You Still Hate 'n On Deloss?

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by LonghornCatholic, Aug 31, 2012.

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    Geezerhorn, can you see the Wyoming game tomorrow on your TV? Even if you can, I'll bet that 80% of Longhorn nation cannot.

    Isn't that the point?
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    Haters gonna hate. Whiners gonna whine.

    Thank you Deloss Dodds -- and I don't even have Uverse -- yet.

    What's a poop slap?
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    Not everyone has the option of getting UVerse; not everyone lives in Texas (Washington state - and yes, I do love it here), but I still am a rabid Longhorn fan and former Longhorn Band member a million years ago (1969-70). Missing the opportunity to see even one game is still extremely frustrating (not to mention last year's two games).

    Gail in WA - [​IMG]
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    No duke, it has nothing to do with the point I have addressed repeatedly.

    I stated my point exactly.

    Yes it is on my tv. Yes I will be at the game. Yes I hate the fact that lots of fans (I am not knowledgeable of the exact percentages like some seem to be) will not see the game. But incorrectly blaming DeLoss for that is foolish.

    As I have stated before, I come from a time when 2 televised games a year was a treat, so maybe I am more tolerant. Even if no one is willing to admit it, it has been very few years since not all games were televised. There is no way to know for sure if these first two games would have been available, probably, but it can't be said with the certainty some do. The two previous less than Longhorn like seasons might have influenced that decision.

    My point all along is the network is NOT a failure, it does not suck (even though the access situation does), it is and will continue to be a very good thing for the University, and DeLoss did his job by bringing it to fruition. That happened when the contract was signed.

    The proof is in the many comments from new viewers yesterday & today. Those continuing to disparage the network are just frustrated they don't have access.

    The final outcome of access by the majority of fans is certainly slower than anyone would like except maybe the providers who think stonewalling is the way to sucess. I'm hoping another major carrier will join AT&T soon so more fans can enjoy what I and lots of others are seeing now.
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    Jack promised to "poop slap" if one of the satellite providers picked up the LHN. What is a poop slap? (Hey, I'm old.)
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    I just love how the LHN has turned fans against fans. Should be talking about Wyoming-Texas and yet the LHN has taken center stage despite the fact that most UT fans still have no access to it. Grow up.
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    Okay, I googled it. Other than some very strange YouTube videos, the biggest hits for "poop slap" come from the TexAgs website. It is something an Aggie does to himself when he has failed at something.

    Jack is an Ag. No question.
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    have DTV, and won't consider switching to an inferior product, and that inferior product includes what I would really like to have- the LHN

    What you guys and girls don't realize is, there's more than one person in each household. Each have their wants. Mine is the LHN- but there are other things DTV has that Uverse doesn't carry that are popular watches in the casa.

    A LOT of diehard lifelong Horn fans like me that haven't missed watching 2 games in over a decade, are now going to miss them. Trying to declare them as "haters" only diminishes the arguement. We're coming from a point of logic, and getting the obligatory 7th grade reply of "haters gonna hate".

    And it bothers me some valued recruits aren't going to see tonite's game, but would have seen it in the past...Instead they'll watch another University's program and see their stadium, their coaches, and most of all understand that could be THEM on tv next year or in 2014

    TEXAS lost out. Put it on DTV or Dish - the Big Leagues of distribution - and it'll be worth it
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    Nope. He sets the bar for the monetary side, at the least, in NCAA athletics.
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    jacksmack can lick my crack.
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    I would highly question if anyone on here was at the game.

    If so, what did you think of the stampede? I thought it was pretty cool. Shook hands with your friend DeLoss.
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    Never hated was ESPN that had my hatred directed toward them.

    I finally get a huge reward for being a Uverse subscriber for years so I'm good [​IMG]
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