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Discussion in 'On The Field' started by Chop, Dec 1, 2019.

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    As I understand it, the Houston BMDs were all in alignment on getting Herman, so much so that no one else was even considered. I know one former player who was pretty pissed that there wasn't more thought or action put into more candidates. I for one wanted us to put a package together to try and lure John Harbaugh away from the NFL. I thought we had a puncher's chance of getting him.

    If we do end up moving on from Herman, I hope we at least interview 3 or 4 candidates before we jump on the next young hotshot with little experience. In truth, I trust CDC to find the right guy for us.
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  2. LousianaHorn

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    their Defense had lots of injuries (as many if not more than ours). They got them back the last 2 games and it showed with a much improved performance vs Ags and I wouldnt exactly write off their defense.
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  3. caryhorn

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    SH, are you related to John Henry Faulk, or Mark Twain? You do have a way with words. And your statements stir up a yearning curiosity to hear "the rest of the story," as Paul Harvey used to say. :)
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  4. bystander

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    EXACTLY! C'mon @SabreHorn! Give us the dirt!!!! :)
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  5. moondog_LFZ

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    You just described the season that Orlandos defense had.
    Might as well keep him then.
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  6. Chop

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    UNLV -- Marcus Arroyo (Oregon OC) is the lead horse in the running for this mediocre, at best, position. Aranda had discussions with UNLV officials, but it's looking like he may not be the one. Rumors are that UNLV wanted him, but Aranda turned them down. Could be the amount of $$$$. Could be that Aranda will wait for a (much) better opportunity than UNLV.

    Colorado State -- Butch Jones is getting the most buzz, but Kevin Wilson (aOSU OC) is getting a hard look. Another rumor floating around is that Urban Meyer is acting as a consultant for Colorado State in their coaching search. Jeff Choate (Montana St.) is rumored to be in the mix, along with Steve Addazzio (BC fired), Tony Alford (aOSU asst HC and CSU alum), and Aranda (good luck getting him...). At least one realistic Rams fan opines that CSU is being too picky:
    Opinion: Colorado State struggling to find football coach who meets AD's stated criteria

    Lamar -- the Cardinals are looking at a number of folks, including Tim Beck, and Scotty Walden (So. Miss WR and co-OC). KC Keeler (Sam Houston St.) may also get a look. Some Cardinal alums were even talking Briles as a possibility (yes, that Briles). :yikes: It's not completely out of the question that they end up settling for a relatively unknown college assistant, or even go to the high school ranks--who knows. It's a tough sell to bring in a big name to Lamar.

    Auburn -- hired Chad Morris (fired from Arkansas) as their new OC, as reported above.

    New Mexico -- some names being thrown around the Lobo rumor mill include Danny Gonzales (Ariz. St. DC), Troy Reffett (North Texas DC), Rhett Lashlee (SMU OC), Sonny Cumbie (TCU OC), Marvin Lewis (Ariz. St. "special advisor" whatever that position means :idk:), and David Bailiff (aTm Commerce).
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  8. ViperHorn

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    Oh, man. The NCAA will need more space Boca Raton.
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  9. Joe Fan

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  10. SabreHorn

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    I’ve never posted anything bad about Beck, but if he leaves Austin for Jefferson County and a salary less than good HS coaches make, I shall anoint him the stupidest son of a ***** in the country, unless David Beck is pushing him that way.
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  11. dukesteer

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    My dream choice. Still is. Seems to be a great guy as well as a great coach. Maybe Justin & Earl can work on him for us...
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  12. wadster

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    Not leaving the NFL now.
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  13. bystander

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    I think his QB will make that situation very attractive for a long time. That's what he needed.
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  14. caryhorn

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    Austin_Bill said:
    I for one wanted us to put a package together to try and lure John Harbaugh away from the NFL.
    Dukesteer said:
    My dream choice. Still is. Seems to be a great guy as well as a great coach. Maybe Justin & Earl can work on him for us...

    ^^^These are the types of bold moves a big time program could make to get the "best available" coach. John Harbaugh is absolutely a top tier coach; so was Saban; so is Dabo Sweeney.

    The horse is out of the barn on those guys now. Three or six years ago I don't know if that was the case.
    If TH does not get it done; if the worst comes to pass and UT goes down the road looking for a coach again, then I hope the big dogs are bold, take a big step and pursue the very best coaches. Not just the easiest to get, but the ones who might be hardest to get because they are the best.
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  15. LonghornDave

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    He is a great recruiter and coach.
  16. LonghornDave

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    There is that....
  17. LonghornDave

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  18. LonghornDave

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    I agree. We should not have shot Orlando.
  19. Chop

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    App. State -- It's looking like Shawn Clark (interim HC and OL coach) will be promoted to full time HC.

    Ole Miss -- Kevin Smith (FAU RBs) to join Kiffin's staff. Kiffin is trying to poach Alabama's S&C coach Scott Cochran. If Cochran joins the Ole Miss staff, he may join as a position coach, rather than as the S&C coach (you don't see that everyday). Other internet gossips are saying Kiffin has not offered Cochran any position. Rumors are circulating that Kiffin may be trying to poach other Bama staff members as well. Whenever Kiffin does something, people seem to get more excited about it than if some other coach had done the exact same thing.

    Lamar -- they plan to hire an FBS assistant. Whether it's Beck, or someone else, remains to be seen. This will be a step down $ wise, but perhaps the chance to be a HC somewhere (anywhere) will entice an FBS assistant to the petrochemical swamplands of the Golden Triangle. At least the fishing is good.

    Colorado State -- Steve Addazio (formerly of Boston College) looks like the winner. Urban Meyer consulted CSU on their pick.

    Boston College -- Luke Fickell (Cincinnati) is getting a hard look. I'm not sure if that's much of a step up for Fickell, or whether it's a step up at all... The conference has a better rep, so there's that. The BC Eagles are also looking at Jeff Hafley (aOSU DC) and Al Washington (aOSU LBs). Since they're apparently sticking with the North for their coaching search, I suppose it makes sense to look to Ohio. Protests by Pennsylvanians aside, Ohio is the Texas of the North when it comes to high school and college football. (of course, we Texans haven't exactly lived up to our rep on the college part of that in recent years)
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  20. Chop

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    Count me as the odd bird who believes the coordinators are more important than the head coach.
  21. BurntOrangeLH

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    Head coach is a recruiter, manager, fund raiser and coach coordinator who sets the tone. The coordinators are the ones who see each side gets the program installed.
  22. SabreHorn

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    Rocky Long's OC has accepted the job at Lamar. Leaving San DIego State for South Beaumont? I know the guy is from Dallas, but really. Lamar is controlled by the West end o Beaumont, but none the students come from there.
  23. Chop

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    He may be in for an interesting cultural adjustment. I guess some coordinators are gunning for any available HC job.
  24. SabreHorn

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    This is more like taking over the Bad News Bears without the wiseass kid or even the booger eating moron
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  25. MajesticII

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    No state income tax in Texas vs California ....
  26. SabreHorn

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    Obviously you haven't been through "the avenues" or down Railroad Ave or Highland Ave.

    Then there's a matter of the worst dorms in America.
  27. I_Dont_Exist

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    Maybe he's looking at it as a stepping-stone job. I know nothing about the man and don't care enough, as in not at all, about who the Lamar coach is to learn. Why do you give a rat's ***?
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  28. caryhorn

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    Sadly, I lived in Beaumont for almost three years a few decades ago. The smell from the refineries is enough to cause any rational person to leave on the next train, plane or bus out of town. If one is not rational, then the crop dusters the city hired to spray (from the air) the entire town for mosquitoes which are so thick the swarms have killed small mammals, and driven grown men mad, should be enough.

    And finally, I will never forget when my wife was told not to wear nylon stockings if we went to a Lamar game, because the residue from the chemical plants outside of town drifted to the stadium seating, get on the stockings if she sat down, and eat holes in them.
    We left as soon as we could.
  29. SabreHorn

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    I never attended Lamar but used to drive through the campus to get to my grandparents house.

    Lamar has some great schools - engineering, education, and accounting, yet it remains an after thought. The only school in a town that at one time had 21 players on active NFL rosters shuts down its football program.

    The only job this guy will move up to after Lamar will be Hampshire Fannett or Hardin Jefferson; maybe Kountz or Kirbyville. Just not a good move.

    FWIW, I advised them when they started the back up. They actually had Dirt Winston on their list.
  30. SabreHorn

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    The pantyhose story is true. Decades ago when girls wore hose every day, they were being "shredded" as they walked across campus. Mobil Oil was blamed, but we thought maybe Texas Gulf Sulfur was to blame. Strangely, the phenomenon never reached Mid County, home of the world's largest chemical complex.
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