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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by brnkj, Mar 26, 2024.

  1. hoopsalot

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    In other words, Tennessee fired Harper without a solid replacement plan.
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  2. DFW_Horn

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    Well that’s a ‘fresh’ approach…

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  3. HornView

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    I have a feeling she’s going to have some “winning over” to do with the Lady Vol fans who yelled for Becky Hammon, Lindsey Gotlieb, Cori Close etc.
    Sounds like Caldwell is a fine coach.
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  4. brnkj

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    If she can hire a good recruiter as one of her assistants that would help her. Her coaching philosophy is very much like Jenny's... it's a possession battle. They try to get up more shots than their opponent. We'll see how that plays out in the SEC known for athleticism, physicality, and tough defense.
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  5. Moooooo

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    I'm guessing Tennessee will pay her less than they paid Harper. That trickles down to the salaries of her coaching staff; you have to be competitive if you want assistants who are good teachers and good recruiters, IMO. Most of these young, inexperienced head coaches want to bring some/all of their existing staff members in order to futher their careers and thank them for getting them to this point.
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  6. Moooooo

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  7. UTSUgrad

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  8. Moooooo

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    Tara retires . . .

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  9. flash34

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    A lot of legacy coaches leaving WBB. I’ve never liked her but she has been a terrific coach. Know nothing about her assistant who will take over.
  10. DFW_Horn

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    Seems a lot like her version of Holly Warlick - longtime assistant and former player.
  11. brnkj

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    At one point I did like her... But I lost respect after she whined to the media about physical play right before our Elite 8 matchup in 2022. Then there was the ESPN special about the 1996 women's national team that she coached and toured with for a year. That story revealed how she intentionally dogged Rebecca Lobo the entire time because she didn't want her on the team. Bye Tara, thank you for your incredible contributions to the sport.
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  12. DFW_Horn

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    Not a head coaching job but Empress continues to move up. Lamar to UTSA and now Ol’ Miss. I really wish she wasn’t going to have to work with Hillsman but hopefully she can use it as a brief stepping stone.

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  13. DFW_Horn

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    I would’ve expected a bigger jump when she eventually decided to leave Jackson State…

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  14. HornView

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    Lisa Bluder (Iowa) just announced her retirement. Wonder if those incoming recruits and recent transfers expected that
  15. Sangre Naranjada

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    Bluder is no dummy. She's going out on top, where she was unlikely ever to return.

    EDIT: "on top" was a poor choice as she didn't win a title, but I meant she wasn't about to return to the final four minus Clark any time soon.
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  16. loyallonghorn

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    Reading some of these angry fan emails to Tennessee AD Danny White after he fired Kellie Harper reminds me of some within our fan base who were angry that Karen Aston's contract was not renewed, AND CDC hired a male coach.

    All I'll say is in 8 years with Aston: zero Big 12 Championships, 1 Elite Eight appearance; in only 4 years with Vic: 3 Big 12 Championships, 3 Elite Eight appearances.

    ‘Rot in hell’: Angry emails from Lady Vols fans to Danny White over Kellie Harper firing
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  17. brnkj

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    There are still those on this board who look for every little opportunity to criticize Vic, and their tone seems to be for the same reasons they were bitter when he was hired.

    Then there are those who come here as supposed fans, but their rhetoric gives them away as "others" who really don't want to see the program flourish. I don't know about any of you other regular true fans, but the pathetic identity of those "others" is obvious to me also.
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