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Discussion in 'Golf' started by Vol Horn 4 Life, Apr 14, 2013.

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    Congratulations to Adam Scott for being the first Aussie to win the Masters. Tiger ended up fourth only four shots back even with the two stroke penalty after the threat of being DQ'd in the third round.

    Now on to another question. Who is this Tianlang Guan from China? He is 14 years old and made the cut ending up 58th out of 93. I've never heard of a 14 year old even playing in the Masters much less making the cut. This kid did an amazing job playing on a very tough course playing against very tough competition.

    The Chinese are known for their "techniques" in developing children. Removing child prodigies from their homes and making them endure a highly regimented training program is their niche these days.

    Are the Chinese determined to make a splash in the PGA now? I have a hard time believing this kid just happened on the World stage because he grew up in a priviledged family in China.
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    Vol Horn 4 Life Good Bye To All The Rest!

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    However as seen during the last Olympics they are still having problems with birth certificates and ages.
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    Vol Horn 4 Life Good Bye To All The Rest!

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    (is this the right one?)

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    Yesterday the analysts said since it rained the night before, and even with the strong winds on Thursday, the course crews would probably NOT wet down the fairways and greens overnight to keep the course fresh and moist.

    However, ahem, Spieth has started out:

    Yesterday -
    (1) par,par,birdie,par,par,birdie,par,birdie,par,
    (his fifth straight Masters round to lead [four from last year's+this first round], a Master's record)

    (2) birdie,par,birdie.....currently -8, closest next is at -4 Danny Lee, then three at -3, then all the rest. Not to jinx, but no bogies at all yet. Eagles, bah!, who needs 'em with this kind of consistency. Smokin'!

    Might reconsider wetting down this course, lest it spontaneously burst into flames where Spieth is playing.
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    Bob Harig
    ESPN Senior Writer

    The way Jordan Spieth is going early in the second round, the Masters' 10-shot cut rule will have no impact. The tournament takes the top 50 and ties through 36 holes AND anyone within 10 of the lead. At the moment just 40 players are 10 shots or closer to Spieth who has made it to 8 under par and leads by 5.


    "He doesn't need it, but Jordan Spieth's closest rivals are also doing him huge favors. Second-placed Danny Lee drops a shot at 17, while back-to-back bogeys for Paul Casey -- coupled with Spieth’s most recent birdie -- means the Englishman has gone from 3 behind to 6 behind. Rory McIlroy and Justin Rose are also over par. If Spieth isn't leading by the end of today, I'll eat my hat. With ketchup. And I hate ketchup."
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    Oops, double bogie on 5, I'll stop posting for a while.
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    I think (hope) today, with Spieth and McIlroy paired up, and maybe tomorrow, will go down like Borg/McEnroe, Ali/Frazier, uh, Palmer/Nicklaus.

    Good for golf. Good for sport.
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    Well, that didn't pan out as hoped.

    On the positive side, in his first three years at Augusta as a pro, Spieth has gone T2, 1, T2, and has set a few records along the as yet short way.

    Hook 'em, Jordan.
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    just goes to illustrate what one disastrous hole can do...Els had a disaster on the very first hole that basically cost him the cut (not that he would have likely been in a position to win) while Spieth had one truly horrid hole that opened the door for others, yet he STILL had an outside chance to have pulled out the back-to-back wins.

    The other thing we learned is that the clueless assclown approach to reporting has infected golf, as evidenced by the way they wanted to jam the camera and mic in his face immediately after the round.
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    Fixed it for them:

    Reminder: He's 22 years young.
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    Spieth's so-called collapse, as some have been calling it, consisted of 3 consecutive bad shots on 12, resulting in a 5-stroke swing that cost him a Green Jacket. A mentally weak golfer would have spiraled out of control after those 3 shots. Instead, Spieth went birdie-par-birdie-par-bogie-par for the remaining 6 holes, and the bogie was only because he had to be overly aggressive to give himself a chance to win.

    Far from choking or collapsing or whatever, Jordan proved that he is tough as nails. He has one hell of a career ahead of him.
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    He also showed a lot of class by addressing the media as quickly as he did. He spoke to Bill Macatee within 20 minutes of the end of his round. Most others would not have done so. Plus, he didn't make any excuses.
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    I thought Hossler made the Masters, but I guess not

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    At the moment, Spieth leading by two

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    Texas senior Doug Ghim spectacular in Masters debut

    Texas senior Doug Ghim owned two of the most magical moments in his Masters debut at Augusta National on Thursday.

    Bolstered by a pair of eagles on No. 13 and No. 18, Ghim carded an even-par 72 that put him up on Tiger Woods, Hideki Matsuyama, Sergio Garcia and a host of others after Round 1.

    Ghim shot a 39 on the front nine, but steaided himself with a 33 on the back, sinking two impressive eagles to go along with a birdie on No. 15 to get back to even. He finished the day with 11 pars, three bogeys and a double bogey on No. 7.

    Heading into his first career Masters, Ghim compared his game to former Longhorns and 2015 green jacket winner Jordan Spieth, and after 18 holes, he's making good on that lofty comparison.

    "I think a great person to look at for me is Jordan," Ghim said. "He doesn't blow you away with how far he hits it. He's incredibly consistent. He's very smart. He's very prepared. He is hardly ever surprised where his ball ends up. He always seems to know where he can put it on that next shot and see if he can make a par if he's out of position. And if he does look for birdie he ends up capitalizing."

    With the majority of the field already through Round 1, Ghim sat in a tie for 20th. He is three strokes up on the next closest amateur, Joaquin Niemann.

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    Ghim, Vegas and Spieth made the cut.
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    The low amateur

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    I''m rooting for Jordan... but I have become a Patrick Reed fan this weekend. Amazing golf being played at the Masters.

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