heckuva speech, Trumpy

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by huisache, Jan 6, 2021.

  1. huisache

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    watching the Maximum Lider wallowing in his great victory was just so special.

    I especially like the end where they play that stirring patriotic piece, YMCA

    You just can't make this stuff up.
  2. iatrogenic

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    As an exceedingly less than average cellar dweller once said-

    the WHINOES who don't run, couldn't win and spend their time on blogs and fan sites whining about the lack of purity of those who actually try to do something in the context of democratic politics----like getting elected, figuring out ways to put together legislative coalitions to get things done, etc

    Are you being that guy again?
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  3. huisache

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    are you rising to the defense of this clown show of a president? The reality tv star who bankrupts companies, tries to coerce public officials, brags about being able to grab women, pays off his whores and closes off his harangue with bragging about the size of his unmasked crowd and wanders off to the tune of YMCA?

    Who is the cellar dweller here?
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  4. iatrogenic

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    No, I am rising to point out what a huge hypocrite you are.

    I can rise to point out all of the economic success this President created, but only those with at least half a brain would be able to understand.
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  5. Driver 8

    Driver 8 Maybe

    Economic gains under Trump and his status as a vulgar egomaniac and narcissistic little ***** are not mutually exclusive
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  6. iatrogenic

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    Totally agree, but they are two very different things. His egomania and narcissism doesn't affect me. His economic policies do.
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  7. huisache

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    in fairness to Trump, I liked his Supreme Court nominees

    And in fairness to his rally goers, most of them did not crash the Capitol but rather departed peacefully. It appears a few hundred got a little too worked up. Sort of like the BLM folks who mostly just ran their mouths and went home; a minority decided to do some midnight shopping and burning.

    In watching Trump's harangue I noticed he said he was going to march to the Capitol and then got in a limo and left. The harangue struck me as his usual self pity and narcissism but I wondered what he thought his more perfervid followers might do if they "followed him" up to the Capitol. Hope it doesn't get any worse.
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  8. nashhorn

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    Hahahaha hui, look at the crowd at the rally, then look at the roadies, I’d say that’s like your minority comparison right?
  9. LonghornCatholic

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    I’ll just drop this here.......9EEF8AC9-49A5-4887-B3D4-AC62F2DC215E.jpeg
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