Who's Your Double?

Discussion in 'Esther's Follies' started by longtex, Oct 3, 2009.

  1. UT Horn Fan

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    I've gotten two mentioned - Kevin from The Office and Larry Miller.
  2. Nuge

    Nuge 100+ Posts

    Wayne Coyne of the Flaming Lips
  3. 90 Grad

    90 Grad 500+ Posts

    Tobey Maguire
    So much so I have gotten into clubs in Vegas and been photographed by the papparazzi in LA.
  4. DallasCowpoke

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  5. RC Didnt Offer

    RC Didnt Offer 250+ Posts

    Kevin Spacey. I'm 32. Ouch.
  6. sylvester

    sylvester 25+ Posts

    Country singer Mark Chestnut. A LOT..especially when he was popular and singing the blame it on Texas commercials on T.V.
    Went to the Chiefs/ Greenbay game a few years back in Arrowhead with a friend who had a suite and passes to the alumni players tent. We flew there in a friends plane and went to a country bar the night before...everybody was convinced I was him...I mean everybody including the band that was playing. My two friends kept acting like I was really him but on the down low, I finally had to pull out my drivers license to prove it... but when they saw I was from Austin, Texas and of course Mark Chestnut had to be my stage name and since we flew in on a private plane and I was obviously with my pilot and body guard....there was no stopping the entire place from believing me I wasn't really him. Add the bartender was buying us drinks and the next thing you know the band is hell bent on me getting up and singing just one song with them. which I graciously declined. All I can tell you is the groupie thing really does exist. One minute I'm Joe schmo off the street and the next thing I'm a country star.
  7. waazel

    waazel 100+ Posts

    I've gotten told I look like Brett Favre twice now recently - I think it's because I'm getting more gray hair.
  8. horn section

    horn section 100+ Posts

    when my hair is short I've been told lately that I look like SteveO.
  9. TexasRx

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  10. Horn69

    Horn69 2,500+ Posts

    Gene Wilder back in the day by several people. Had someone tell me once I look like a guy in Irving. [​IMG] [​IMG]

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
  11. HousHorn09

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    In my 20's, I was told I look like Tom Cruise. Since this was also when Tom was in his 20's (aka Top Gun era) this was cool.

    In my 30's I started getting told I look like Ben Stiller's brother. [​IMG] But girls said that it was a compliment.

    Today in my 40's I get told I look like this guy:

    Actually, now that you've brought this up I haven't been told I look like anyone in the last 4-5 years. Hey... what gives?!?!?!
  12. CottonEyedHorn

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    According to an internet celeb matching tool thingie, there's a 66% chance my doppelganger is Kurt Russell.

    Call me Snake....
  13. Bernard

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    Tony Soprano

  14. accuratehorn

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    I've been told I bear a striking resemblance to Bill the Cat.
  15. UT86&89

    UT86&89 100+ Posts

    Michael Landon:
    When I wore my hair shorter in my 20s, Landon's Little Joe character from Bonanza.
    Now that I wear it longer, Landon's "Pa" character from Little House on the Prairie.

    I've heard other comparisons, too, but I don't believe them. Landon, I gotta admit that's probably right.
  16. Horn69

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    Since I led off this page, I've had new input. After halftime of the Super Bowl I had emails from 3 people (different groups of friends - don't know each other), said they saw either me or Roger Daltry singing at halftime.

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
  17. hooklahoma

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