A friend in the 73rd fl 2nd tower just called me

Discussion in 'Prayer Requests' started by scally, Sep 11, 2001.

  1. scally

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    that is good to hear.
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  2. Orange Salad Ranch

    Orange Salad Ranch 250+ Posts

    Finally some good news today.
  3. bc2bagger

    bc2bagger 25+ Posts

    I have never been to NYC. How many floors are the buildings?
  4. TXHookem

    TXHookem 1,000+ Posts

    110 floors
  5. mudboy

    mudboy 250+ Posts

    Has anyone heard from anyone else, what about the 1st tower?
  6. Hornin NYC

    Hornin NYC Guest

    A friend on 93rd flr second tower is ok so most go out,
  7. Horn89

    Horn89 1,000+ Posts

    I'm seeing numerous eyewitness accounts from people that were fairly high up in the towers-- so apparently a lot of people were able to get out before they collapsed
  8. CaptainAmerica

    CaptainAmerica 25+ Posts

    Best news of the day.

    Thanks for the reports.

    God bless.
  9. Clear Lake Horn

    Clear Lake Horn 25+ Posts

    that is good news. i feared the worst, but hoped for the best
  10. hornFANtastic

    hornFANtastic 100+ Posts

    Thanks for the small measure of good news. I am praying that most people got out before the buildings collapsed.
  11. That is great news.

    I finally got in touch with a couple of my sales reps in NYC. Both are fine. One was driving into Brooklyn and saw the collapse. One second it was there and then *poof* gone. I can't fathom that feeling. [​IMG]
  12. Hornin NYC

    Hornin NYC Guest

    Hes fine so they got lots of peeps out.

    He works at prudential
  13. stina

    stina 100+ Posts

    Thank God.
  14. Felonious Monk

    Felonious Monk < 25 Posts

    First and foremost my concern is for lives lost. Second, I feel a profound sadness for the general meanness in the world that these attacks represent. I'm usually able to remain somewhat detached from these types of tragedies but this one is different.

    Those rat ******** took a national landmark from us. They singlehandedly altered the NYC skyline. As Americans, my children and I shared the right to celebrate the NYC skyline as the pinnacle of our country's greatness. There is a mystique that has been stained. They took something from all of us.

    We should all do what we can individually to back away from the meanness and hate that were manifested in this series of tragic attacks. Sad.

    The fact that so many apparently got out is great news indeed! My hearts go out to the families and friends of those that didn't. My respect for the firefighters who bravely ventured into that inferno is tremendous.

    Hook 'em!
  15. BullSprig@Work

    BullSprig@Work 25+ Posts

    This just came in from a person in my company who is NYC..........

    I have removed his name and phone number.

  16. LonghornGirlie

    LonghornGirlie 500+ Posts

    Emailed to me by a close friend:

    I typically fly over 100,000 miles per year, most of it to the Northeast.
    Ironically, on Friday, I cancelled a planned meeting in Boston today due to a
    neck injury I am recovering from.

    My colleagues and employees travel frequently as well. We do work with many
    firms headquartered in the World Trade Center. I have been contemplating all
    morning the horror of knowing that there is a very high likelihood that
    friends and acquaintainces have died today, or that I or a close friend might
    have been on a hijacked plane.

    I suspect my heart is as heavy as most posters on this board, although not
    nearly as heavy as those who have lost their family members today. We have
    closed our offices and sent our employees home. But some of us stayed around
    to pray together.

    Our most fervent prayers were for God's grace and comfort for the wounded and
    their families and for the families of those who are lost. Next were prayers
    for those who are helping--the medical, police, fire and military personnel
    who are making second-by-second decisions and judgements, and whose strength
    and nerves are worn. Next were prayers for President Bush and the leaders of
    this country, and for our military and intelligence services, that they could
    contain this evil and be guided in all their actions by wisdom and justice.

    Finally, our prayer was that this evil not lead to greater evil, that hatred
    not spread to good people out of this act of hatred by evil people. That our
    responses as a nation be appropriate and guided by love and wisdom and
    support for each other, and not by the evil which seeks to work its way into
    men's souls in times of injustice or trial.

    God will uphold us if we will trust in him.

    You may have a different prayer. That is mine.

    God bless us all.
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  17. suttree

    suttree 500+ Posts

    Great post. I share the sentiments of LHG's friend. I hope and pray that we as a County show that we will not sink to the level of visiting random acts of violence and terror on innocents.
  18. bevo185

    bevo185 < 25 Posts

    Felonious, driving Rt 95 and not being able to see the Twin Towers is an eerie feeling. The skyline wil never be the same.
  19. Bevo71

    Bevo71 500+ Posts

    Thank goodness your friends made it.
    The reports are saying that there are survivors in the rubble. Keep them and the rescue workers in your prayers.
  20. bonedry

    bonedry < 25 Posts

    The Empire State is once again the tallest building in NYC....we took a giant step backwards today.
  21. utxjohne

    utxjohne Guest

    bonedry....please delete your post.
  22. Texr

    Texr < 25 Posts

    Thanks LHG for sharing that post.
    As sad as I am about all of this, it helps to connect with others so as not to feel all of this by ourselves. I could do nothing but watch the TV in horror most of the day. Finally, I did get on this board tonight. I really wasn't sure why because although I love UT football today it seemed like an empty feeling. However, reading posts like the one LHG shared made me realize why I got on this site tonight.
  23. LonghornCatholic

    LonghornCatholic Deo Gratias

    What a horrific day.

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