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Discussion in 'Rusty's Grill' started by LonghornCatholic, Oct 9, 2022.

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    I was out there a couple weeks ago eating at the original. We left there and went to the new one across the street so my wife could make a sales call. I joked that they should have done a better job of making a fake old sign. It looks ok in the picture, but in person it looks like a manufactured old sign.

    I never understood why families have fall out's like this. My wife knows them well through her job so if anyone is interested in the story I can get it from her. She told me a while back, but I didn't care enough to remember. FWIW, it's not a new feud. This has been going on for a while.
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    I know enough to know what happened, but not enough to pass along stories that are sure to be factual.

    Bottom line for me (personally), I have known and liked Terry for a couple of decades. He is a good Longhorn. I have lived in town for a couple of decades and wouldn't know Kent if he walked in the room. That informs which brother I will buy meat from.
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    Factual? You think that matters? You must be new around here ;)
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    New Orleans has the Brennan family restaurant feuds.

    Lockhart has the Black family restaurant feuds.
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    It would be hilarious of some unrelated guy named John Black moved in and opened up a bbq in Lockhart called "John Black's BBQ".
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    Ok, I went through Lockhart about 2 weeks ago and ate lunch at Kreuz Market for the first time in about 30 years. It was fantastic. Better than the various Black's bbqs even. As I remember it, Kreuz used to be in a much smaller space. They also now serve decent sides (pretty good sides actually), and they now even have bbq sauce (must be the push of Houstonians West). It's still one of the very best bbq joints in Texas. Although, in their new giant sized digs, it's hardly a "joint" anymore.
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    Kreuz was my favorite for years but fell off my radar after a couple of disappointing trips. Replaced by Black's, Smittys, Louie Mueller (Taylor) and Luling City Market (Pork Ribs). I'll try Kreuz next time I'm in Lockhart.
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    Schoepf’s in Belton belongs with the Central Texas greats. I ate there for the first time this year. It’s an equal with the other named Central Texas bbq joints. I haven’t tried Louis Mueller, and the last time I ate at Luling City Market, you could only get silverware on request. You ate on butcher paper with your hands. (Lots of places still do the butcher paper of course). And asking for sauce was a high level insult to the cook.

    I’d put Austin’s small local chain of Green Mesquite in there, but nobody else would—it’s not what these bbq “purists” are looking for. I really like it though.
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    Look in the online white pages for any given small or medium-sized town in Texas. If German or Czech surnames predominate, there’s gonna be some good bbq in that town.
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    Dang it, I forgot about Schoepf's. Try the boneless quail wrapped in bacon with jalapeno when you go.

    I talked to the owner and the quail was supposed to be a one-time-deal, but it was such a hit they kept it on the menu. Highly Recommended.
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    Totally agree. Before COVID I would stop there in the mornings for breakfast tacos. Excellent. However the last time we stopped they were not selling breakfast any longer. That was a couple of years ago. Hopefully they found their stride again and started serving breakfast again.
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    What was once the Kreuz location you remember is now Smitty's. Family feud. Brother inherited the business, sister inherited the building. When she decided to jack the rent sky-high, he built the new building and moved. She kept the old building and changed the name. Smitty's (old Kreuz) is still my go-to when I want to take an out of towner to a bbq joint. Best combo of food and atmosphere among all our smoked meat purveyors.
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    However, I want to separate this post because I have been buying my own bbq from Maxwell bbq.

    Maxwell Barbecue Co. - Delicious Authentic Texas Barbecue

    This guy is making really good meat, and his old run-down building is authentic. He didn't spend a couple million bucks to make it appear old to the tourists, it just is what it is. Next time any of you are in the vicinity, give them a try.
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    Now that's interesting, and 1/2 way between Lockhart and San Marcos. I'll have to give Maxwell a try next time I'm in that neck of the woods.

    (and I bet I know what kind of coffee they serve...:rolleyes1:)
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    I don't know if this is done anywhere, but I wonder how it would taste if a cook threw in a few chips of the heart of a sandlewood log soaked in water for the extra smoke--in with the oak, hickory and/or mesquite. Or maybe just chuck in some sticks of incense (condensed heart-of-sandlewood powder) into the pit along with the oak/hickory...?

    It could be bizarre and disgusting, or nearly heavenly, who knows... Maybe an experiment with a blend of oak and sandlewood on some chicken first.
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    Are you saying he didn't "pre-fade" and intentionally scuff up his jeans?
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