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    I might take a job in highland park area, Dallas. Where is a good place to live close to HP with good schools and a 30-40 min commute. Really do not want to live in Plano if possible. What does the commute look like from Wylie or. Lovejoy? Frisco? Coppell? Lewisville? Where else?

    Thank you
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    Have you looked at the Lake Highlands area? Their school system is part of Richardson ISD, which has some quality schools (if you're in the good areas). LH is one of the last affordable neighborhoods inside the loop, and wouldn't be more than a 20 minute commute into Highland Park, door to door.
    Lakewood area has wonderful homes, at a modest premium to other neighborhoods. However, i think their feeder schools run into problems after junior high. Plus, for being a great community, Lakewood is land-locked and difficult to get in/ out each day
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    My brother lives close to Pearce HS in Richardson. All four of his kids went there, and all were well-prepared for college. One negative is that it is hard to get in the top 10% there. The oldest did go to UT, but the other three went to OKState, which they loved. The youngest could have gotten into UT, but followed his brother to OSU. His room is still decorated in UT stuff, though! [​IMG]

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