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Discussion in 'On The Road Again' started by Horn87, Jul 1, 2016.

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    Going over Labor Day, any ideas mucho appreciado
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    It all depends on what you like to do. Lots of people enjoy the downtown area. Brown Palace is a classic hotel downtown Denver. All the chains also have 4* hotels in that area. If you want the mountains, it's only a 30 minute drive up to Boulder, the canyon, Flagstaff. Harvest House is still the most complete hotel in Boulder. Estes Park * Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park are about 45 minutes on beyond Boulder.

    I-70 running out West into the mountains offers lots of possibilities as well. Breckenridge and Vail have ski lifts open during the summer to get you to the summit and see the grandeur of God's creation.

    Check to see who may be performing that weekend at Red Rocks. Great venue.

    Other possibility is to go drive down I-25 an hour to do all the touristy stuff in Colorado Springs - Broadmoor, Seven Falls, Pike's Peak, Garden of the Gods, Air Force Academy, Cheyenne Mountain Zoo.

    Lots of things depending on what you are looking for, but primarily the gorgeous landscape.
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