Worst fire ever?

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Joe Fan, Apr 15, 2019.

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    From Apr 2
    ".... Incidents such as these get a brief mention in the press, complete with quotes from Catholics shocked at the sight of scattered hosts or beheaded statues, and sometimes a short video clip on national television.

    But apart from official denunciations of individual attacks, Catholic leaders in France have refrained from dramatizing what they say is a worrying trend...."

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    Which news station will be the first to blame President Trump for the fire?
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    They are blaming the construction that is ongoing. If they suspected arson, they probably wouldn't tell us.

    What a shame. Dates back to 12th century.
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    That sure sets this fire into context.
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    BBS World News channel 346 on Direct TV

    Roof caved in. Bell towers were saved. Loss of a historical monument. Priceless relics may be lost. WOW!
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    More on possible source of fire
    Multiple French churches vandalized - The Catholic Thing
    There were almost 50 attacks and acts of vandalism against religious sites in France documented in the month of February, according to Observatory on Intolerance and Discrimination against Christians in Europe. One of the worst occurred at the historic Basilica of Saint-Denis, just north of Paris. Someone entered the Gothic church, where French monarchs are buried, smashed a historic stained-glass window, and wrecked the organ and choir-stalls."

    It looks like media will ignore these possible links. We are so afraid of reality. Omar might get insulted.
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    This is as tragic a loss as an inanimate object could be.
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    Just read an article that the overall structure is safe and intact. Based on the pics I'm not sure what that means or how that's possible.
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    Apparently the roof was made of wood, which is odd for a building made out of stone. Also heat rises, so maybe all else okay?
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    Buy a bottle of Dom Perignon. It'll be for a good cause. Link. And he's married to one of the hottest chicks of the last 30 years.
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    Never weld or apply hot tar without an over watch and fire extinguisher available for at least 30 minutes after completion.

    Property can rebuilt. Body parts and people cannot. Most of the structure is stone, which doesn't burn. The 300-800 year old wood can be replaced with better materials and equal or better craftsmanship. Any art work lost is a problem.

    It was quite the fire, but the overreaction was even bigger.
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    The church spire was made of 250 tons of lead. The weight of the collapsing lead crashed through the roof below. Pretty amazing they were able to save as much as they did.
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    Yep. People need to remember the Dresden Frauenkirche. It was firebombed by the Allies and completely destroyed - made the Notre Dame fire look like a glorified cigarette lighter. It was rebuilt and fairly quickly once the Leftists were kicked out of power so it could be allowed. (The top pic is what it looks like now. The bottom pic is what it looked like in the '80s.)

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    You know why it was never rebuilt. The East German government kept destroyed monuments and buildings such as this as a stark reminder to the people of the danger that would confront them if their benevolent government wasn’t there to protect them.
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    Sounds like secular anti-Catholic animus is the cause of the destruction and vandalism. Some people were reflexively blaming Muslims. Haven't seen any evidence of that.

    France is a strange place.
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    Yep, and it was held out as a reminder of how mean the West was, which is quite a joke. I don't condone the Dresden firebombing. It is much, much harder to morally defend than the nuclear attacks on Japan. However, the Red Army was far more brutal on Germany than the West was, and of course, they spent almost half a century crapping on them while the West was rebuilding West Germany and turning it into an economic powerhouse. The fact that a left-wing even exists in Germany now is baffling. The propaganda level needed to make people that irrational is astounding.
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    400 churches/historical sites have been destroyed/desecrated in less than four years.
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