Roe is dead

Discussion in 'West Mall' started by NJlonghorn, Jun 24, 2022.

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    Exactly. With Maher's honest, if revolting, take, at least one can have a frank discussion about the issue.

    And at the end of the clip, I LOVE the way he looked at the other two and told them that his take was their take too, because they are also both pro "choice" (as if the baby has any choice whatsoever). Made the both of them uncomfortable as hell, and that's a very good thing.
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    Kari knows the absolutism of making all abortion illegal is killing the republican party.
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    It seems their entire platform is built upon the idea that actions are exempt from scrutiny. There are some groups of people who cannot be controlled at all, so they gain their vote by enabling their behavior through justification and reward (enabling by compensation). They have cynically thrown in the towel. They know far too many people in this world have zero self-control.

    To me, anyone (excluding rape) who has unprotected sex shouldn't get one dime from the American taxpayers. Let's be real about that. And certainly, their abortion should not be taxpayer funded either. This stuff is so basic. But they have blown past all that and have instead substituted shrill, vile arrogance and blame on the adults.

    However, it the real world, those poor women who get knocked up are highly likely to be producing future criminals. So as a society, what are we to do about these idiots?
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    He made them and his audience uncomfortable.
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    Not sure what they mean. There's video and audio of her praising the old law. Is that fake?
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    Yeah, you look to be correct.
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    Isn't this what democracy is all about? Give the majority gifts which are taken from the minority.

    I don't get the comment. Are you saying women are not responsible for their actions? You used a passive verb, "get knocked up". Didn't they choose? If so they aren't "poor women". If not, they got raped so your other point comes into play.

    Are you supposing we kill the "idiots"? Not sure what is going on here.
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    By poor, I meant, in poverty. Unable to be there as a parent and the Dad is long gone. And yes, I'm saying they CHOSE to have unprotected sex.
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    gotta love Republicans

    "The Arizona House on Wednesday narrowly voted to repeal a near-total abortion ban dating from 1864.

    The 32-28 vote came after passionate speeches from Republicans, describing in graphic detail the abortion process as they argued for a no vote.

    But with Republicans Matt Gress of Phoenix, Justin Wilmeth of Phoenix and Tim Dunn of Yuma joining with all 29 Democrats, House Bill 2677 passed."

    Arizona abortion ban: House approves 1864 law repeal
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    Stupid. They should have repealed overwhelmingly and stuck by the the less restrictive ban they passed previously.
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