Affirmative Action is now dead

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by Garmel, Jun 29, 2023.

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    Kinda depends on the agency and the type of employee. Customer service types? Probably so. Among professionals, it wouldn't be that high, but it would be higher than in the private sector and much higher than in small businesses. The easier for the employee to hide in an institution and stay under the radar, the more common mediocrity and laziness are.
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    Really sad that there are so many who feel entitled and just want to skate.
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    That's what happens when there's no employment at will and no meaningful merit-based pay. If you effectively can't be fired unless you do something truly horrible (or piss off a very high-level official or politician) and you don't get paid significantly more if you do a good job, then why not skate?

    I qualify with "significantly," because Mrs. Deez does get a performance bonus pretty much every year. It's nice to get, but it's not enough money to motivate someone who's lazy to suck it up and put in a serious effort. It's just a nice gift for those would be working hard anyway.
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    Wait. What? You mean the wokesters who do enough or pretend to do enough to get by don't get bonuses??
    How long before they DEMAND equal money?
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    I don't think the federal civil service will tolerate that, because it would be framed as taking away bonuses. And keep in mind that it isn't that much money.
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    I do know bonus or not Upper lever DoD people deliberately try to move unfireable fed waste of our taxpayermoney "workers" to other depts. Sometimes it works but most are savy now
    YET the worthless remain safely employed.
    Mr D this is not directed at the Education Dept within DoD but within the DoD at the Pentagon itself. Good gig for azzholes
  7. Mr. Deez

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    DoD does that, but pretty much all government agencies do that. The only exception I know of is legislative branch. When I worked at the Texas Capitol, people who sucked at their jobs got canned (unless they had dirt on somebody). The reason why is that if someone did a crappy job in that capacity, it would directly harm a politician. Accordingly, they don't have the routine of civil service protections. It's employment at will like a private employer would have. Typical politician hypocrisy. If you suck at your job serving the public, it basically doesn't matter. If you suck at serving politicians you're out the door immediately.

    DoDEA has some good poeple, but believe me, there's plenty of waste. Lol. It may serve the military, but it's still a school district run by education bureaucrats. It wastes plenty and has plenty of bad people doing bad things.
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    government cheese
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