    Day 157 (Part 2) Stepmother Now Says Imran Threatened to Kidnap Relatives in Pakistan If She Didn't Change Inheritance to Awan Brothers

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    Day 158 (Summary) Hillarry' ISI Master Spy - Javed, Turkish Doctors in Kosovo Organ Harvesting.

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    Day 159 Stepmother Now Says Imran Threatened to Kidnap Relatives in Pakistan If She Didn't Change Inheritance to Awan Brothers

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    Day 160 (Part 1) Enter the Javed Brothers, Largest Medicare Fraud in History, Methodone Overdoses

    Day 160 (Part 2) Tahir Javed, Murder for Hire in Pakistan

    Day 160 (Part 3) Dr Farid Fara, Javed Brothers and Sean Brothers Intersect in Detroit

    Day 160 (Part 4) Combining all satellite imagery into one Global Information grid, the Awan Brothers Hospitality House for disa training facility in Springfield Virginia

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    Day 161(Part 1) What Does Retail Pain Management Look Like?

    Day 161 (Part 2) Allen Park Pain Clinic Medina to Woodward Urgent Care Bloomfield Hills Mecca

    Day 161 (Part 3) Where Is Michael Moore During This Soft Jihad

    Day 161 (Part 4) Zero Hedge Breaks NGA Story, Lavrov Picking Up Awan Brother Story

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    I thought Braverman was disappeared?

    But, he's alive?
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    Day 162 (Part 1) Javed's Rise To Power Though Starco Impex

    Day 162 (Part 2) Dr. Tahir Javed Causes Largest Hep C outbreak in US History

    Day 162 (Part 3) Enter Adeel Rice Mills, Panama Canal, Port of Montreal, and Imran Rice Mills

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    Day 163 (Part 1) Enter Steve Pieczienik and A Clockwork Orange

    Day 163 (Part 2) Enter Retail Pain Clinics, Suboxone, Methadone, and Medical Physicists From Las Vegas.

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    Day 164 (Part 1) Tahir Javed's Sugarland Express Sets Stage For Awan Brothers Mango Express and Nanoset Managed Ratlines.

    Day 164 (Part 2) Cernovich apology, Hageman shout out, moments of truth in journalism.

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    Day 165 (Part 1) Mylan, Sugarland, Javed, Sarin Gas Attacks in Aleppo, Damascus, and Idlib

    Day 165 (Part 2) Enter Montreal, the CIA's Favorite Liaison Partner, Pakistan's ISI Didn't Start Out That Way - the CIA Drew Them That Way

    Day 165 (Part 3) Giving Pakistan ISI Hacking Tools, Sarin Gas to MB, and MK Stuff Too?

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    Day 166 (Part 1) Enter the Port of Montreal, Hells Angels of Trois Rivieres, Luciano's Heroin Oranges to Smacking Down Immigrants For 10% More Counterfeit Fentanyl By Monday

    Day 166 (Part 2) McCabe as Iago, Trump as Othello?

    Day 166 (Part 3) Consider History Before Jumping To Conclusions

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    Day 167 (Part 1) Dr. Suraiya Begum, Internal Medicine and Satellite Imaging Expert

    Day 167 (Part 2) Enter General Bouchard NATO Satellites and C-130s. New Dawn 2001 Corporation

    Day 167 (Part 4) Enter Skull and Bones, Opium Trade, and 8% Markup

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    Day 168 (Part 1) Enter the Rosenberg and Wellwood Cementary, and Bye, Bye, Braverman

    Day 168 (Part 2) Enter Badawi Rice Burlap Sacks and the Long Island Serial Killings

    Day 168 (Part 3) Enter Hells Angels NYC, Coyote Ugly, Drilling Hyoids.

    Day 168 (Part 4) From Managing Ratlines to Mango Mission Millions.

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    Day 169 (Part 1) Time to Contacts DC Joutnalists, Tweet

    Day 169 (Part 2) Enter Dawood Ibrahim, ISI Drug Kingpin

    Day 169 (Part 3) Enter James Clapper and the NGA Hall of Fame

    Day 169 (Part 5) Imran Uses False Name to Rent to Military Family, Leaves Govt Blackberries and Laptops at Lorton, VA Home

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    Day 170 (Part 1) Enter Manassas Mahmood, Awan Brothers Hit Man.

    Day 170 (Part 5) Enter Ahklaq Awan and Awan Brothers Inc

    Day 170 (Part 6) Enter Dar Al-Hijrah Mosque, 9/11, and No Footprints

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    Day 171 (Part 1) Mapping Out Awan Brothers Safe Houses and Proprietaries

    Day 171 (Part 9) Seth Rich Was Sitting Up, Talking at Hospital, Died Hour Forty Minutes After Being Shot

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    Day 172 (Part 1) Summarizing All the Reporting of Last Three Days

    Day 172 (Part 2) Omar Awan, $146K in Congress, USAID, Diplomat Finders, Slipknotting

    Day 172 (Part 4) Story Turns To Suraiya Begum in Bangladesh

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    Day 173 (Part 1) Awans Brothers Registered Agent Mahmood Hired Two MS-13. Why Not A Possible Cover Killing For LISK?

    Day 173 (Part 2) Islip MS-13 Murders Connected To Mahmood MS-13 Murder For Hire?

    Day 173 (Part 3) Enter Pakistani limo drivers who own retail pain clinics and their MS-13 friends.


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