who predicted this? Gilbert outrushes Martinez

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by huisache, Oct 16, 2010.

  1. huisache

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    I guessed we would crowd the line and make them beat us by passing and that we would win, but I never even considered the possiblity Gilbert would pick up more yards than Martinez.

  2. Texas Taps

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    Not Vegas [​IMG]
  3. RobbyHorn

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  4. Horn87

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    aok, you got me,,,how bad??
  5. Sholehvar

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    Its especially surprising because Martinez is the fastest guy ever in all of recorded human history after a few weeks of beating crappy teams. But I heard it, it must be true!!!!

    FWHORN 5,000+ Posts

    [​IMG] Gilber played a smart game today and was unlucky to not have two td's passing instead of 2 td's rushing.
  7. TexasGolf

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    still amazed he got pulled....the game was over when that happened
  8. Statalyzer

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    Lee did better running the ball than Martinez - I think our D forgot that Lee is a deent runner and once Martinez was out we figured they would change up their plays and started focusing too much on the RB. So, in that sense, it was a good move by Pelini b/c it caused us to wrongly anticpate him making style changes to go with the personnel change.
  9. Detective Shilala

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    Pretty crazy, and one reason why I love this game of college football above all others.
  10. Hu_Fan

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    At 1:30 in the morning (Sun) I just now watched my DVR of this morning's Game Day.... if you missed the dialog about this game -- amongst the four on the set -- it is classic, given the outcome of the game.
    Watching it after the way this game went... you have to see it to believe it. They had a sports mechanics guru demonstrating how fast Martinez can run... that he can change directions faster than the flight of an arrow from a bow.. that he's running 2 miles per hour faster than the defender chasing him.. that at times he's running 20 miles per hour. The stats go on and on.

    They all predicted Nebraska take the game, and Lee predicted Nebraska by two touchdowns.

    Not so fast...
    they completely misread this game for all 60 minutes. Not even close. Not even in the ballpark.

    I'm taping Game Day Final.. I'll watch it in the morning. The entire Texas defense better get a helmet sticker.


    LITNIN HORN 1,000+ Posts

    ...and T-Ragic.

  12. orangecat

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    I disagree about the helmet sticker, maybe the front 7, but look at all of the open Neb. receivers!!!

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