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    Yeah, I read that article on Inside Texas about Ash and how he fared against Big XII type offenses...uh, color me worried.
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    Arkansas -- Patrick Doherty (Georgia QC asst) joins the swine herd, apparently as the "Director of Football Operations." With Barry Odom set at DC, the hogs are hot on the trail for a new OC. Names being thrown out there in the rumor mill include: Rhett Lashlee (SMU OC, former Ark player), Doug Nussmeier (Dallas Cowboys TE coach, former Michigan, Bama, and Florida OC), and Chip Long (fired Notre Dame OC). Lashlee is the odds-on favorite.

    HC Pittman has also named Brad Davis (Missouri OL) as his OL coach at Ark. Pittman will also keep Justin Stepp as the WR coach at Ark.

    Ole Miss -- After the recent hire of Blake Gideon as Special Teams and Nicklebacks Coach, the Rebels still search for their new DC. Names in the rumor mill mix include: Pete Golding (Alabama DC--good luck on getting him Rebs...), Randy Shannon (UCF DC), Charlie Strong, and simply keeping current DC Mike MacIntyre (not a terrible option, but, bear in mind, Ole Miss is ranked 84th in Defense this year...).

    Before everyone laughs off the idea of Charlie Strong possibly joining Ole Miss as a DC (just an internet rumor for now), while he is clearly a lousy HC for a major football power, Charlie does know defense. I was thinking a defensive position coach would be his next stop, but maybe he could succeed as a DC at a good, but not great, football school like Ole Miss? Chances are he won't get the offer.

    Notre Dame -- will promote internally after firing OC Chip Long. Lance Taylor (RBs) and Tommy Rees (QBs) will serve as co-OCs for the Irish, at least for now...

    So. Florida -- new HC Jeff Scott is expected to dismiss all of Charlie's coaches. Boy, I sure hope Scott knows what he's doing. Charlie could really pick a staff. :rolleyes1:
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    Things are slowing down, with a relative few HC and Coordinator positions remaining unfilled at this point (I can think of a big coordinator position that remains unfilled... :cow:). Position coaches are being lured away and staffs filled in at all levels.

    Colorado St -- New HC Steve Addazio (BC) held a press conference, in which he made a special note of his experience recruiting Texas, along with California and Florida... I would expect that, in Texas, CSU will mostly be pitching the sort of guys that normally end up at Tech, SMU, North Texas, Houston, and maybe TCU.

    New Mexico -- Still no head coach. In the running are Danny Gonzales (Ariz. St. DC), Curtis Luper (TCU co-OC and RB), and Jay Hill (Weber St. HC)--the apparent new leader.

    Ole Miss -- nice Gideon official link here: Blake Gideon - Football Coach - Ole Miss Athletics
    These guys may soon turn into an annual thorn in the aggies' side.

    USC -- signs Harrell to multi-year contract extension. An interesting possibility to ponder is: what if the Trojans fare poorly next year? Do they fire Helton, but keep Harrell as OC, as a new HC (depending on the offense's performance, of course)? Pay a big fat buy-out?

    UTSA -- hires Jeff Traylor's (new HC) brother Kurt Traylor from Tyler Lee HS as a TE coach, and Will Stein (Lake Travis HS OC) as WR coach. Not a bad idea for this program to turn to the HS coaching ranks. The (nepotism?) hire of brother Kurt Traylor doesn't convey the best optics though. If you want a HS OC, Lake Travis is the place to go.
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    Good updates Chop! Thanks for the info.
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    More on Arkansas -- Kendal Briles has emerged as a top candidate for the hogs' OC position. Major Applewhite is now rumored to be interviewing with the pigs today. Chip Long is also rumored to get an interview. Other possibilities include Brent Dearmon (KU OC), Jay Johnson (Colorado OC), Doug Nussmeier (Dallas Cowboys TE coach), Derek Dooley (former Missouri OC), and Rich Rodriguez. The OC decision should happen by the end of the week.
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    I think they made a movie about that list

    "The Good, the Bad, the Hideous"
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    And the pig nation doesn't deserve anything else (the Bad and the Hideous, that is...).

    I think Applewhite would, at a minimum, make things very interesting in the pig sty.
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    If you have family n Arkansas with a kid who tries to play QB, you would love Applewhite to get the job.
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    I like Applewhite: for the pigs, even for us. Many around here do not share my opinion.
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    Major has an excellent football mind, BUT my grandson is 10, and he is a better judge of talent than Major.
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    Maybe he doesn’t speak on football talent scouting but Major is a football offensive scheme brainiac.
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    I didn't see that when he was our OC.
    Don't want to see him back on the 40.
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    Most staffs are filled up by this point, and there's not much turnover left.

    Arkansas -- hires Sam Carter (Missouri analyst) as the pigs' CBs coach.

    Fresno State - Kalen DeBoer (Indiana OC) is the Bulldogs' new HC.

    New Mexico -- Danny Gonzales (Ariz. St. DC) steps in as the new HC of the Lobos.

    Ole Miss -- Regarding Kiffin's attempted raids into the Alabama coaching staff--some commentators claim spite and revenge as partial motives.

    The unspoken reason Lane Kiffin chose Ole Miss? To get...

    USC -- Helton states he will not make any changes to his staff, until after the bowl game. Hint, hint.
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    More Arkansas stuff: Major Applewhite was sighted back on the Arkansas campus today, after his interview yesterday. A number of random internet hogs think Applewhite is just about a done deal for their new OC. But... Kendal Briles also interviewed on campus this week and Chip Long was in Fayetteville over the weekend.

    Ron Rhoades (Hutchinson, KS JC HC) will join the pig sty as the new LB coach.
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    Ariz. State -- Promotes CB coach Tony White to DC, and LBs coach Antonio Pierce to associate HC (and LBs).

    Arkansas -- like a good Christmas ham, you just can't get enough pig rumors this season. All sorts of people are predicting Major Applewhite as the hogs' new OC:
    Richard Davenport Predicts Major Applewhite As Hogs’ Offensive Coordinator
    Razorback Offensive Coordinator Candidate: Major Applewhite
    Here's another one talking about Major and Kendal Briles emerging "as leading contenders" for the OC spot: Applewhite, Briles receive coordinator interviews
    Note: Major Applewhite is reported to have come back to campus for more talks the day after his interview. In fact, Major is rumored to still be hanging around Fayetteville (rumors).

    Pittman was expected to name an OC this week, but rumors are now saying Monday or Tuesday of next week. Some are speculating if it's Major the announcement will be today, if it's Briles the announcement will be next week. (nothing but speculation though). The consensus is that it's down to Briles, Long, and Major, with Major now getting the vast majority of the buzz. Although, Brent Dearmon's (KU OC) name is now popping up here and there--not a bad option, just saying...

    Baylor -- Matt Rhule speaks about the possibility of him entertaining an NFL coaching position, and how much $$$$ it would take for him to leave Baylor. "I'm not dumb, or naive enough to say that I would never be an NFL Coach.... It would have to be next to perfect." Translation: start making your offers NFL teams, cause I'm all about the $$$$.
    Matt Rhule lays out what an NFL team will need to have to pry him out of Baylor - FootballScoop

    FSU -- John Papuchis (Maryland LBs) takes over as the new Seminole DE coach and ST coordinator. Chris Thomsen (TCU OL) joins the Noles as their new OL coach. Chris Marve (Miss. St. LBs) is rumored to be joining the FSU staff.

    Missouri -- Curtis Luper (TCU co-OC) to Missouri as co-OC.

    Ole Miss -- Kiffin is rumored to be raiding A&M for TE coach Joe Jon Finley. :lmao:Heh, heh, heh... Nothing official yet.
    Lane Kiffin Reportedly Targeting Rival SEC Program's Assistant Coach
    Lane Kiffin reportedly targets tight ends coach from SEC rival

    Penn St -- Franklin (HC) has still not signed his extended contract offer... Most likely holding out for even more $$$.

    SMU -- signes Sonny Dykes to a contract extension.

    So. Florida -- Charlie Wies Jr. is rumored to be in the mix as an assistant for USF.

    TCU -- loses Chris Thomsen (OL) to FSU and Curtis Luper (co-OC) to Missouri. Some Frogs have been jumping out of the Purple Pond this week. Patterson has had better weeks than this one. Merry Christmas Frogs.


    UNT -- Clint Bowen (KU Safeties coach) is hired as the new DC for the Mean Green.

    UTSA -- Will Stein (Lake Travis HS OC) is the new WR coach and passing game coordinator for the Roadrunners.
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    Heritage Publishing or Big Red Auto?
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    And a Happy New Year, Frogs...
    (Normally I kinda like TCU, but this year's loss chapped my hide. Oh yeah, they also just took four-star WR recruit Johnston away from us...)
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    Perhaps Thomsen and Luper saw what was heading their way if they stayed at TCU. It sounds like TCU self-reported.

    Remember back in the cheating days of the SWC. TCU self-reported and the NCAA really hammered them. From that point on, the message taken from the NCAA was: cover it up, don't self-report or they'll hit you hard. Fast forward to the present. This penalty is a slap on the wrist. These violations look pretty minor compared to some of the stuff that has gone on in college athletics.
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    Or maybe Thornsen and Luper set up the payments for work not performed and they are being outplaced
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    Arizona -- Paul Rhoads (UCLA DBs) jumps aboard Sumlin's sinking ship in Tucson.

    Arkansas -- adds Jon Cooper (UCF TEs). Still no OC hire. The rumor mill is now swinging from Major Applewhite to Kendal Briles as the most likely OC hire. In the last hour, some hogs (internet rumor mongerers) are now claiming Kendal Briles is a done deal. A Little Rock radio host, Wess Moore, is also now claiming Kendal Briles will be the pigs' new OC: Arkansas radio host is reporting that Kendal Briles will be the new Razorback offensive coordinator
    “It appears Arkansas has a new offensive coordinator,” Moore said on the show. “Sources are telling me Kendal Briles will be Arkansas’ next offensive coordinator. Now, it’s not a done deal, until this thing is signed, sealed and delivered, there’s a chance it could break apart. They could have some kind of disagreement, but it does appear that Kendal Briles is going to Arkansas’ next offensive coordinator.
    “I was talking to another source during the break and he was like, ‘Yeah, this looks like it’s going to happen.’ I think Arkansas has their man — Kendal Briles.”

    Florida State -- Alex Atkins (Charlotte OC/OL) rumored to be taking over OL coaching duties for the Noles.

    Missouri -- Drinkwitz poaches KU's S&C coach Zac Woodfin.

    Oklahoma State -- rumors are surfacing that OSU may lose Pokes' WR coach Kasey Dunn to UNLV (as a new OC). And it gets worse in Stillwater. Joe Bob Clements (OSU DL) may be poached by Kiffin to be the new DC for Ole Miss. The Rebels are raiding OSU from the East, and other Rebels are raiding OSU from the West. Nothing official on these two rumors yet.

    TCU -- after losing their OL coach Chris Thomsen to Florida State, the Frogs will shift Jarrett Anderson (inside WRs) to OL coach.

    South Florida -- Glenn Spencer (FAU DC) will join the Bulls as the new DC and LB coach. USF also gains Xavier Dye (WV WRs) from the Mountaineers. USF hires Trumain Carroll (Arkansas S&C) as S&C coach. Joey King (Cartersville, Georgia HS), Trevor Lawrence's former coach joins USF as the TE coach.
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    Oooof! For Applewhite.

    Traylor making some moves at UTSA.

    I thought Dodge was happy at Westlake? I guess money does not talk, it shouts.
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    Anybody hear anything further regarding Todd Dodge?
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    Dodge possibly coming to Austin or wut?
  28. BurntOrangeLH

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    Sheer rumor! I don't think he can really be plied away from Westlake Hills.
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    I’m guessing there is a number that would be persuasive
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  30. WorsterMan

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    Now that would be wild if he did.... me thinks for big $ he'd leave the hills for the chance to be OC at UT.

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