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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Shark4, Oct 19, 2009.

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    Turns out an investigative reporter managed to come up with a copy of Jim Tressel's play sheet. It explains a lot.


    PS: "Holy Buckeye" in the bottom right refers to the 4th-and-3, under a minute, 30-yd TD pass vs. Purdue in '02 that saved the NC season.
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    I see he's been working with Greg Davis. Hm.
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    Terrell Pryor is the next Vince Young.
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    Sharky, remember that he roots for and is an SEC (Sure, Everybody Cheats) conference team. It is just assumed there is cheating at any time. Remember this before you waste even seconds of your time. Pay attention to the poster and then just dismiss in situations like that.

    Win out, Buckeyes.
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    Recruiting is the problem, not Pryor. He lost both Wellses at RB and both Brians at WR, and nobody is really stepping up to replace them.
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    TP should've listened to Pete and come to USC as a WR.

    That or gone to Michigan. Rich Rod would've utilized his skills much better.
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    He also considered Texas. I think GD could do a thing or two in utilizing his talents.
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    I'd really like to root for the Buckeyes from here forward, but, since they are USC's only quality win, and USC is right on our asses right now, that rooting will have to wait for another USC loss.
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    Pryor was better last year when he had a good running back. You have a manageable run game this year but it is not like having Wells back there. Seems to me that teams have just been able to focus in more on Pryor this year and his passing game hasn't progressed the way it should. Of course he could be going through a sophomore slump similar to what Colt did his sophomore season. And Vince early in his.
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    Hilarious chart, Shark.

    Reading between the lines, are Buckeyes' fans losing patience for Tressel's ultra-conservative style? Have they lost it already? Or are y'all just venting at a frustrating season?

    I admire "The Vest" a great deal, but I also think he needs to evolve his philosophy. He flat-out cost y'all the USC game--punting late in the fourth instead of attempting a long field goal that would've iced the game had it been good was inept. The Buckeye fan with whom I watched the game couldn't believe it, either.

    As for TP, sure, your line isn't very good, but he is much, much too erratic as a passer. As much promise as he showed in 2008, especially toward the end of the season, I expected he'd be sharper this year. But, hey, everyone regresses from time to time--just look at Colt.
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    TP in Columbus reminds me of VY in Tennesse... just not clicking & you wonder if the personalities & schemes will ever allow it to. I've heard pro players talk about the importance of getting the right players into the right systems & how it effects careers. Makes sense on a non sports level as well.

    Could end up working out. Another year to mature/develop for TP & another year for the talent around him to do the same. TP could be a bust & could also "bust out" and have a great college career... either scenario wouldn't surprise me. Not sure how much the staff is gonna adapt, I'm thinking it's on TP to make the adjustments mentally & mechanically.
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    The chart is funny but has nothing to do with the loss to Purdue.

    1 - The OL has been riddled with injuries and flu. They are also very young at the OT position with most of the snaps going to true sophs or a true frosh.

    2 - Pyor has improved as a thrower/passer, but he still gets happy feet when the pressure is strong. This effects his accuracy and decision making. This is not all that uncommon for a true soph that has clearly not been sent to QB camp after QB camp, etc. Two weeks ago he was comfy in the pocket and made a number of really nice throws. In the 4th against Purdue he stepped into his throws and went 10-16 or something (17-31 overall, 221 yards).

    3 - 5 TOs. This had little to do with play calling (the first fumble was caused by leaving the not-so-good-at-blocking TE to deal with Kerrigan, one of the Big 10s best DEs and then running TP right at him). Other than that play calling had nothing to do with the poor play. You can't make that many TOs, including several in the shadow of your own goal post, and do all that well.

    3 - For reasons I am not wholly clear on, the D tends to play those types of spread passing attacks with a soft zone aimed at waiting for opportunities to force a mistake. Purdue had three TOs (should have been 4) but they Bucks sort of let him make the short stuff up and down the field. Shouldv'e been okay but the OL play and TPs horrible 3rd quarter meant we scored no points off of the TOs.

    That's a loss right down to the unlucky face mask on 3rd and long to give Purdue to game-ending 1st down.

    You can't play that badly and win in conference.

    Tress is numbningly conservative, but a bit of Tresselball on Saturday would have been nice given the way the game went.
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    Shark, you have taken the bait that idiots laid out for people to take and you are not an idiot. That whole Vince be Vince **** is a crock. VY brought some things and introduced having fun but when it came to his development, he had squat to do with it. He has admitted and said that without Greg Davis he would not be where he is. He is right.

    VY blew the game v. Washington State and knew he did and why. He knew that his talent alone was no longer good enough. He came back and worked hard, really, really hard and learned how to be an actual quarterback. He was coached and taught things he never needed before. He could no longer just run over people by himself.

    Greg developed him in the time he had him and it was a very obvious progression from years 1 to 2 and massive to year 3. Nobody can do that alone and VY did not. So if you guys don't have a QB Coach or OC as good as Greg Davis (who has proven his expertise time and time again everywhere he has been with the talent he has had) Pryor is not ever to see his potential.

    I think he was a better passer coming out of HS than VY was but now he is behind where Vince was at the same time. Way behind. But don't buy the jackass hype about Vince being Vince. The truth is so far from that it is ridiculous to even utter. When it came to his development and honing of skills, Vince not being Vince and learning was the key. I hope for the same with Pryor and know that under Greg Davis (I am glad we have Colt, btw) would be a much better player and qb than he currently is. Eons better.
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    OSU should have been able to blow away their conference this year and be in position to be MNC spoiler or top 1 loss team. This has been a disappointing season for ya'll.
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    I wouldn't go that far. tOSU had 25 or so seniors last year. I forget the exact number announced on the Fiesta bowl broadcast.. Even with the talent coming back it is difficult to replace that kind of experience and leadership. The expected result is that they would drop a couple games they shouldn't.

    A loss to Purdue may have been unexpected, but having two loses at this point of the season wasn't unexpected, at least not to me.
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    Turn the page, Tress!
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    I think this link explains TheOSU's problem.
    The Link

    I especially like this quote from one of the comments: "Someday I think we’ll look back at this and see a turning point in the Tressel-era. Will Jim go out like Mack Brown will, or like Phillip Fulmer did?"
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    I think Stoops is the one on the Fullmer curve, not Tressel.

    That article completely misrepresented the 05 Texas offense.
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    Shark -

    Just my 2 cents, but you guys really need to tap the brakes on all the Tressell hate. Any attempt to upgrade could have serious longer term consequences then just one mediocre year.
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