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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by tbone, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. tbone

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  2. The Horn Identity

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    I was there. One of the most satisfying UT victories of all times. Thanks for the memories.
  3. tj11_hookem

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    good videos
  4. Rip76

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    first off damn... Ricky's freshman year was 12 1/2 years ago...
    I remember this game like yesterday.... Corey Pullig?? Great QB

    Long Live James Brown!!!!
  5. Statalyzer

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    Yes that sat very well with me.

    Chris Carter. I'd forgotten about him. What a badass.
  6. wright11

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    couldnt help but watch ricky's run to pass dorset while i was on youtube. brought back tons of memories and goosebumps. awesome. [​IMG]
  7. Les Claypool

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    I never saw Herschel or Archie or a lot of others. Screw Reggie Bush. Ricky was the best college back I have ever seen. Jury is still out on pro running back.
  8. BDog

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  9. GabeRocksSocks

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    That number 11 guy is pretty good. Didn't he win some award years later?
  10. TheContractor

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    That was a pretty solid team. Good/Great playmakers on both sides.
    D was good too with Carter, Westbrook and Brackens and others.
  11. ThirtyFiveAlive

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    Ah, the famous one-legged Brown game! Truly one of my most cherished UT memories: Ricky Williams, Tony Brackens and Bryant Westbrook--three of my favorite all-time 'Horns and arguably the best three players ever to wear the Burnt Orange & White at their respective positions.


    Fuckin' Mackovic.

    Thanks, tbone.
  12. orangebones

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    for all the crap he still takes, mackovic recruited some really good defensive players and left them on D. westbrook, carter, thomas, and allen formed one of our best secondaries. brackens, chris akins, aaron humphrey, casey hampton and shaun rogers. he couldn't, however, recruit a stud LB if his life depended on it, and he let darnell run that stupid 3-4 heisman-maker sieve of a run D. still, that D came up big in a few big games: '94 OU, '95 aggy, '96 Nebraska (they scored 27, but we held them below their avg when everyone thought they were going to steamroll us).

    after that aggy game, my dad loaded us all up in the 88 plymouth voyager and took us down to watch the UT students run around the drag and to see the tower ablaze in full burnt orange for the first time (for my eyes).
  13. gecko

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    That Texas D coordinaor called a great game. Who was that...?
  14. Bevo5

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    Jeez...I feel like it's been a while since we've had those kinds of studs on D.
  15. Lat22

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    With the exception of the Rose Bowls, that was the best game I've ever attended.
  16. TexasGolf

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    That video never gets old. Great game. Singing the Eyes on pyle field afterwards is a wonderful memory.

  17. CajunHorn

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    How Pullig or McElroy were able to form a cognitive thought after the hits they took in that game is beyond me. On second thought, they likely couldn't have even before they stepped on that crappy field.
  18. orangebones

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    i have a copy of the AAS sports section on that game; i'll find it somewhere. does anybody remember the post game comments by westbrook? he said something to the effect of, "we killed them, we shot them with 9mm guns." it didn't gather a whole lot of attention that i remember, but can you imagine if someone said that now?
  19. 16-6 Texas

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    That was my Senior year. We tried to get on the field after the game as there were seats on the track. But then the Aggy melee...
    The A&M students had no idea what they were supposed to do after a loss at home. It was odd watching the A&M waiting to be told what to do. My first real taste af Aggy.

  20. ngnichols

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    Man, that Westbrook hit is just FILTHY HARD! WOWZERS! [​IMG] [​IMG] I love seeing that every time.
  21. tbone

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    Has any Longhorn worn out aggy like Ricky?

    I'd like to see his stats against them. I bet he had 700 yards against them in his career. Dat Nguyen must still have nightmares about him.
  22. HousHorn09

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    By far that was the best game I ever attended. Snuck in for free, was on the field the entire 2nd half (look at some of those plays where the aggy sideline was shown & you'll see it was packed with unrestricted fans), rushed onto pyle field's sacred 50 yard line with 8 secs left on the clock, celebrated our assbeating of aggy until the nazi youth started the riot, walked back to car singing poor aggys & Texas Fight with one of the cheerleaders under my arm, drove home to Austin & partied for an hour with Mr. Williams that night on 6th street.

    Who could've asked for anything more in 1995? [​IMG] [​IMG]
  23. irishtexan

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  25. MilkmanDan

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  26. The Horn Identity

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    Cedric had a pretty good run against them as well.
  27. Statalyzer

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  28. beencounting

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    Chris Simms did well against A&M
  29. RP McMurphy

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    Notice what happens to Pullig for hanging around too long on the Texas sideline after his late interception. Go to the 4:57 mark to see the play. [​IMG]

    Hook'em Horns
  30. Tex Pete

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    That game was huge! [​IMG]

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