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  1. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life Good Bye To All The Rest!

    I did my first day of "Fit Camp" on the 30th and it goes twice a week for a month. I got 10 minutes in and realized what a mistake I had made. Not to attend fit camp, but to let myself slip so far from HS basketball, semi-pro football and army days. I used to be one hard MFer and now I'm just soft, fat and old. I guess I knew but didn't want to "see" it, but this punched me right between the eyes.

    I'm excited to make change happen!!
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  2. Dionysus

    Dionysus Idoit Admin

    Go get it @Vol Horn 4 Life!

    Listening to a podcast not long ago I heard a comment that struck me as a great piece of life advice.

    This guy said there are two things we rely upon every day of our life, and that we have direct influence over: our body and our mind. So why would we not make regular investments in these two things. The payoff can be huge.

    Give the body the nutrition, exercise, and sleep that it requires to perform at its best, and give the mind a practice to help reduce negative emotions—meditation, prayer, mindfulness, whatever works for you. Many of our “problems” and sources of discontent don’t even exist, they arise from a busy and anxious mind.
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  3. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts

    My goal for this year is 5000 miles on the bicycle. And not a stationary bike.
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  4. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life Good Bye To All The Rest!

    So tonight is my fourth fit camp session with some gym time in between.

    Day 1 - I died
    Day 2 - I wanted to die
    Day 3 - I died again
    Day 4 - Will be friggin awesome!!

    Since 12/30 I'm down 5.6# and my whole body hurts. Here's to not hurting much longer so I can move on to better fitness and losing weight. :yippee:
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  5. TheWalkingHorn

    TheWalkingHorn 500+ Posts

    I'm coming up on my 800th check in with Camp Gladiator. It's my favorite way to keep active! Today some of my students (I'm a PE teacher) were watching me do camp, which is held on our campus after school. They started copying what I was doing, until I got to burpees. Then they ran off to play. :e-face-tears:
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  6. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life Good Bye To All The Rest!

    I hate burpees!! I think the devil spawned the idea of these just to get humans to think bad thoughts. I'm pretty sure our instructor brings these out whenever her boyfriend pisses her off. Thank goodness she seems like a happy girl.

    Congrats on your 800th! That's amazing. I'm beginning to understand why these type of classes are so popular. I'll tell you this fit camp seems like the way to keep me engaged in this because there is no way I'm going to be the soft loser who skips a day. Not to mention I have to pay for this on top of the membership fees.

    So she did something different last night that I've never seen before. She taped a tic tac toe grid at one end of the room. The last five minutes of the hour she threw blue and red bags on the floor and we split into two person teams. Exercise of her choice, grab a bag and sprint to the grid and the first person there gets to choose the square.

    I was counting down, tired and ready to end the class but it was on when the game started. I love all the different creative things instructors do to keep us going to the end.
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  7. TheWalkingHorn

    TheWalkingHorn 500+ Posts

    That sounds a lot like Camp Gladiator. What I love about it is that you will never have the same workout twice. We are also on a 4 week cycle with week 1 focusing on endurance (could be cardiovascular or muscular), week 2 is strength & agility where we focus on less reps with heavier weights as well as agility exercises, often with "toys" (this is my favorite week!). Week 3 is HIIT week, so it's a lot of "you go, I go" with a partner, and then the final week is peak week and basically it's just hell LOL.

    We often have games either during the warm up, or as a finisher. A lot of times during the warm up they'll give as activities to do with a partner and then give us a question to answer/topic to discuss while we're doing the exercise. It helps you get to know the people around you!

    I've been doing it for 5 years now. I started out using 8lb weights, and now I use 20lb weights during workouts. I'll use bigger during strength and agility week, but that's because I'm usually only doing 6-8 reps.

    I actually love burpees (I know, I'm weird), but my least favorite move is a squat to press. Ugh... they make me so tired!
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  8. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life Good Bye To All The Rest!

    So I'm now five weeks into this thing. Finished my first four and really liked how it makes me want to attend so I signed up for another month. I'm filling in my off days with at least two other cardio days like elliptical training. I'm down 11 pounds and a couple inches all over. Definitely much more energy and keeping my interest.

    Had a meeting in Dallas on Monday/Tuesday so I did a makeup session with another trainer at 5:30am this morning. Woah, he is an ex Marine who is much more intense with fewer rest breaks...a total of four minutes rest out of 60. My whole body hurts again, but I spent half the day feeling like I was on speed. Not sure I'm ready to move to this guy, but man I think after a couple more months I might change just to up my game. He said this morning's circuit is one Olympic athletes train with.....whew.

    Anyway, having fun with it.
  9. Dionysus

    Dionysus Idoit Admin

    The tide is finally turning in the direction of nutritional science over decades-old dogma about saturated fat.

    Saturated Fats and Health: A Reassessment and Proposal for Food-based Recommendations: JACC State-of -the-Art Review

    The Journal of the American College of Cardiology recently published the above-linked report. From the Abstract:

    The recommendation to limit dietary saturated fatty acid (SFA) intake has persisted despite mounting evidence to the contrary. Most recent meta-analyses of randomized trials and observational studies found no beneficial effects of reducing SFA intake on cardiovascular disease (CVD) and total mortality, and instead found protective effects against stroke. Although SFAs increase low-density lipoprotein (LDL)-cholesterol, in most individuals, this is not due to increasing levels of small, dense LDL particles, but rather larger LDL which are much less strongly related to CVD risk. It is also apparent that the health effects of foods cannot be predicted by their content in any nutrient group, without considering the overall macronutrient distribution. Whole-fat dairy, unprocessed meat, eggs and dark chocolate are SFA-rich foods with a complex matrix that are not associated with increased risk of CVD. The totality of available evidence does not support further limiting the intake of such foods.

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  10. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts

    We are nearing the end of June and I have ridden 2475 miles so far this year. Tomorrow morning I plan to ride 30 to 40 miles, so right on schedule to hit the 5000 mile goal I set.
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  11. horninchicago

    horninchicago 10,000+ Posts

    Old Rodney joke...

    Doctor told me to jog 5 miles a day for 2 weeks and then call him. I called and told him "Hey Doc, I feel great, but I'm 70 miles from my house."
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  12. Crockett

    Crockett 5,000+ Posts


    As far as media go... I think they are in the main reluctant to rethink 50 years of conventional wisdom. The media in England didn't buy that sweet tasting water from the Broad Street Well could be spreading cholera, even as the evidence mounted and the ghost map of physician John Snow was widely shared. They thought stinky air, abundant in the London, was the source and plenty of unimaginative medical and scientific people backed them up.

    More recently, I remember the 1976 presidential debates. Jimmy Carter asserted that the Soviet Union dominated Eastern Europe. President Ford, privy to intelligence that correctly pointed out that the USSR was losing its grip, contested that statement and was widely ridiculed for it. I can recall no one in the media that didn't join the dogpile. I know I thought he was nutty on the topic... I was in high school, paid attention in history class, read Newsweek and the Dallas Morning News and assumed I was just a lot smarter than he was. Turns out, as we all learned a decade later, Mr. Ford was ahead of the conventional wisdom... not a good campaign strategy, but not stupid.

    John Snow eventually got favorable media coverage... but not in 1854.
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  13. RainH2burntO

    RainH2burntO 2,500+ Posts

    An insider within the CDC who had major issues with coverup of internal findings of link between mmr vaccine and autism came public with info on this and members of Senate were pushing for testimony. On the very day this news "broke" (or didn't) mainstream outlets across the country instead ran with coverage of growing measles outbreak and stressing the importance of getting the vaccine.

    My advice: exercise, eat real food, avoid stress, and seek alternative medical advice on health and "medicine" whenever possible...and never blindly trust mainstream, bureaucracracy and pharmaceutical co.-backed "science" and preferred medical narratives.
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  14. Dionysus

    Dionysus Idoit Admin


    Medicine in this country is very good in some respects, but completely corrupt and broken in others—certainly in nutrition and wellness. It’s primarily a disease management system because that’s where the money is.
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  15. Dionysus

    Dionysus Idoit Admin

    Graphic from the above Journal of the American College of Cardiology link re saturated fat.

    Whole fat dairy, red meat, dark chocolate = no increased risk of cardiovascular disease or diabetes.

    Well no ****! People have been eating dairy and meat for centuries. So forty years ago the geniuses in the USG decided that these ancient foods were responsible for modern chronic diseases, and told everyone to instead eat tons of carbs and seed oils and processed garbage and we got an epidemic of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes.

    Mass numbers of the population didn’t used to be fat and sick. This is not normal. It’s a result of millions of Americans doing what they were told by people who had no expertise in this area and therefore had no business even making recommendations. And this is what our doctors, nurses, and dietitians were trained to repeat and recommend, which many still blindly do.

    The next time you see any kind of “guidelines” from the government: buckle up, hold your nose, and consider that the best thing to do might be the exact opposite of what these corrupt dimwits are recommending.


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  16. Vol Horn 4 Life

    Vol Horn 4 Life Good Bye To All The Rest!

    So covid happened and shut down my gym for three months, then my daughters softball started which kept me on the road all summer and now she's off to college. Meanwhile I'm almost as fat as ever and lost all of the gains I got from the almost three successful months.

    HOWEVER, I think I'm starting fit camp all over again on Monday night. It's like a freaking ferris wheel going round and round. I just can't seem to motivate myself do do it at home, I have to have someplace to go and someone to kick my ***....this mental crap.
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  17. Crockett

    Crockett 5,000+ Posts

    We gotta try to keep it fun. I got out of shape and cycling was slower and less fun. Now that I'm getting at least an hour in 4-5 times a week my speed is getting there. It's nice when you want to make it to the top of a hill without slowing to a crawl or go 20 miles an hour for a while on a level surface . I'm getting the horsepower to do that again.
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  18. Sangre Naranjada

    Sangre Naranjada 10,000+ Posts

    Yep. I know that feeling well. I've actually stopped trying to further increase my speed, and I have been using my cycling time as a meditative hour or two in the mornings. I can get on the bike and cruise (these days averaging 16.5 to 17.5mph based on wind and hills) while I calm my mind and prep for the rest of the day.

    At the same time, when I get to a particular segment I want to ride hard, I can up that pace considerably for a stretch before returning to the more peaceful riding cadence.

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