Big 12 Women's Champion 2014

Discussion in 'Track' started by DINO22, May 20, 2014.

  1. DINO22

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    Good Job Coach's and Ladies.
    Love the 400 meter times.
  2. DINO22

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    Hope we are trying to look at High School Girl's Track in New Jersey.They have 2 good Freshman McLauglin and Anderson.Both run the 400.
  3. DINO22

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    Wonder what grade Olivia Baker is.Outstanding 400 Meter runner from Jersey.
  4. Bill in Sinton

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  5. DINO22

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    Oh well,Olivia Baker is going to Stanford.A.Washington to Oregon. Akeyla Mitchell to Kansas St., Hannah Cunliffe to Oklahoma, Ky Westbrook to USC,
  6. overseasbbfan1

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    The NCAA Championships start tomorrow and our women are currently ranked 1st. Hiring former Illinois HC Buford-Bailey was a great move by the staff/administration; she's done a phenomenal job with our sprinters. I hope we do whatever it takes to keep her as she's probably at the top of the list for most HC openings out there. I think there's a slight chance our 4x400 could challenge the NCAA record set during the Sanya Richards era; our current group ran the 4th fastest in NCAA history, just 1.3 seconds off the all-time record. Looking forward to an exciting meet, and hopefully another NCAA championship!

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