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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Chop, Dec 1, 2019.

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    Wow, interesting on Joplin. I think we had our Thanksgiving meal at Treadgills once when nothing else was open before playing AnM on T+1. One of the long agos.
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    Dang, that's a good point. I never in my deepest nightm...dreams envisioned that.
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    Hiring Mendenhall is par for the course for the worst managed athletic department in the NCAA.
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    Good luck to aggy future QBs. They'll have to be the 2nd coming of Bucky Richardson in this new offense.
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    Looks like Duke is trying to degrade the football program again.
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    They will just go back to RC's Toombs up the middle strategy.
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    I thought the worst was Colorado....:smile1:
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    Close, but I tell my friends at CU that they should be sending thank you notes to ABQ for keeping them from being the worst run school in the country.
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    Him again

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    Alligator Roll!
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    Just a guess, but he might win at Duke because he won't be in charge of the defense?
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  23. Pickle_Nuts

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    But can NFL positions pursue him?
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    Ahhh, yes, Manny _iaz. But they may have to change their name to _uke.
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    Sounds like a decent fit.

    ...........and, it's a done deal.

    "Jon Sumrall, a 23-game winner in just two seasons as a head coach at the Football Bowls Subdivision, has emerged as the top target for the Tulane University job after the Green Wave lost Willie Fritz to Houston.

    The 2023 Sun Belt Conference Coach of the Year and a two-time SunBelt champion, Sumrall has instantaneously transformed Troy into a Group of 5 powerhouse in two short years."

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    I guess money is the only reason Bronco would go to a dump like U. of New Mexico to be the next HC. Are many 2-3 star recruits going to be impressed with Bronco and excited about the thought to light it up for the Lobos?
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    I like to see coaches from the lower ranks get a chance to move up.
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    Pickle_Nuts Will travel with tickets.

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    Bronco has had some decent job and flopped. He can't recruit, has some weird ideas and rules, but worst of all, he is a crappy coach
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