Would Allen Iverson work as a Spur?

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by CHETOLONGHORN, May 31, 2008.


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    Ive been telling my friends that Allen Iverson would work with the spurs because he is hungry for a title and a scorer. All those scoring droughts the spurs go through I'm sure he would be able to help and take some pressure off the big three. He can opt out of his contract next year so we can rent him for one year if we trade for him and if it works out we sign him for an extension.
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    Pop and Allen Iverson? We saw how it worked with Iverson and Larry Brown, and Pop is more intense version of Brown. TEAM POISON!
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    players with that many tattoos don't work well in SA (Rodman).

    I was thinking that Shane Battier would make a perfect Spur and a clone of Bruce Bowen, a better version of the anti-Kobe and can set up for the 3ball .

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    Yes Battier would be a great addition but he ain't leaving Houston anytime soon. The Spurs need some offense. Well I understand about the Brown-Iverson Feud but Iverson is getting older and his window for a Title is pretty much shut unless he goes elswere.
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    Is this the new Gary Payton to the Spurs speculation?
    It is fun to think about, but I don't think the Spurs can add Iverson to the existing team. Denver has a lot of money in AI, they are going to want something more than the rights to some scrub in Europe.
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    Ginobli for Iverson straight up.
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    Nuggets would love that trade
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    Nuggets would love that trade? Seriously?
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    Yes, I bet they would love that trade.
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    People want to bag on Ginobili for some reason, but he just had the best season of his NBA career.

    Yes, he got hurt ... because he sprained his ankle. It doesn't have anything to do with him being old. He could have suffered the same injury at 24.
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    i would rather stab my eyes with a fork than see that loser in the silver and black.

    no thanks.

    have fun w/ mello, loser. they deserve each other.
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    Dyslexia is pretty funny sometimes. I read this thread title as

    Woody Allen work as a Spur?

    lol. Cracked me up pretty good to imagine that.
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    I think AI could work in almost any offense.

    I think its more interesting to envision him with D'Antoni. Denver and Phoenix's ppg were both high. Would Iverson have improved the Suns production over Nash? Or could Nash not be improved upon as far as offense goes?
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    Spurs would never trade Manu for AI. MAYBE they would sign him for the MLE when his current deal is up.
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    If, and only if, AI prostrates himself at the altar of TEAM play. . .

    AI is a talent, but the Spurs have exalted the belief in team play. There is no "I" in SPURS. . . [​IMG]
  17. I'm truly amazed that no Spurs fan wants to take a chance on Iverson. I truly don't believe he's as much of a poison as people make him out to be. Larry Brown might be a great coach, but he's a me-first guy too. We saw that in New York.

    Laugh at him all you want about him talking about practice (funniest rant I have ever heard) but no one gives it his all when it's time more than A.I. He's a gamer.
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    Would AI be happy playing 25 minutes off the bench though? That'd be awesome if he and Manu came off the bench.
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    It doesn't have to do with teamates? Sure it does. Do you really wan to start comparing the teams that Kobe has played on to the ones that AI has?

    Your arguement about shooting 30 times a game doesn't make much sense when he has the same % that Kobe does.

    Start naming players off of the Sixers '01 team. This will be funny.
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    no thanks.

    In crunch time, you need Duncan, Parker and Manu on the floor. You don't need another 6'2" guy on the floor. That moves Manu into the 3 spot which isn't the best place to have him.

    I'd never trade Manu. A healthy Manu is probably the 2nd most dangerous guy in the NBA, probably 2nd to Kobe.

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