WTF Was Psycho T Wearing??

Discussion in 'Men’s Basketball' started by 2xHORN, Apr 7, 2008.

  1. 2xHORN

    2xHORN 100+ Posts

    You expect to see some D-Bag clothes at POY-type awards, but Hansbrough's Naismith "suit" was an abomination.

    Sweet Jeebus.

  2. South Austin

    South Austin 2,500+ Posts

    Nowhere near as bad as Kevin Pittsnoggle's fashion sense.

  3. 2xHORN

    2xHORN 100+ Posts

    Actually right in line with KPitts' fashion sense.

    Lordy mercy.

  4. 4realhorn

    4realhorn 500+ Posts

    Anybody have a pic of it?
  5. whereiend

    whereiend 100+ Posts



    if so, yea pretty bad.
  6. postsLikeAGirl

    postsLikeAGirl < 25 Posts

    Pretty sure that's under armour he's wearing underneath that. classy.
  7. UTeric32

    UTeric32 500+ Posts

    while he could have done better, I thought it was going to be much worse while reading this thread...

    I was picturing Karl Malone on draft night bad
  8. Eating Club

    Eating Club 250+ Posts

    He is from the Ozarks...
  9. tj11_hookem

    tj11_hookem 100+ Posts

    Pittsnoogle is about triple that size now.

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