2023-24 Big12 Schedule

Discussion in 'On The Field' started by RainH2burntO, Jan 28, 2023.

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    I hate not being able to get revenge on okie lite against what should be their weakest team in years. At it would have been at home.

    BYU vs WV should be about an even trade off, but if BYU has a QB on crutches look for him to rush for 500 yds.
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    I believe the standard was the second Saturday of the Fair, not the second Saturday of October. The fair always opens on a Friday, and this year 01 October is a Friday. 07 October is the ou game.
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    Plenty of time for him to change the date or relocate the wedding to

    3750 The Midway
    Dallas, TX 75215
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    Thanks Viper, someone mentioned 2nd Sat last year about it being tradition and I took it to heart. Have to be more conservative from now on. Messes up my hotel res in advance and other plans - simple things like weddings.
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    Well guy he is a very respectful grandson but considering the meticulous planning his bride has put into it, plus the fact their Boise St grads reduces my chances of getting a change to zero.
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    Observations on schedules...

    UT is backloaded. See us good possibility
    of being 7-1 going into November...then the season will be defined.
    Last 4 games are a tough slate to end on in an otherwise very manageable schedule and will likely determine the season.

    Nobody should be sleeping on Tech. I personally believe their program is in the best position it has been in years

    I thought the Big12 hated UT AND ou. Looks like lotta love there for the gooners... That schedule couldn't be easier. Expect them undefeated coming into the RRR (and defeated coming out). No KState, Baylor, or Tech and TCU and Iowa St at home. Wow...

    How we play Bama will set the tone again. Very good chance to post a strong record and high ranking early. That last 4 will be TOUGH and will reveal our true identity.

    I expect KState, Texas, and TCU to be top tier with one of Baylor, Tech, and OU stepping into that tier (ou may look good record wise and move up by default) but one of those emerge legit and determine the top 4 who will vie.

    Also, expect a surprise...always is one both on the over and the under...and expect a surprise new arrival to step up and make some noise.

    Agree too bad we dont get to smack okie lite at home before leaving.

    Revenge on Tech must be a priority

    Key opportunity to establish an upper hand on ou with convincing back to back wins before we both head SEC
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    In Tuscaloosa, I don't really know what to expect. Other SEC teams' fanbases state how sterile Bryant Stadium is (not unlike our situation). If we can fluster their QB... I think it could be a dangerous situation for the Tide.

    Wyoming and Rice are both kind of in that same spot as UTSA. Not horrible teams, but fold against vastly superior opponents. We should beat both.

    @BU is kind of intriguing. First conference game. On the road. Probably have a few transfers that we won't know much about. If they get better QB play and play like they did at the end of the 1st half of the 2022 game, we're in trouble.

    I think we roll KU at home. No way we don't show the 2021 game on repeat leading up to it.

    I think we can have a close win against OU in Dallas. I'm not looking forward to not having Bijan take up so much real estate out there, but if QE improves and the pass game is clicking by then, I think we're ok.

    @UH... I think they're due for a letdown first year in the XII. They were trying out so many combinations last year to try to support Tune and nothing worked. Plus, they'll be outnumbered by Texas fans there.

    I honestly don't know what to think about our BYU/KSU homestand, but the road trips to Fort Worth and Ames will define the season. In November. Nut cuttin' time.

    We haven't lost back-to-back to Tech in 25 years, and I don't expect that to be the case on T+1 either.

    I think the bottom line is that if our record is worse than 9-3, Sark needs to go. We've seen other DI teams get "their guy" like TCU with Dykes and have immediate success. This shouldn't be considered a rebuild any longer.
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    We need an emoji of sad face. "Dislike" is the closest but doesn't seem to ring true for your reply.
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    My son-in-law took me to lunch to ask my permission to ask my daughter to marry him. One of my first questons was "when will the wedding be". He told me not to worry because it would not be during football season. I told him good because I'd like to attend. His response : "You? I'd like for her to attend". (Wedding was during the summer.)
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  11. WorsterMan

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    We got a score to settle with TCU this fall....

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