2019 6-1 PF Esmery Martinez Committed!

Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by LonghornsWBB, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. LonghornsWBB

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    The Dominican Esmery Martínez, native of Hato Mayor del Rey, and who plays positions 3 and 4 has just committed to@TexasWBB to study her university career. In the photo she poses next to the team coach, Karen Sue Aston
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  2. kurupt

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    That’s great,much needed help in the front court.
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  3. brnkj

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    This should help a lot!!!
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  4. JoeDallas

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    Not a great picture of Karen. I thought that must be Esmery's little brother. Good news, though.
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  5. LonghornsWBB

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    Some video of Esmery:

    Her connections are awesome too. Treasure Hunt, Kamilla Cardoso, Madison Hayes.
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  6. kurupt

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    Good highlights hopefully she’ll be healthy and ready to play.
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  7. flash34

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    From these limited videos, she certainly has potential. Pretty athletic. Needs a lot of ball handling work to be a 3-2 which I think I read she wants to ultimately be. That first video showing triple-threat moves was slow and wouldn’t fool many. Realize it was her off-hand. I think she will be a 4-3 to start off with and trying to develop more outside versatility.
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  8. Zig72

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    Hmmm. Ortiz listed on roster...but no Martinez.
  9. DFW_Horn

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    She will not be enrolling at Texas. More info in the 2019 recruiting thread.

    2019 Recruiting - WBB
  10. DFW_Horn

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    Over/Under on how long she’s a Mountaineer? I’d take the under on 7 days.

    Just odd.

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  11. DINO22

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    So why did she leave Texas.
  12. racerx5908

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    That is so odd. Another "we'll never know" mystery.
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