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  1. purplestatic

    purplestatic 25+ Posts

    do we have any chance? I can't believe texas lost to them @ home (sans g-johnson...but regardless)
  2. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada Winebibber

    They are a very good team. Not unbeatable, but I think tomorrow is probably the end of the line for you guys.
  3. Third Coast

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    Very disciplined, but not so athletic. I believe K-State has a good chance if they play to their capabilities.
  4. Endust

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    KSU to the Sweet 16.
  5. austintex

    austintex 500+ Posts

    Wisconsin basketball is a blight. I really hope you guys knock them out tomorrow. The key is to crank up the pressure and take them out of their methodical, grind-it-out game.
  6. Horns83

    Horns83 500+ Posts

    I actually think KSU matches up well with Wisky. Wisky plays great defense and team basketball. However, they have some significant issues on offense. With Beasley, I think KSU has a shot. I'd give KSU a 35%-40% chance to win it.
  7. 4realhorn

    4realhorn 500+ Posts

    As an admitted Duke hater I have to disagree. Duke beat the ever loving **** out of Wisconsin earlier in the year, and plays in a tougher conference. There is absolutely no way that Wisconsin should've been seeded higher than Duke.
  8. MP5

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    Cats roll [​IMG]
  9. accuratehorn

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    Badgers will frustrate any team with their methodical pace and great defense. Cheeseheads win one more tourney game.
  10. purplestatic

    purplestatic 25+ Posts

    I do have some hope in that it seems like athletic PF's have scored @ will vs wisky.

    Damion James. DJ White. Michael Beasley?
  11. jimmyjazz

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  12. Trilla

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    Duke also had some good wins, just as Wisconsin did. It doesn't matter if you thnk Wisconsin finishd the season better, it's an entire season of work that's looked at. And some didn't think the Big 10 was worth anything anyway.
  13. hornpharmd

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    Wisconsin did lose to Duke but that was in NOvember. I think Wisconsin is a better team than Duke. Duke is overrated year in and year out.

    Wisconsin is solid in everything they do. I think they win this one.
  14. jimmyjazz

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    Actually, there is historical precedent that the committee does consider the way a team finishes. Regardless, there was no good reason to make Wisconsin a 3 seed, and certainly no good reason to seed them lower than Duke.
  15. AustinBadger

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    KSU concerns me but I think we will outcoach em.

    We are going to use a lot of bigs today and really bang down low. Game is going to be slow.......I hope.

    BTW, I love how some think we aren't "athletic". I think this is the same as those who think our football team is "slow."
  16. no mention of KSUcks can be complete without the lamest promotional video in HISTORY. KSUcks fans, don't forget your power towels!
    The Link

    oh and I'm NOT rooting for those Utah Jazz like fans, besides I like the Badgers anyways. On Wisconsin, I say!
  17. purplestatic

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  18. BigTEX40

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    I think that Wisconsin will win this game. They play very tough Defense, they work every possession, and although they might have the same star talent as USC, they are deeper. Much different team K state will be facing and it looks like it will be the last game for Beasley.
  19. atxbaby

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    I am rooting for K State because I picked USC over K State and USC over Wisconsin, so it actually helps me if K State knocks off Wisconsin.

    4realhorn, that is an awesome awesome picture of Durant and Gibson! I love it! [​IMG]
  20. jimmyjazz

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