Texas vs Kansas State (2-4-24)

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    I don't think LHN is the problem. As Vic implied, he wants the students to show up. They are the peers, and the energy. When I was at Duke, our team sucked (pre Krzyzewski), but it was cool to go and participate (Cameron crazies). When my son was at UT, football was on his radar but basketball, especially women's basketball brought blank stares. CDC has done a great job of making football attendance cool again. The same emphasis on women's basketball would be awesome.
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    In the post game presser, Vic stated that this team can make a run but he needed to get Gaston healthy, "get H . . ." (he stopped before possibly saying "Hadi"), get Booker healthy, and get Moore healthy.

    Really hope there's not more to Hadi Faye not being with the team the last couple of games; hope it's just an "illness" she can recover from and not some other issue.
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    Appreciation Monday…..for whomever posts Media Availability and Post Game Pressers. I’m ashamed that I can’t find those…..wherever they reside. I depend on this site to watch.. So thanks. And don’t stop or I’ll be at a loss.
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    Below, a couple of links about sports attendance, fyi.

    I am old enough to remember the Jody days and crowds. IMHO, student attendance is hampered by the fact that Austin offers so many things to do, many of them online. Some kids probably study - gasp! - or have jobs. Grateful as I am for Title IX, sports are just another option for today’s students - they grew up playing and watching girls play sports, unlike my generation. Volleyball seems to be the sport that attracts sellout crowds everywhere.

    I notice that there are not usually huge crowds for most B12, Big 10 or SEC WBB games that I occasionally watch on cable. The crowds are at the nationally promoted/broadcast games with a compelling story - undefeated team, scoring record, conference rivals, etc. I assume that those games benefit from campus promotions and incentives. CDC has made football cool, maybe he and his staff can do the same for WBB - and MBB, which isn’t setting attendance records, is it?



    College football attendance rose in 2022 with largest year-over-year increase since 1982.

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    They do all the time. At the KState game the first 250 students got a free Caines Chicken dinner. Vic made the comment that this team deserves the support even without the meal.

    Students like free stuff. I get it.
    Students are busy. I get it.
    Students have lots of options. I get it.
    Students live in a virtual world. I hate it, but I get it.
    Texas has 51,000 students enrolled and we can’t get a thousand (2%) to a game? I don’t get it.
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    Here ya go flash

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    I really like Coach Mittie. He is an outstanding coach. However, don't think I would trade him for Vic. That said, "Praise the Lord & Hook 'Em Horns."
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    I feel the same way about the Houston Dynamo. 7.5M people in the greater Houston area, including a large Hispanic population, and they can't get 20K for every home match? It's interesting to think about.
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    I was surprised by his press conference. If you could see the way he....uhhhh, coaches his players "intensely" on the sideline, you'd be shocked like I am at all the nice stuff he said about his players. In the same way, Vic chews out the rear ends of our girls, but loves on them later, I suppose.

    All I know about him was that K-State snatched him from TCU. Then I want to look at his TCU record and he was their coach for 14 years, guiding them from:
    1. No conference affiliation 1999-2000
    2. WAC
    3. Conference USA
    4. Mountain West
    5. Big 12

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