Willie Warren is going to be a problem

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by eflow24, Mar 8, 2008.

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    I just watched Willie Warren completely take over the game for North Crowly. He made some unbelievable shots and defensive plays. Wow.

    I am not sure what to think about J'Mison Morgan. You
  2. LazyEngineer

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    I thought #32 for Dulles also looked good - Shaun Umeh. Any idea where he is going?

    And yes, Warren is going to be a major problem.
  3. denchen

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    warren was very impressive. i don't look forward to a couple of years of him playing for ou. he seems to be a big game player. by way of comparison, i'd say that his performance was more impressive to me than what i saw from tyreke evans against st. anthony's (which was a much better team than dulles). i'd still not mind having evans, though. [​IMG]
  4. eflow24

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    I agree Lazy...can't find him on Rivals. Can't find Brandon Jones from SOC either.
  5. BrothaHorn

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    Did RB offer Warren or Morgan?

    Nothing worse than seeing the top two players in the state going to two of the shittiest states.
  6. SL Xpress

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    Texas offered Warren, but the recruitment got derailed when he came down for a visit during the Ohio State football game, and never really got back on track.

    OU got him by hiring an assistant coach from Arkansas that had done a great job recruiting him. He did have a good game in the championship. However, he was kicked out of Oak Hill, not voluntarily departed like they were saying during the championship game. First player I've ever heard of getting kicked out of Oak Hill. The team wasn't big enough for both Warren and Brandon Jennings, who also has some issues.

    With J'Mison Morgan, first, while Barnes liked him, Morgan doesn't really fit what this program is trying to do right now. They've got Pittman. There's not a need for another aircraft carrier, especially when Texas isn't doing much to develop their low post game. They're going after wings of all sizes, guys who can dribble and shoot.

    Second, I don't think Texas could have competed with LSU in that recruitment, if you know what I mean, and I think you do. Just like they weren't able to compete on the Anthony Randolph recruitment from the year before.

    Also, until/unless someone goes pro or transfers, there's not any room for more scholarship players. J'Covan Brown in his own way is the equivalent in talent to Willie Warren in my opinion --- in some ways he's better, in others, Warren is better. Both of them come with some risk in terms of behavior and team chemistry.

    There's not a single player on that Dulles squad I thought of as a Big 12 caliber player. They were just well coached. Frankly, I felt Warren should have been able to go off for more, but he was impressively unselfish with the ball until his team really needed him, then he hit a critical three, and then a 17 foot jumper off the dribble on the next trip down. He also was the assist man on a drive to the basket then kick out when Lamar Brown hit the 3 to ice the game.

    Still, that Dulles team was sure a lot of fun to follow this year. I hope they're able to build off this success.
  7. Horn69

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    And "ice" is a good way to describe him. He was smooth. Having never seen him play I was impressed with his unselfishness with the ball and his effective passing. That Dulles team fought hard and surely have to be overachievers of the year. Their high scorer played a really good game.

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
  8. I_Live_In_OK

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    This thread sits well w/ me. Wink.

    I don't know when Capel'll find a pure pg who will run the floor and distribute, but I've been pleasantly surprised at how effective OU's post game has developed since he was hired in the absence of said point guard.

    The OU guards are streaky, but if their shots fall OU can be dangerous, and adding a talented scorer (not just a shooter) makes me optimistic.
  9. LazyEngineer

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  10. TexasOwnzYou

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    Morgan just looked lazy as hell to me. He never runs the court, just stands there on transition D and just didn't impress me much. He's got no game outside 3ft from the basket (and I think that's due to his sheer size advantage vs HS players). I think SOC was actually better when he was on the bench for most of the first half. Yes, he can block some shots against HS kids, but I don't know how that'll carry over to the next level.

    I really liked the other F for SOC, who scored 28 pts or so. He was always hustling and could lead a break on his own.
  11. GoHornsGo90

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    Wow, I was extremely underwhelmed by Morgan...fat, slow, bad free throws, can't shoot, doesn't work hard, lays up the ball too much instead of slamming. Thank god he was being defended by people who are no taller than 6-5.
  12. eflow24

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    I was not impressed with Morgan either, although I completely disagree that he is fat. Lazy, yes, but fat? Not sure what you saw there. I sat right beside them during a couple of games and there is nothing fat on him.

    He also has a bad temper and attitude. The semi-final game against Boerne was a joke. He should have been kicked out of the game with the punch at the ball.

    I am not going to judge his whole HS career on two games though. There is a reason he is ranked high, but I am not too upset about not getting him. He is not a shooter, for sure.

    I was impressed with the last 5 minutes of the game though. He made some crucial blocks, shots and plays during that stretch to help them win.

    Seriously, NO ONE knows about Brandon Jones? He has to be going SOMEWHERE. He was great this year and was MVP last year.
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  14. SINCE73

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    Willie will be a hadful next year for everyone & especially if Blake returns.
    If we can get any consistent point play then OU should at least hold home & may be able to steal a few good ones on the road that might be unexpected that are bigger & be in contention for a shot of the B12 Championship in some form.
  15. Horn69

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    Why wouldn't Blake return? Is he transferring?

    Hook'em!!! [​IMG]
  16. OUsucksATMblows

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    The Umeh kid from Dulles is only a junior (maybe a soph...can't remember which but he's not a senior). He's a really good high school player in a GREAT system. I don't think he is a good D1 prospect. Most college recruiters don't want "projects" unless they are 7 foot prospects. They want guys that can come in and play right away. They don't want to develop guys and they fall in love to easily with size, body type, and athleticism.
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    I really like Blake Griffin. I'm impressed the coaches put him on the first team even with his injuries. I certainly agree he deserves it. In any year not including Durant or Beasley, he's freshman of the year, and he doesn't seem like a chump like Beasley can seem sometimes.

    I hope he returns to the Big 12 next year, but I'll understand if he heads to the NBA. My understanding is that the plan when he signed was that he'd play two years with his brother, then head to the league, but I wish him well whatever decision he and his family think is best.

    Some of the things to watch for with Warren are:

    1) While unselfish for much of his senior year, and certainly in that championship game, it's not his modus operandi. He'd better be willing to share the ball on a team with Blake Griffin. Griffin is simply the better player, and if the ball isn't going through him on most possessions, something is wrong.

    2) I don't think Warren is ready to be a PG at the Big 12 level. I could be proven wrong, but IMO I think he can dribble too high, and he doesn't break down defenders on the ball well enough. He's good at passing the ball in transition, but I'm not convinced he can run a team well in the halfcourt. I thought at the time and still think OU would have been better off taking John Roberson when they had a chance instead of entering the Jai Lucas sweepstakes. They also could have gone after Demetri Goodson, but chose not to. Warren would best be served as a combo guard that runs the point as a backup or along side another guard like Austin Johnson, where either of them could bring the ball down the court.

    3) Warren needs to fix his release. If you watch him, he releases the ball around his chin. That means he's effectively playing like a 6' shooter in terms of his release. It didn't effect him as much at the high school level, but it's a problem.

    He's still a heck of a recruit for the Sooners, so I'm not trying to badmouth him. I just don't think he's some kind of unstoppable weapon. I certainly don't think he's on the same level as Tyreke Evans, as people are going to find out next year.
  19. SINCE73

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    I don't think he's a PG either SL & I hope he's not forced to become one due to our lack of having a steady & true PG.
    Tyreke Evan does have a better all around game & body to come in & contribute right off the bat in a big way but WW is an upgrade to anyone we have & is for most people in this league.
    If Blake sticks around & WW shows up then by B12 play OU should be a a team to watch.
    I think a pre-season top 2/3 team in the B12 w/ a shot of being better or worse depending on if we get Clark back.
    If we can get Clark back & he doesn't eat his pencils then OU should be a top 15/20 team next year, maybe better.
  20. SL Xpress

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    Willie Warren is a big time player. If Texas didn't get J'Covan Brown I would have wished they could have Warren, but those two have no business being on the same team. OU fans have legitimate reasons to be excited about him heading to Norman.

    I also don't think Warren is a one and done candidate, whatever he thinks at the moment, which is a good thing for Sooner fans.

    I'll say this, too. Right now, unless Texas shocks me with the Tyreke Evans deal, Warren will be the most talented freshman in the Big 12 from what I've seen.
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    SL xpress is the most enjoyable poster on this board to read. You really know your stuff. Where do you learn and hear som much?

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