Why will next year be different?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by TexanWolv, Mar 21, 2009.

  1. TexanWolv

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    More specifically, where will the shooting come from that we needed this year? I don't see how removing AJ, Connor and presumably James, who are the only people who can hit a shot from outside...And adding the freshmen, as talented as they may be, can be a positive from a shooting standpoint. There are certainly other things that need to be improved...offensive efficiency for example...but I'd say right now it looks like our biggest weakness from this year is going to be the monkey hanging on our back again next year. I really hope someone has some thoughts on this that make me feel better as we go into the off-season.
  2. warrior

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    Great talent coming in next year, Jordan Hamilton is a scorer. Whenever Lucas gets on this team they will be greatly improved. 5 star player Hamilton along with Bradley, Shawn Williams is a very good player also. Dexter will be better. If they work hard in offseason this can be a Great team next year.

    DJDJAJGJ 250+ Posts

    The freshman we're getting are not exactly ordinary freshman. Don't forget Jai Lucas who already has college experience. Trust me, our offensive efficiency will be MUCH better than this disaster we saw this year.
  4. 4realhorn

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    Just having taller wing players will make it easier to feed the post, and harder on opposing guards kinda like what Duke did to us tonight.
  5. warrior

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    The talent level will be awesome with the new players coming in, Texas will contend for Big 12 next year and be a bigger threat in the Tournament.
  6. GoHornsGo90

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    Did you watch that game? Do YOU think James will go pro? No...

    I hope that we play Puke next year again. Damion, Hamilton, Bradley, Balbay, and Varez would tear them to pieces, they are an OVERRATED team.
  7. Goodfellow

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    I will believe it when I see it. I say look forward to football season, as our baseball team can't score either... and Freshmen are Freshmen.
  8. l00p

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    Do you have a link to those rumors about J'Covan?
  9. SL Xpress

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    Oh, and don't forget Texas has the top player in the country committed for the 2010-11 season, along with another bad *** combo guard who is top 25 in the country. The talent on the roster is about to skyrocket big time.
  10. TexanWolv

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    Is there any possible way James stays? I thought that we were maxed out on scholarships with the fresh faces coming in?
  11. sua sponte

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    we will be able to say " we're young " as an excuse again [​IMG]
  12. UTAustin92

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    I hope James stay. He still has a lot to work on before he is ready for the show. I also think we will miss his rebounding.
  13. SL Xpress

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  14. hookem1962

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    i'm with goodfellow on this one...our incoming talent may be great but learning fundamnetals isn't our strength
  15. SL Xpress

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  16. SL Xpress

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  17. UTAustin92

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    Interesting that you think learning fundamentals start at the college level.
  18. hookem1962

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    keeping turnovers to a minimum, free throw shooting, bad passes, layups, point blank dunks, mental aspects of the game...
  19. hookem1962

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    never said it STARTED at the college level...
  20. GoHornsGo90

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    It means he knows nothing about college basketball. Do you think our guys now have any fundamentals? No...So why would it matter if they are freshmen or not? It doesn't. D.J. Augustin and Kevin Durant were two of the most fundamentally sound freshmen EVER. What else do you want? SL listed like 15 guys who all have relatively the same prestige (some more and some less) than Bradley and Hamilton. They would start for the team NOW.

    BTW, if J'Covan makes it in we have on of the most talented perimeters of all time...
  21. TexanWolv

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    The team was just ridiculously inconsistent all year....As a team and from individual to individual. Tonight I sat there going through each player on the roster examining at certain points how they were great...and then part of the year were terrible. I think I saw a quote from Rick in the Chronicle today saying that by this time of the year you usually know what you will get from your team but he said the this team was a total mystery.
  22. SL Xpress

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  23. GoHornsGo90

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    But SL, he's already playing the 4, man. He needs to take the offseason to learn to handle better. The decision making...wow, it's just so bad. I don't know how you improve on that. Keep us updated if you have any info though! Great to hear that J'Covan might actually make it in.
  24. Ignatius

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    We're going to suck next year and for the foreseeable future. Those of you who don't attend games should just stay away, it's going to be ****** forever...
  25. TexanWolv

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    I wouldnt be surprised at all to see James go pro. Tons of guys get drafted into the NBA based on potential and measurables. James has a big, tough body...Can jump...gets physical and rebounds...and can hit the 15 footer. Of all the sports I think that the transition from College Ball to the NBA has the least to do with what you actually have done on the court.
  26. SL Xpress

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    Well, I'm not holding my breath on J'Covan. We'll see.

    I also have no idea how they make the scholarship numbers work out, and not only is it not a good idea to speculate about that kind of stuff, but it's against board rules.

    IMO, James needs to go to the NBA to work on his handle, and maybe his decision making, if that can be helped.

    Heck, I'd love to have him come back. No one works harder than that kid, and I mean no one. He's as loyal as they come. He's overcome a lot more obstacles than I'll ever possibly comprehend just to get to where he is, and he's a great kid to boot. I'm hoping for nothing but good things for him.

    However, for what the NBA is looking for from him, I don't see how next year's UT team showcases it. This year was the year for him, and frankly, he just didn't have what it takes to be a 3 at the college level.
  27. hookem1962

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    hope to see gohornsgo out on the court next season
  28. NorthernNJHorn

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    As much as I'd love to see James stay, I think he has little to gain by staying. I thought he had decided to stay to improve his draft standing by playing 3, but it didn't work out and he moved back to 4. So, his stock may have actually dropped a little.

    I think he might have been as well off by leaving last year. Someone in this thread mentioned about this year's weak draft. That may be the only reason why he may do better leaving this year versus last year.

    I enjoyed watching him play. He's one of my all time favorites. Whatever he decides to do, I wish him lots of success.
  29. GoHornsGo90

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  30. 3ball

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    We will have a PG that can shoot. And a good back-up in Dogus.
    We will have a 2 that isn't undersized and selfish, and one that can actually attack the basket and create for others.
    We will have a 3 that can shoot and isn't undersized.
    We will have Gary Johnson at the 4
    And, the shocker....We will have Clint, Alexis, and Matt at Center. Dexter will go pro.

    If Brown makes it in then he will play the 2, Avery plays the 3, and Jordan will slide down to the 4. This may happen anyway so that Mason and Ward get minutes.

    Dexter goes pro for the same reason James does. Weak draft. Plus, he's had a good end to the season. Not saying I think he should. Just don't be surprised when he does.

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