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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by FWHORN, Oct 27, 2012.


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    I am done. I have been a sunshine pumper for the past two and half years and alwyas felt that Texas was on the verge of turning this thing back around.

    Mack is a great human being and has done wonders for bringing Texas back. He got us to the promised land and one injury away from doing it twice. He had an amazing run and he deserves our thanks.

    But it is time for him to retire, for Manny Diaz to just go away.
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    i think it would be different if he weren't so disingenuous or delusional. he doesn't even know how bad it is and that is why he needs to go.
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    Where will Manny go? If you can't coach with a lot of talent............
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    Wow. You lasted this long before you realized this? Where you at the ou game?

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    Posted this before the last drive. Always glad to get a win

    That TD doesnt change a thing except Mack can now retire after a bowl game which he deserves. I am not going to call him any names or any of the other ridiculous things some of our fans have said, I thank him for all he has done, I will never forget my experience at back to back Rose Bowl games and now he needs to retire and be the Texas icon he is.
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    Mack is making 10s of millions from Texas. He better be tough enough to take some criticism.
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    Yes. Mack has to go before the healing can start. This program is lost. Remember also that Mack only has 2 conf champs in 15 years. [​IMG]
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    Welcome to October buddy. And nothing fans say about Mack subsequent to 2 weeks ago is "ridiculous". Fans who are his "friends" are ridiculous. He needs to go and had they lost today it should have been today.
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    I really like Mack. I use to go every Feb at Ruth's Chris Steakhouse downtown for the Dine with the Coaches. One year I actually got to sit at his table. He's one of the nicest and most respected man I know. But it's just that time Mack.
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    This photo in the AAS yesterday showing Mack standing behind Manny with his hand to his forehead and a dismayed expression on his face pretty much says it all.

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    ^^^^^^Caption Contest!
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    You guys are going to think I'm crazy, but I'm still not there yet.

    This team hasn't given up like the 2010 team (at least not yet) and the primary problem (the OU and KU games notwithstanding) is on the defensive side of the ball. Although he was hired as one of the up-and-coming young coaches after 2010, I never felt that great about the Diaz hire because he didn't have much experience as a player or coach at the highest level, and certainly did not have experience against the types of offenses that we see in the Big 12 week-in and week-out. Right now, he appears to be the weakest link in the chain. Yeah, Mack hired him and he should be accountable for that but, if Diaz is the problem (and the defensive performance the rest of the year continues to show that he is the problem) and the rest of the team performs at a high-enough level to show it is either where it needs to be or is moving in the right direction, then I don't have a problem with Mack coming back if he fixes the issues on defense (i.e., hire a new DC).

    All that being said, if the team as a whole collapses and/or shows that it is not capable (or interested) in consistently competing at a high level, then Mack needs to make an exit. I'm just going to withhold judgment until the end of the season. Besides, nothing is going to happen on the coaching front until then anyway.
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    In reply to:

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    Geezerhorn, you are totally correct but I also feel Mack lives in a bubble and has so much power he over looks the obvious. That he hired DC that had one good year at Mississippi State and way over paid him. Diaz is extremely young and someday might be a good DC. Texas also was way overrated at the start of the season and young players believed all the hyped. Texas just needs to clean house and start all over again but that won't happen because Deloss never fires anyone and LHN the cash cow has money pouring in. Texas will finish 7-5 and get a bowl bid that's the norm at Texas now
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    Hook em danno,

    I haven't seen this team compete at a high level the last three weeks, at least. By high level, I mean top tier in our conference, competing for national honors.

    Competing evenly with Baylor, Kansas, TCU, TTU is not meeting the "competing at a high level" standard. These are middling teams, that do not have the money, resources, facilities that Texas does. We are playing now at their level or below.
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    Why not have a special 30 minute tape made for all of the defense to watch, daily, on how to tackle. Numbers 7 and 17 should be forced to watch it morning, noon, and night.

    Every missed tackle means you run the stadium stairs.

    That doesn't take care of the out of position or lack of ability to read a play but it might help the arm or hand tackling which is an epidemic with this team.
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    6-2 with 4 games to play. Most of you sound like the guy that flips the chess board over when he loses his queen. The season isn't over and wont be until the last four games are played. Nobody hated walking out of the Cotton Bowl worse than I did and I feel like I was stomach punched by the fourth quarter of the Kansas game, but then I realized we beat Kansas. We did not lose to Kansas, or Baylor or Oklahoma State. 6-2. One less win than last year with 4 to play.
    There are players on our team that are playing hard and deserve our support. We DO have a young team with a whole bunch of talent.

    I dont know how this season will end, but I do know with our talent, we have a chance to win every game that has not been played.
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    3rd Coast's picture speaks 1000 words... I am sure Mack is feeling snake bit at this point. Its not necessarily Mack's fault we suck on defense right now. We ALL thought Manny was a good hire. This isn't science and its only with the gift of hindsight that Manny is a terrible hire.

    That said, Mack is ultimately responsible for everything, and it seems like the football Gods are trying to tell him its time to hang it up.
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    I wonder how opinions might change if the team ends up 10-2 before a bowl game. To many people are living on ledges. Just see how it all plays out and then those who are angry can start calling for heads.
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    I wonder how opinions might change if we end up 11-1. What? You say that's impossible? NOTHING'S IMPOSSIBLE!!

    You just gotta believe. keep the faith. We're Texas. etc.
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    We must be patient and careful. Remember focussness and synergy.

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    Since we have no chance against Kstate, there is absolutely no chance Oklahoma State can beat them this weekend?
    Because Kstate is so good and powerful and so well coached. Got news for you, they can be beat and and it could very well be this weekend. Take Okla State and the points.
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    Somebody on one of the Horn boards made a pretty funny comment on our prospects against K State. Something to the effect of, "The only way we could possibly beat them is if our victory enabled OU to back into the conference championship." Ouch.
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    If you can be pleased by getting Mokey-stomped in Dallas and slipping past the bottom of the conference in the last couple of minutes then there is nothing more to say.

    The crap we have watched since 9/29 is a disgrace. Pointing out the lack of ability by the staff to change what has been present all season is no reflection on the players that give maximum effort week after week nor one's loyalty to the program.

    It is however a condemnation of the one ultimately responsible. Continued pleasant post game remarks and misrepresentation of what any fool can see is a situation totally out of control on the defensive side, and to lesser extent the other two phases, has been tryed before with similar results. The time for positive reinforcement ended along about mid game 9/29.

    Since then we have been on a crash course and I fear the final outcome will be worse than we could have imagined.

    I just can't see how any loyal fan is not outraged by what he saw from Texas Saturday against the worst the B12 has to offer. The point spread is not the issue, it is the way the team performed, and the fact a miracle was needed at all that is so depressing.

    As long as our players are praised in the media by our staff why should there be any real attempt at improving?
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    Okie State is going to get destroyed by KSU. It will not be remotely close.

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