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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Chop, Dec 1, 2019.

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  4. Vol Horn 4 Life

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    Late in the season AD Mitchell had zero drops. Guess maybe one in the championship game or playoffs happened.
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    How did we lose to land thieves?
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    First and last plays cost 14 points. Reverting to Greg Davis’ worthless first play slip screen was a huge disappointment. Almost surely limited to a 5 yd gain and has all the potential of a pick six. Sorriest play in the book. Hell, OU with the ball at the 5YL was better than it could have been.
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    Was he born in Lawrence, Kansas?
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    He does look like a Mangino starter kit.
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    those drills are nothing. I do those drills as warmups before I get out on the pickleball court.
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    ou knew the plays as soon as we lined up. We offered zero misdirection and if you know veneables d, they feast on that.
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    Now thats funny.
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    I do some of those falling down, rolling over drills getting out of bed...
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    Good news.

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    Forgive my ignorance, but who is this?
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    I believe that Gilbert is considered to be very well-connected with high school coaches, particularly in the Dallas Fort Worth area. He is credited for having influenced the decisions of players like Any Hill. The opinion was that when he left, it was a major hit to the program.
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  20. cnb

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    What Duksteer said. As mentioned he is very well connected in the D/FW area.
    Specifically the southern schools. Duncanville, DeSoto, Lancaster and SOC.
    Recruiting just got stronger in the Dallas area.
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    Yeah, but does he have the inside track at Wilmer-Hutchins?
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  23. DrRad

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    Per Wikipedia (I remember this when it happened) " Gilbert ran for 3,231 yards in 29 games for the University of Texas in 1966–68. He was the first player in NCAA history to record three 1,000-yard rushing seasons—rushing for 1,080 as a sophomore, 1,019 as a junior, 1,132 as a senior,"
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  24. SabreHorn

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    Different Chris Gilbert. The Chris that you and I know has never coached. Chris not only was the first to gain over 1,000 yards in all three seasons, but he didn't have exactly a stellar OL the first two years, then when he got an OL, he had to share carries with James Street, Steve Worster, Ted Koy, Jim Bertelsen, Billy Dale, et al. His performance against TCU in Amon Carter will long be one of the best in Longhorn history.
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    Someone once said he could change direction in midair
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    It said, “Welcome back.” What was before at Texas? I don’t recall him over the last 30yrs or so.
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    1966? Really wished i had gone to that TCU game. Lived in Dallas at the time, 5th grade
  28. SabreHorn

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    Yes, he was previously on the staff
  29. SabreHorn

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    The most amazing thing to me was that I never saw Chris get "tattoo'd". He was very quick but not that fast. Like Cotton Speyer, I don't think Chris ever broke ten flat in the hundred. I don't recall him ever making the finals of the hundred in any of the big meets in Houston, but he was so quick he was through the hole before the defense knew he had the ball.

    FWIW, he remains one of the nicest and classiest Horns of all time.
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  30. SabreHorn

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    Back in those days the Tarrant County Automobile Dealers Association gave kids free tickets in the north endzone if they came into the dealership.

    We had tied Third Ward in the opener & lost to Tech in Lubbock in second game (Game known more for the supposed visit by Frank Erwin to DKR at halftime than the score). I told people not to worry because the Hogs were going into Lubbock Thanksgiving weekend and were going destroy Tech, but we had to have someone else beat them because we would lose the tie breaker with Tech & Arkansas. The day of the TCU game, Tech was in Waco against a horrible Baylor team.

    Two people on the east side of Amon Carter had cheap little transistor radios listening to the Tech/Baylor game. Everyone on the east side including the entire football team was looking up in the stands as Baylor was leading. I remember glancing at the field to see Chris get loose around right end for a long gain down inside the TCU 20. Also remember our crowd erupting in the loudest roar of the day when TCU got a first down, but Baylor defense had stopped Tech.

    If you have any friends that played at Tech, see if you can get them to tell you about that game. For over 50 years I've always hoped that maid in Waco necer had to work another day in her life.

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