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Discussion in 'Quackenbush's' started by dang-str8, May 1, 2015.

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    Is it not the problem that so many parents have failed miserably in teaching their kids to have RESPECT?

    Kids seem to have little to no respect for themselves, their parents, the elderly, teachers, police, others... f**k, they are disrespectful to everyone. Condescending attitudes that are infuriating, if you ask me. If reverends, community organizers, community reps, or Obama want to make a point and get involved, it should be to shame society for bad parenting. I feel like it's the trigger to all the social crap we have been dealing with lately (not diminishing the motives, but the response).

    my two cents
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    4 teachers a DAY are victims of an assault in Baltimore.

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    And for every one of these incidents, how many kids are conducting themselves in the world today with kindness, generosity, respect, and hard work? They don’t make the news, but they should if we are really interested in what's newsworthy.
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    I've got two. There is the teaching of good citizenship and also the wiley-ness to deal with confrontations with smiles, words instead of fists, etc. Be nice to everyone mantra still only goes so far.

    If the teachers aren't safe what does it say for the prospects of the nice kids in those schools where the violence reigns?
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    Yeah, and some of 'em in my 'hood cut right across my lawn just like they own it! Where are the parents?
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    Dang, your on to the root cause of many of the problems in society today.
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    It took until the 10th reply for the "off my lawn" reference to get pulled out of the recycle bin. I would be impressed, but most of the replies were by the OP....

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