Christi stops payments to abortion clinics

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    (Rather long)
    Let me say upfront before I say my 2 cents is that I consider myself a fiscal conservative and slightly to the right on social issues. I’m an independent voter. Always have been, always will be. On this issue I have my opinion based on my upbringing, my years in the military and my personal moral values. And it’s just that, my opinion. Just as my opinion on personal responsibility is just that, my opinion.

    Abortion has been and probably always will be a hot button issue here in this country, regardless of whether Roe v Wade remains in effect or is overturned.

    I personally believe that abortion is only for the case of rape, incest, or the mother’s life is in danger. There are a few other medically necessary reasons but that is for doctors to decide. But like I said, that’s my personal belief. I understand and respect that there are those that have differing viewpoints. They should also respect my view and opinion. We may not agree, but we should respect our differing opinions. Agree that we disagree, find common ground, or move on.

    I also believe in the law. And right now, abortion is legal within rules set out by federal law. If anyone wants this Law changed, they should work within proper, legal means to make that happen, i.e. elect lawmakers that will vote your viewpoint. I do however, believe that NO taxpayer money be used to pay for any abortion.

    What this issue and several others we face that are costing us dearly and will be laid at the feet of our grandchildren and their children boils down to is personal responsibility and money. No one wants to take personal responsibility for their actions and everyone else ends up paying for it (at least everyone that pays taxes.

    If you want to have sex….fine. Make damn sure you use birth control. If you make a mistake and get pregnant, and don’t want to give the baby up for adoption or have an abortion, and you can’t pay for prenatal care and need help initially getting on your feet after the baby is born, fine….for the first time. When you apply for aid, as part of the process you get family counseling (such as is done by Planned Parenthood or similar agency) be put on some form of long-lasting birth control (Norplant, iud, etc) and sign that you understand the government will not be responsible for helping with any further pregnancies children. Sound harsh. Makes the person think twice and take a little responsibility for their actions.

    We can no longer afford to simply pay out the nose for people not being responsible for their actions. This goes for several other high cost things the government pays for because it has just let people do what they want and damned the responsibility. Make people accountable. This doesn’t take away their right to choose the behavior they wish to engage in, it just lets them know that fine go ahead and have unprotected sex; go ahead and drink like a fish and do drugs to your heart’s content; eat like a pig, etc., we (the taxpayers and government) will not continue to just blindly pay your health bills, welfare, etc.

    You will be given a chance to modify your behavior (counseling, appropriate health care, social services help, rehab) one time at government expense, if you can’t pay yourself and have no insurance. Then, if you want to make choices that are bad for you, go ahead. It’s on your dime from then on.

    We shouldn’t take away anyone’s right to choose things they want to do in their life (within legal reason). But we should also not have to be burdened with the cost when they make dumbass bad choices, especially when they know that it is bad for them. They should know that choices come with consequences, good and bad, and that they are responsible for those consequences in their lives. I’m responsible for my kids, and to a degree, my grandkids. I damn sure don’t want to be responsible for the dumbasses that go out and screw up and think that it’s not their problem, let someone else pay for it. Those days need to be over.
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    McBrett- You completely distorted my position. Maybe it was unintentional.

    You quote me as aying this:


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