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    I love Hornsfans because I usually can get early info from ya'll on softball, volleyball, and other women's sports. I also like ESPNW. Being a dad to three sports playing daughters and now a granddaughter, I have learned to love women's sports equally or even more perhaps than men's. Yes, I have evolved from a young male, chauvinist pig to a women's rights supporter. And I wish I had been better early (prior to marriage/parenting). I have also been a member of Orangebloods/Rivals for perhaps 15 years. Recently, I was asked by Rivals/Orangebloods to give them feedback to improve their site. I did so and suggested that it would be good to every so often include some feature/reports on softball, volleyball, WBB, etc. I realize it is a male dominated website that doesn't particularly appreciate women's sports. I have seen Orangebloods improve from almost a 100% football site to now they have really good men's basketball coverage. And they do mention women's sports every so often. And some of you also periodically offer threads. In that Rivals asked...…...and I offered wanting more...……..I would ask that IF you are asked for any improvement ideas, please consider offering a want of more women's content. It may take a long time to get significant improvements but small steps help. And I plan on becoming a sponsor to Hornsfans (paying member) in that I get so much from it. thanks for considering. Our daughters and granddaughters may benefit.
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