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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by utfannforlife, Jun 23, 2023.

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    Since your post was apparently directed at me, I will say a few things. I am neither misinformed or heartless, and I take exception to your characterizing me as such. I didn't say anything that wasn't the truth and is probably already known to players and families alike. My post was an honest attempt at expressing a desire for an even more dynamic team and bench for next season. Perhaps I didn't word it as you would have, but there is absolutely no bar on this forum for my saying so.

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    Sorry. Here it is stated slightly differently so that maybe you won’t be so offended: suggesting that a student athlete is no longer welcome or should have their scholarship revoked is at best misinformed or at worst heartless which implies it could also be anything in between.

    One can have any opinion one wants. God knows I take that liberty. But, we’ve had family members come on here in past years and remind us that these are in fact their kids. If someone wants to say those things about them, that’s their prerogative just as it was mine to suggest maybe it’s not the best use of a fan board.

    You posted your opinion. I posted mine. That’s all this was.
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    Thank you for mentioning the family connection to this forum. I would also add that we have had players that read this forum, and add their own opinion. ie Destiny Littleton.
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