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    ^^^But, we know noting will happen except maybe we may see Nunes and his pals on Fox News saying what you are saying about what should be done.
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    Again, get rid of FISA. Is there any Senator or Congressman who would propose that?
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    At least one thing did happen, they got rid of Atkinson, who was grossly incompetent, At BEST! More likely he was one of the top coup planners. These people attempted two coups (Mueller-Russiagate and Eric Ciaramella + Alexander Vindman) and nobody seems to care except a handful of us .

    It seems likely that both Ric Grenell (new acting head of ODNI) and Mark Meadows (new COS) were involved. Which might help explain why some opposed the appointment of Grennell.

    You might recall that the IG in his FISA review specifically called out the former DOJ-NSD chief legal counsel for a lack of “accuracy.” Guess who the DOJ-NSD chief legal counsel was? it was current ICIG Michael Atkinson! Atkinson was the person who was supposed to be the one reviewing the CIA, including the behavior of John Brennan. That was like having the fox guard the chickens.

    But there is one more shoe to drop with regard to Atkinson and that is his old boss Mary McCord. She was the Assistant Attorney General of the National Security Division. Together with Atkisson, who was essentially her private atty at the time, they are the two people who engineered the fraudulent “whistle-blower” complaint which is what let Adams Schiff get started. On top of that, she is the person who went to the WH with Sally Yates back in 2017 to rid rid of Michael Flynn. As you probably already know, Flynn was going to upset their apple cart so they were desperate to get rid of him.

    Atkinson, McCord and Yates are the three person cabal who also dreamed up the idea that the then incoming Trump Admin had violated the “Logan Act.” violations. What a crock of shyte. Once she was out, McCord then magically became "outside counsel" for House Democrats in the impeachment adventure.

    If you add it all up, Atkinson and McCord are perhaps the two biggest dogs in the impeachment ordeal from the outset. They already knew Ciaramella and shepherded him through all the hoops. And it looks like that she, while working as a part of Lawfare, is the person or is at least one of the primary persons who drafted the ‘whistle-blower’ complaint for Ciaramella, which he later filed.

    Does this pattern sound familiar? if so, it is because it is the same pattern that Fusion-GPS used to get the "Steele Dossier" to the FBI, which was the evidence (the only evidence) used for the 2016-17 Russiagate conspiracy.

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    Dems were tooled by the Russians

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    Indeed, here I was writing in here on Mar 22, 2017
    We have a lot of different people writing long posts in this political forum. Sometimes its good to look back to recall who has demonstrated the documented ability to quickly see through the fog with solid analysis

    "They cannot legally wiretap a US citizen without a warrant (4th A)
    But they can tap non-citizens overseas
    Obviously, US citizens can easily get caught up in those taps because of the two-way (or more) nature of those communications
    The NSA, by law, is supposed to redact (or "mask") the American's names/identities of the transcripts of those calls/communications.
    Here, there appear to be multiple failures to mask the US persons' identities. One example of this is what happened to Mike Flynn. But it sounds like more are involved.

    Further, all intercepts of this type are classified (there may be nuance to the exact classification, but broadly, all of it is classified).
    Here, someone(s) released these transcripts (in what sounds like print outs of tapped communications). Released without prior, proper authorization. This is a felony.

    For now, it sounds like the person(s) responsible are Obama holdovers. But we do not yet know for sure. From my perspective, it looks like they thought they could get away with it if they brought Trump down first, before the details of what they did came out. Which is what all this is about (I think). But they failed (I think of it as a failed soft coup). They took a big chance. And lost. And so now somebody (or somebodies) has to face the music for their crimes."

    Did Obama Wiretap The Donald?
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    From my perspective, everything involved with this matter was a miscarriage of justice. Everyone convicted as a result of this coup attempt should have their charges dismissed with prejudice by DOJ and/or receive a full pardon. And everyone who was affected by it should file personal lawsuits against Mueller and all others involved (Bivens' suits or statutory remedy).

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    Comey should be prosecuted. What should happen to him is exactly what he did to some innocent people.

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    This woman should also be prosecuted
    During 2016 and even into 2017, she made 100s of unmasking requests to the NSA. At the time, she was the lame duck US Ambassador to the United Nations. Which means she had no business unmasking anyone for any reason whatsoever. Each unmasking instance was its own independent crime

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    Great recap and explanation JF
    The question is will anything happen?
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    The FBI knew the "Steele Dossier" included Russian disinformation but hid this knowledge from the Congress, hid it from the President's defense and hid it from the people via the use of redacted footnotes
    Why would they do this?

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    Federalist article about the omissions that are just now coming to light

    Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s March “Report on the Investigation into Russian Interference in the 2016 Presidential Election” contains a glaring omission: Not once in the 448-page tome does Mueller mention an investigation into whether Russia interfered with the U.S. presidential election by feeding dossier author Christopher Steele misinformation.

    But Mueller also did not charge Steele with lying to the FBI, or refer a criminal case against Steele to federal prosecutors, as he did when the special counsel uncovered evidence of criminal misconduct unrelated to the 2016 election. Given Mueller’s conclusion that no one connected to the Trump campaign colluded with Russia to interfere with the election, one of those two scenarios must be true—either Russia fed Steele disinformation or Steele lied to the FBI about his Russian sources.

    Report Omission Shows Mueller Was A Political Or Professional Hack
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    Rumors circulating that the focus of the Durham Investigation is on the man behind the curtain -- John Brennan. Team Durham supposed to be heavily invested in securing the testimony of intel officers. The questions are supposed to be centered around the flawed "assessment" that was done after the election -- what Brennan did and what he asked other people to do. Brennan lawyered up long ago.

    The legal issue appears to be, ironically enough, "abuse of power" --
    (1) were the resources of the CIA illegally used to undertake a domestic investigation?
    (2) were the resources of the CIA illegally used to create a plot to either falsely lead FBI officials into a scheme or to conspire with FBI officials to deny certain people their civil rights?

    I still hold out some hope that justice will find these coup plotters. We will see
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    It should be clear to all by now that John Brennan was knowingly pushing Russian disinformation in an effort to subvert our democratic process.

    Bit it is more of an open question with regard to Jake Tapper's lavish support and praise of Brennan. Was Tapper a willing participant or was Tapper just a useful idiot?

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    Jake Tapper even accepted a WHCA award for this nonsense^^^ The Russian pee dossier will forever be the legacy of Jake Tapper

    And dont ever forget that it was Tapper’s Russiagate conspiracy theory that inspired James T. Hodgkinson to drive across half the country, lie in wait, and shoot up a Congressional event, nearly assassinating Steve Scalise

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    I would suggest Comey "lawyer up," but he did that a long time ago

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    The Senate Intel report mentioned Comey being quoted about the Steele dossier:

    “I insisted that we bring it to the party”
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    The US Attorney for ther ED Missouri has been conducting a review of the Flynn investigation. The documents mentioned below, which deal with further FBI misconduct, are probably related to that investigation.

    Withholding exculpatory information by a federal prosecutor is a a form of misconduct and can result in overturned verdicts or retrials upon appeal. Andrew Weissmann, who was the actual person in charge of the Mueller investigation, was tripped up by this same thing in the Enron investigation of days past. Weissman is a repeat offender.

    New court documents filed under seal include significant exculpatory information about Michael Flynn... The new documents, which were filed under seal by the Department of Justice Friday, allegedly include exonerating evidence about Flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to federal investigators about his conversations with foreign diplomats as Trump’s top incoming foreign policy adviser and is currently attempting to withdraw his plea, as well as evidence of malfeasance by the FBI during its investigation of Flynn.

    According to the FBI official who spoke to The Federalist, FBI general counsel Dana Boente led the charge internally against DOJ’s disclosure of the new materials. Boente, who briefly served as acting Attorney General after Trump became president, personally signed off on one of the federal spy warrants against former Trump campaign affiliate Carter Page. The new documents ... will reflect poorly on the FBI ... It is not clear when, or even if, those documents will be unsealed and made available to the public for review.
    * * *
    "Additional documents may be forthcoming."

    New Court Documents Include Exculpatory Evidence For Michael Flynn
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    This major league ***-covering by whoever is in charge of the FBI has to end. That agency needs new leadership that is responsible, honest and follows the follows the law. Clean the whole thing out if necessary. Right now, leadership operates a lot like the mafia.

    “An FBI official t[said] FBI general counsel Dana Boente was behind the effort to block the release of the Brady Material, yet ... explained Boente was acting in coordination with [FBI Director] Wray

    EXCLUSIVE: Source Says FBI Director Christopher Wray Pushed To Withhold Exculpatory Evidence In Mike Flynn Case
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    Maria Bartiromo has the best Sunday Morning show these days

    Nunes wants to know what was secretly submitted to the court Friday evening.
    Probably the exculpatory evidence the Govt had on General Flynn but did not disclose. At this point in time, it definitely looks like the former head of the DIA was framed by our own government.

    And Nunes is asking Sergei Millian the Source D - Source E from Steele Dossier to Contact His Office for Interview

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    Agree Maria Is one the the best Ted ones but she always seems to let off, or back off, when she’s got someone on an uncomfortable point. Example would be De Blasio and his requesting of over a billion from the feds. She confronted on how his issues prior to the virus contributed to his assessment of need but imo, let him off with a lame attempt to justify. It seems to me she does that quite often, gets someone close to the ropes then backs off, sorta like allowing them to save face. At least that’s how I see it.
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    If she didn't no one would go on her show. She does at least take them to the edge
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    Something else Mueller & Weissman should have disclosed before now

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