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I actually think the Auburn move makes sense, but because the SEC calling cry is that if you don't all pig-pile into the hardest division and beat each other up, you're chicken, I'm going to say they're being chicken.
This is a bad look for KState. Time for the Wiz to enjoy retirement.

I also heard he wants his son to be hired when he steps down without a job search.
THE big 12 thing is always lost in all the chatter. Apples to oranges the big dogs make more money in the big 12 and the pups do better than most.
RB/WR Roderick Bernard has officially retired

Had a bad wreck in July 2016 (was hit by a car while riding motorcycle)
Also sounds like OL Brandon Hodges may be on his way out as well
Making RT an issue
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2017 Texas WR signee Damion Miller from Tyler has yet to make it to campus.
No word on when he will show
Probably most of you don't know that Colt and Jordan Shipley were roommates.

And their fathers were teammates on the 1965 to 1966 Texas Western Basketball team that won the NCAA. True story. There they are, numbers 14 and 24.

Gary Johnson came in somewhat light -- 208 He will start out at rover

Johnson is up to 215 now
Apparently we weigh them all the time now. Diet closely monitored

"Gary Johnson: Super K mentioned on Wednesday that Josh Thompson was a guy standing out in offseason workouts. I talked to someone recently that echoed that to me as well, and another guy that was raved about is JUCO LB Gary Johnson. Outside of Sam Ehlinger, I think Johnson was the guy most Texas fans were excited about in the 2017 class. Johnson will be listed as a junior this year for the Longhorns.

When the source spoke about Johnson they said “He’s exactly what you look for in a Big 12 LB, speed speed speed”. Obviously we’ll see how things look after the pads come on because I was told Johnson still only weighs around 210-215 pounds. But the source added that the Texas staff thinks he could have an impact similar to TCU LB Travin Howard, who is only 6’1 213 pounds but finished 2016 with 130 tackles and was a first team All-Big 12 LB.

Another thing is that while they’d love Johnson to be their ILB in 2017, and if he plays like he did in his JUCO film that could very well happen, but he can also play OLB due to his speed and ability to cover. He could be a guy that pushes Malik Jefferson if he doesn’t come out strong in fall camp. I don’t think there is a guy I’m more interested to see once the pads come on than Gary Johnson. He could fill a big hole in the middle of the Texas defense. – (Andrew)

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