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Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by LonghornGirlie, Jul 18, 2004.

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    This is a place for thoughtful and interesting discussion of various topics of human interest. It is for discussion, not debate. I expect all discussion to be tolerant and accepting of differing beliefs and points of view. This is not the West Mall nor is it Esther's Follies. This is a virtual coffee shop, interested and interesting in diverse ideology.

    I expect folks to be appreciative and tolerant of diverse viewpoint here, especially when it comes to religious topics. I understand that evangelizing and trying to convert people to your faith may be a dictate of your religion. That is an inappropriate activity here and will not be tolerated. Find another way to express yourself in this regard. On the other side, deliberate disrespect of another's religious beliefs is specifically prohibited on HornFans. Inflammatory remarks regarding religious figures will not be tolerated.

    This, more than any other board, will be expected to maintain a level of civility in posting. This is not a board for debate, but rather for discussion. That assumes an open-mindedness and appreciation that is not expected on other boards. If you are not willing consider a different point of view than your own, don't post here.

    This is a place for discussion of broad, philosophical, societal issues. It isn't a place for personal anecdotes. Esther's is the right place for those, generally speaking.

    Some "rule of thumb" criteria that we're going to try out.

    1. If it is a request for legal advice, put it on Horn Depot.

    2. If it is a school oriented topic (tests/graduation/etc), put it on Esther's Follies.

    3. If it is a personal anecdote, probably put it on Esther's Follies. On this one context and the level of conversation that you are requesting matters. If you want a serious discussion, put it here. If you want something more lighthearted, put it on Esther's. I expect this to "raise" the level of Esther's some, so it doesn't have to be just stories about being drunk.

    I hate to make it an age thing because I tend to be a pretty age-nuetral person. I have close friends who are 15 years my senior, and close friends who are 15 years my junior. But there is some truth to that stages of life make for different interests.

    If you think the topic would be more interesting to people who would rather cook a nice meal and open a bottle of good wine than go bar-hopping on sixth, this is probably the right forum. Otherwise, Esther's is probably the right place.

    Think of it in terms of the board names. Would you expect to have the conversation over a cup of coffee at Quackenbush's or between sets at Esther's Follies?

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