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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by stanhin, Dec 4, 2023.

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    From the article: “There wasn’t any serious consideration of including Alabama without Texas because there was so much respect in the room for the Longhorns’ Week 2 win in Tuscaloosa.”
    I would’ve been disappointed, and surprised, if he had said they considered it but decided otherwise. Despite what many say to the contrary (both here and elsewhere), the committee has been remarkably consistent and fair in what is an inherently difficult selection process.
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  3. stanhin

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    Sounds like we would have been in regardless whether Georgia or Alabama won (because the Committee did not believe FSU could win it all), but the benefit of Alabama winning is that they are drawing most of the fire from disappointed FSU fans, whereas, if Georgia had won, we would have been number 4 and squarely in FSU's gunsights. ;)
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  4. Driver 8

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    Four spots for five conferences. Next year’s expanded playoff should help a lot.
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  5. mchammer

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    Should *fix* the issue.
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  6. Dionysus

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    TCU is why FSU got snubbed. Nobody wants to see that carnage again.
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  7. Chop

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    For the final spot: Bama or FSU...

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  8. Chop

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    Bet you're glad now that we have a conference championship game.

    Just saying...
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  9. havoc7701

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    No doubt, this is mentioned in the article.
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  10. BornOrange0855

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    Believe me. I've conversed with several people about the selections. The people who hate us, hate us no matter what. Their hatred makes any casual conversation on this subject impossible. There isn't any logic behind their points as to why we shouldn't be in. Only hatred.
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    There wasn't much debate about Texas not getting in. Because they couldn't justify Alabama over Texas. So it was simply about Bama/FSU.
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    That Texas win over the Crimson Tide was gold Jerry! Gold!
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  13. bystander

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    I've said it many times:

    * Five Power 5 conference champions
    * Three were undefeated
    * Of the other two one-loss champions, Texas beat Alabama

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  14. stanhin

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    Enough said. ;)
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  15. bystander

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    I gotcha!
  16. mchammer

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    Regardless it’s not our issue and the issue is going away next year. We are losing mucher focusness over this.
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  17. Sangre Naranjada

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    Next year we will get drama and whining about who has the best 3 loss team.

    Hell, there is drama and whining over the basketball tourney, and who is #65 vs 66. Ridiculous!

    EDIT: With the play-ins I suppose it is #68 vs 69. Still ridiculous.
  18. bystander

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    My focus is that we deserve it and however we look at it, we deserve it. So you are correct!
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  19. horninchicago

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    Again, who cares that FSU is undefeated? Oh,, some of you, that's right. What is their SOS, and, more importantly, even with their 2nd string QB, how would ANYONE say they are a better team than Texas or Alabama? Good lord, this is beyond ridiculous at this point.
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  20. bystander

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    Yes, it is. It's part media (they like the conversation), coaches (it looks terrible if they're not in the top 69) and the fans (they just want so much!).
  21. LonghornEE72

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    I expect there will be P*****g and m*****g about who is the 4th seed and gets a bye ...
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  22. bystander

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    More drill down on the choice of Alabama over FSU from my friends in Tallahassee, Florida...

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  23. NRHorn

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    I was going to write this response as well
    FSU looked terrible.
    No one would take the opposite bet of my proposal here. Fine take FSU-
    $1,000 per game FSU vs:
    t OSU
    Probably OU, as well.
    The End.
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  24. 1sahorn

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    Glad we're moving to 12 teams so we can argue over "who deserved the #12 spot" as opposed to "who deserved the #4 spot."
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  25. Pomspoms

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    oh, speaking about SOS.
    FSU beat
    These teams have good athletes and coaches. FSU took care of biz when they could have faltered.
  26. horninchicago

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    9-3 LSU
    7-5 Miami
    5-7 Florida
    10-3 and horrible Louisville

    You are advocating for FSU over Bama, apparently. Their only loss being to us and then beating #1 Georgia really trumps everything except FSU being undefeated against a bunch of turds.

    Anyway...Ford/Chevy. Why are you beating the FSU drum so hard? Who really gives a crap?
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  27. LonghornCatholic

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  28. Pomspoms

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    Maybe someone can help me out.
    I was trying to figure out the bracket for a 12 team playoff but could not.
    I can work out a Brackett for a 4, 8, 16
  29. everette

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    I think he's trying to nix the idea of pro SEC bias.
  30. Pomspoms

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    I am only responding to your posts so you are beating the drum hard on this subject also.
    Look, bama is better than FSU at this moment. But that is an opinion, therefore it is subjective. I don't like teams being put in the CFP based on subjectivity and opinion, therefore what happens on the field matters and to me bama losing by double digits at home should cost them when FSU went undefeated. It now feels like "let's just put in whoever we think is best".
    So this is travesty. This why I am banging the drum hard.

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