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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by George Bailey, Nov 16, 2019.

  1. zuckercanyon

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    Still think th is the answer. Just think back to the seasons before Herman got here. And also note Texas doesn’t have a full lineup of Herman’s recruits either. Without the major injuries this year I was thinking 8-4 at worst, maybe 10-2 at best. Better times are coming!
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  2. AC

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    Firing a coach that is currently 23-14 and will likely end up 26-14 or 25-15 worst case After year 3, is not a judicious move. This team was 16-21 the 3 previous years and had almost no talent. This year we were much younger and much more injury plagued than last year. **** happens. Just firing and replacing a coach does not guarantee improvement. MB was 27-11 after year 3. And Mackovic teams had tons of offensive talent! TH inherited a shitstorm compared to MB. I think this loss was more his fault than any player and he needs to grow up as a coach. He lost this game for the whole team.

    However, firing him is not the answer!

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  3. SteveInAustin

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    Do you realize that any new coach is going to take at least 3 years to get their system in place, and their recruits into the program? Whenever there is a coaching change, the first year is always a “rebuilding” year. The second year can be good, but hardly ever leads to a conference championship, let alone any playoff consideration. So we are giving up on the next 2 years, at least, with any coaching change. Plus, there is always a chance any new coach ends up being horrible - like Charlie Strong. In case you forget, CS had 3 losing seasons in a row - for the first time in the history of UT football. Tom Herman has been much better than that. In TH’s defense, Texas was probably the most injured team in the country this year, especially on defense. I think Tom Herman has great seasons in him, and will be able to win a conference championship next year. I think that if you want to ensure that Texas will be mediocre to bad for the next decade, then you make a coaching change now.
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  4. AC

    AC 1,000+ Posts

    Patterson would be considerably worse than TH, Riley would say no, Gundy and TH are about the same minus the mullet. Matt Rhule is a very good coach, but how would he fare with all these injuries Texas has had this year? Probably not much better. Tom Herman can coach and will be successful here if you let him do his job. Next year will be better.
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  5. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life 5,000+ Posts

    I'll say again that losses and injuries are not why everyone is pissed. It's the complete BS plans from coaches and coordinators and complete regressions in areas that should be getting better. This stinks to high heaven and the wheels are completely falling off. Remember when we could count on the team being nails as an under dog? Well, we were touchdown under dogs and the coaching staff **** the bed.
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  6. old65horn

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    Ruhl and Herman started at the same time. Let that sink in.
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  7. zuckercanyon

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    The coaches had a plan for the year based on all returning players that helped win 10 games would be contributing all season. That did not occur. Once Texas went to the second level there was considerable dropoff in performance. There were reasons these guys were second teamers. But I'm shouting at the moon because there's some here that just won't accept that. We lost to a team that gave OU everything IN NORMAN they could handle (and for some, a pass interference non call that gave OU the game). And now "we're pissed" that we lost to the likes of Iowa State.....we're fans all right.....
  8. Run Pincher

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    While I agree with most of this I don't agree **** just happens. Good coaching includes situational awareness in both play calling and execution. That includes not running a QB into a brick wall on 4th down and making sure your team knows you don't field punts when there's nothing to gain, and the one thing you can't do on 4th and less than 5 is commit a penalty.

    After all, DKR did say luck is when preparation meets opportunity.
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  9. Creek

    Creek 500+ Posts

    There is only one answer if you want great football and that is Urban Meyer.

    Herman's pattern of coaching is clear now. Replacing coordinators is never the answer to help an average coach.
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  10. I_Dont_Exist

    I_Dont_Exist 1,000+ Posts

    The only job Meyer will take is ND. And Herman isn"t getting fired anytime soon
    Deal with it.
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  11. horninchicago

    horninchicago 5,000+ Posts

    As to the comment above that we need to let TH do his job, okay, fair enough. I'll stop calling, texting, and barging into his office and keeping him from doing his job.

    Sorry, everyone, it's ben my fault because I haven't been letting him do his job.

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  12. MajesticII

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    Bob Stoops says HELLO !!!! Urban Meyer, Barry Switzer, Jimmie Johnson as well..... Injuries on defense don't explain the **** poor offense....
    Herman's offense will not change, nor will his defense. He has said it many times. Next year is the second year in a row where our second string QB will have absolutely zero real game experience. (I expect Thompson to transfer leaving us with true Freshmen and RoJo who played RB all year) Next year LSU will beat us ( probably with UH's King if OU doesn't get him ) . Big 12 refs will home it for an unbeaten and reloaded OU in Dallas. OSU QB will be seasoned and they have Chuba returning @ Stillwater. Other Freshmen QBs will be seasoned as well. THIS was our year with the veteran QB to make a splash. Next year we will be third or fourth in conference with an 8-4 record at best. Duvernay and Johnson ( 80% of our sometimes inept offense ) will be gone. Recruiting is going to take a huge hit this year. When we go 8-4 next season it will fall off into the abyss. Once again Texas screwed themselves giving a coach an extended contract before he proved himself worthy...Four freaking losses last year and we gave Herman the bank. USC is going to fire their HC with that number of losses..but we give ours an extended contract and a raise. SMH
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  13. zuckercanyon

    zuckercanyon 1,000+ Posts

    Everyone knows John Blake could recruit like a maniac but was dumber than a box of rocks when it came to coaching. So there was mad talent in the cupboard when Stoops showed up. No doubt Stoops was a great coach, but make no mistake, he didn't show up with some also rans and some talented freshmen and sophomores and win a natty....
  14. crizistre

    crizistre 500+ Posts

    Look at season 2 for Stoops OU, Saban Bama, Tressel OSU, Carroll USC. All programs that were not in great shape, especially OU. This is such utter bs to say “it takes so and so years to get a system in place.”
  15. MajesticII

    MajesticII 1,000+ Posts

    All those injuries were defensive guys... OU was without CeDe Lamb...still put up 30+ on a very good Baylor defense. Our offensive scheme is pure ****, and Herman refuses to fix it. Fans should be PISSED !!!!!!!!!!
  16. zuckercanyon

    zuckercanyon 1,000+ Posts

    that's one player. not equal to what happened to Texas on defense this year.
  17. horninchicago

    horninchicago 5,000+ Posts

    Texas can't seem to play well on both sides in any given game. I think most would agree that while the defense had its blunders the last few games, with any semblance of decent blocking and play calling, we should have outscored TCU and ISU.
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  18. MajesticII

    MajesticII 1,000+ Posts

    Look at their eyes....You can tell by their eyes. look at Tua, Burrows, Hurts, VY, etc, etc... They have that WINNER look about them.
    Its the same with coaches....Look at their eyes...Saban, Stoops,Meyer, Switzer,Johnson, etc, etc,etc....Gunfighter eyes !!!!!!!!
    Now look at Herman's........ Deer in the headlights..... Doomed until 2023 !!!
  19. MajesticII

    MajesticII 1,000+ Posts

    The defense did a damn good job vs ISU and held their own vs TCU until they got worn down due to piss poor offensive performance. Open your eyes man !!! You are not going to win week in and week out with defense in the Big 12 ..... You have to be like OU...a kick *** offense, and that may not be enough on a given Saturday ( see KSU game ) if your defense is suspect. With Herman's offense we are guaranteed to lose 3,4, or 5 games a year.
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  20. MajesticII

    MajesticII 1,000+ Posts

    Just like Texas women's basketball should have hired Kim Mulkey years ago, Texas should have hired Art Briles instead of Charlie Strong. He wouldn't have had to recruit criminals at Texas like he did at Baylor to win. We'd be sitting like Clemson right now.
  21. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    I had trouble logging in this morning.
    And you know what I thought?
    I thought "I dont blame them!"
  22. nashhorn

    nashhorn 2,500+ Posts

    Daniel Young and Kirk Johnson never touching the ball says enough for me to say “what the heck?” This when you run your QB on deliberate bull rushes?
    And what Rhule has done with a devastated program make me go, what the ? Plus how in-controlling our OL has been when we thought would be a strength.
    I’m not in the dump Herman but definitely some staff changes particularly whomever does the scheme and game day planing!!
  23. MajesticII

    MajesticII 1,000+ Posts

    That would be Herman ,as he has said it is all ok'ed by him. Offense by committee he says.....On game day Beck's calls etc go through him.

    KBBAKER 250+ Posts

    Lincoln Riley, too.
  25. Joe Fan

    Joe Fan 10,000+ Posts

    Rumors of both Whittington and Jake maybe into the portal ....

    In terms of 2020 recruiting, Bijan Robinson (commit) and Texas legacy Alfred Collins are both supposed to be looking around ...

    Perhaps even worse is the 2021 class, which is one of those deep, once every 10 years in-state groups. Until very recently, we had worked ourselves into a fabulous position with these players and we were setting up a killer signing class. But now it feels like we are losing control. In-state classes like this one where the stars all align tend to have a lasting effect, no matter which side of it you end up
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  26. nashhorn

    nashhorn 2,500+ Posts

    Poop, but no surprise. They take a look at DYoung and KJohnson sitting on the bench and have to say “what the heck”?
  27. Pomspoms

    Pomspoms 1,000+ Posts

    We know Herman is Not-Ready-For-Prime-Time coach and almost certainly will never be cause of his close-minded one dimensional thinking.
  28. Pomspoms

    Pomspoms 1,000+ Posts

    I am fully set on believing that we will be mediocre as long as Herman is our HC. But in spite of this I hope we still get top 5 recruiting classes cause one day Herman will not be our head coach....BAMMMM....
  29. Luthor Billis

    Luthor Billis 100+ Posts

    Let's dig up and hire Woody Hays and Joe Paterno, and prop them up on the sideline. Certainly they could make better calls than we are currently seeing, even in their current state.
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  30. zuckercanyon

    zuckercanyon 1,000+ Posts

    So Whittington will go somewhere else and nurse his sports hernia injury?

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