Will you miss the NBA?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by EPThorn, Oct 18, 2011.

  1. horn4jc

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    When do pitchers and catchers report?
  2. Third Coast

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    David Stern and Billy Hunter are two jokes with the same punchline.
  3. msdw24

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    could care less about the NBA and most pro sports, save for footballl.

    College is where it's at!
  4. tholly

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    Not until football is over, and when Texas isn't playing BBall. Jason Kidd and older players may be losing their last season. The players need to understand that in the big picture, the typical player has a much shorter shelf life than the owners. The owners are the casinos while the players are doing their thing for 3-6ys, the casinos will still be earning 20-30 yrs from now. Wasting an entire season over a few percentage pts makes no sense to the current players. On average it's probably about 20% of his entire career gone. Owners can afford to lose a yr or two without hurting their career as an owner. To the 75% of players stat aren't Kobe, Lebron, ... sign the 50/50 split and play ball for the few yrs you have. Don't allow the few superstars with a longer lifespan to waste a good part of the few breaths you have left. Also understand, only about 10-15% of the sports fans are interested in the plight of your spoiled butts anyway.
  5. Crockett

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    Not missing it yet. After Thanksgiving though, it may get a little tough.
  6. old65horn

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    Nope. How are Tristan, Hamilton and Cory doing so far?
  7. Bill in Sinton

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  8. Texas___Fight

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    Nope....Wish they would cancel the NBA for good.
  9. Horns11

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    I say dissolve the small market teams, get the league back down to about 26 teams, and let them go back at it. The competition level will improve, and guys like Mike Dunleavy and Rashard Lewis will stop making 8-figure salaries.

    Same goes for the NHL.
  10. Third Coast

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    I used to be a really big fan of the NBA, but not so much anymore. I still enjoy the playoffs, but rarely pay a lot of attention during the season.

    I do love college basketball though. I can sit and watch games one after the other all day long, even if I don't really care for the teams playing. March Madness is one of my favorite times of the year and in my opinion is an unparalleled event in sports.
  11. Horn69

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    It always puzzles me that people that don't like something think that it should be abolished - even though there are people that absolutely love it. You really don't need to pay attention to it. Leave it for us folks who enjoy seeing some of the top athletes in the World bust their asses up and down the court for 48 minutes while performing some super human skills. PLEASE...go back to your knitting.

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
  12. HornTYS

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    Amen Horn69

    I'll never understand the folks that have such disdain for a sport. Fine you don't like it? don't watch it. Why waste your energy telling people how much you don't like it?

    Plus this is much bigger than just the owners and players.

    We're talking thousands of jobs of team and arena employees, business and corporate partners of those teams, the hotels and restaurants that are affected by not having games at the arenas.
  13. Olehornfan

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    I have followed the spurs since their first game. I have never understood how they could be making so much money? I know the seats cost more than I can pay so going to games is out. So playere are overpaid by the number of fools who are willing to pay insane prices to se a game. Lets see what the fool qotient will be after this little face off. I would be greatly satisfied if half of them gave up their tickets. Let them play in fron of half full houses. Let them get paid what they desierve. bring the whole operation to reality. How deep can they gough before they run out of skin?
    Let them eate cake!
  14. BevoJoe

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  15. TheGallopinGoose

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    The past few weeks, on nights when ESPN could have been showing the NBA, they were showing MAC college football broadcast from empty stadiums instead, so yes, I do miss the NBA.
  16. PabTexas

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    NBA.... [​IMG]

    Who cares....
  17. TexasRx

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    NBA was dead when they moved the Sonics to OKC. Haven't really paid attention after that was allowed to happen.

    But thanks to the NBA I've rediscovered the greatness of NHL hockey, eh!

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