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Discussion in 'Women’s Basketball' started by Zig72, Feb 18, 2023.

  1. Zig72

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    I was under the impression that players could not enter the portal until the NCAA Tournament participants were decided. Not certain why Louisville could sign Eylia Love from Georgia Tech for the 23/24 season. Love played in 13 games for Tech this season.
    Women's Basketball Transfer News, January 2023 - WBB Blog
  2. Moooooo

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    The official news release from Louisville was on January 18. She entered the transfer portal on January 3 or so which I assume was prior to the first deadline.

    I'm assuming she enrolled at Louisville for the beginning of the Spring semester in January. Regardless if she enrolled then or coming in June, she's not eligible this semester as she would be a mid-season transfer.

  3. Moooooo

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    Lots of the other conferences are holding their tourneys this week. That means the season comes to an end for many teams and players who won't be participating in the NCAA or WNIT tournaments.

    So, we probably start hearing news of players who decide to transfer. While the transfer portal window might not open until April (I think), that doesn't mean players won't be announcing a social media that they are looking for a new school. Entering the portal is a formality, but it does prevent coaches from other schools from making contact until officially in the portal.

    Since I keep watch of players from the state of Texas, Plano native Jordyn Merritt had her Florida team's season end yesterday. And, Jewel Spear's Wake Forest team is currently playing Florida State after having won their first ACC tourney game yesterday where she had 19 points.
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  4. Run Pincher

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    Already are. 4-star, but I'm not sure a player that Vic would go after. Unless he wants to upgrade the team hotness.
    BoilerUpload - Purdue Freshman Forward Lilly Stoddard To Enter Transfer Portal (rivals.com)
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    Spear had 19 again today. I watched yesterday's game and, speaking in terms of skills, she's a great fit for Vic. She's very good on both ends of the floor. I really like her game.
  6. Moooooo

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    When I typed my post about Spears earlier today, I figured they would lose to Florida State today. Then, when the game started, it was announced that ACC FOY Ta'niya Latson would not play for FSU due to injury; so, i figured WF had a chance. As I was leaving the house mid-day, FSU had a huge lead at halftime, and Spears had zero points. Figured it was done for WF. Well, Spears and her teammates turned it on the second half and rolled to a win.

    Spears seems happy at WF despite a new head coach this season. And, this is her third season; unless she'll be graduating this Spring (or summer), I doubt she will transfer prior to receiving her undergraduate degree; course credits don't always transfer from one school to another. Time will tell.
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  7. brnkj

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    I thought the same thing... that she seems really happy at Wake.
  8. GameOfHorns

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    While watching the tape of yesterday’s SEC tourney game between Tenn and LSU, was wondering what happened to Hannah Gusters after leaving LSU. Hadn’t realized she transferred to okie state.

    Oklahoma State Signs LSU Transfer Hannah Gusters
  9. Moooooo

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    2024 Jaloni Cambridge's older sister has announced she will transfer from Kentucky.

  10. Moooooo

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    Cambridge's bio and freshman stats:

    Kennedy Cambridge – UK Athletics
    • POSITION Guard
    • HEIGHT 5-8
    • CLASS Freshman
    • HOMETOWN Nashville, Tenn.

    Athletic combo guard that Kentucky signed in the late period … Spoke after her signing about the relationship she built with UK coaching staff and how it was the difference maker in her recruitment … Exceptional offensive skillset that should translate well to the SEC … Older sister plays basketball at Vanderbilt and has two brothers that play basketball at Arizona State.

    High School
    A four-star prospect according to ESPN.com, which ranks her as the 36th-best guard in the 2022 class … Ranked No. 52 overall by All-Star Girls Basketball Report … Helped Ensworth High School win their third state title in the last four seasons in 2022, averaging 14.8 points per game, 4.6 rebounds per game, 3.6 steals per game and 3.0 assists per game … Scored 11 points in the state semifinal game and posted a game-high 21 points with 11 rebounds, five assists and five blocks in the state championship game … Was a finalist for the Tennessee Miss Basketball award in 2022 … Was named to the All-Midstate Team in 2022 … Helped Ensworth to the state semifinals as a junior averaging 13.2 points with 2.8 assists per game … As a sophomore, she averaged 7.2 points, 3.1 assists, 2.9 steals and shot 55.2 percent from the field in helping Ensworth to the state championship.
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  11. brnkj

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    I've been sitting and waiting for this one to happen. Now let's see if anything develops that might influence Jaloni's decision.
  12. Moooooo

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    Wasn't sure where to post this, but I guess this could be considered transfer speculation or rumors; perhaps it is neither.

    I went to view Vic's Instagram page which I'm not sure I had viewed since end of last year. As you know, he doesn't "follow" a bunch of accounts, so when he does add new follows, it's for a good reason. The follow I saw at the top of the list (which to me indicates his most recent follow) was of "jquinerlykids". The follow directly below that was of the father of Baylor signee Letty Vasconcelos which I do recall Vic and our staff following when she had made her official visit to Texas last October. So, that led me to believe he's only added one follow since having added the father of Letty Vasconcelos.

    The name "Quinerly" right away rang a bell. And, yes, that is the father of West Virginia sophomore combo guard JJ Quinerly. Her father's IG account shows that he "recently" started following Moody Center IG account (perhaps that just means he came to watch his daughter play at Moody when WVU was in town). I also saw that Coach Elena started following that same Quinerly IG account.

    Obviously, Quinerly is still playing with WVU, and her team most likely has a couple more weeks of games to play. And, no rumors of her entering the transfer portal down the road that I have seen. The only thing I can come up with is that perhaps her Dad reached out to Vic and/or Elena to gauge possible interest from Texas (which I hope is the case).

    So, for my own peace of mind, I need someone else who likes to browse IG clues to confirm that you see what I see, or you see something different.
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  13. Born in ATX

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    Just checked. Mine shows the same thing. Could be a little awkward if we face them in the 2nd round of the tourney this week - LOL. One thing you can't doubt about JJ is her quickness and athleticism. She leads the team in Pts (14.2), FG% (41.5%) and Steals (2.1). Will be somewhere on the all-conf. team when it is announced.
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  14. Moooooo

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    I think "combo" guard describes her position. I don't think she's WVU's starting PG as she is second in assists. But, I think she could provide backup minutes at PG when needed (which we need desperately). We don't have another "small" guard like her other than Rori, and I think that is what is missing on our roster, especially being able to defend similar guards.
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  15. brnkj

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    I was telling a friend earlier this season that JJ would be a great fit for Vic. I hope I spoke it into existence.
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  16. hoopsalot

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    Would be a violation to recruit a player on another team during the season before the portal opens wouldn’t it? So I’m going with Mr. Quinnerly and Vic are sharing fishing spots.
  17. Moooooo

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    Family members reaching out on social media (or other forms of contact) to other coaching staffs seems permissible. As long as there is no communication between the actual student-athlete and other coaching staffs (prior to officially entering the transfer portal), no problems. Of course, those are my "logical" assumptions.
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  18. Sincerely hookem

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    I spoke on both of these in another thread a couple of weeks ago Quineely was on my list of watch and Cambridge. If Cambridge decides to transfer to Texas it could help get her sister here but she’s unproven injuries and not enough mins at UK. I noticed when we played WVU in Morgantown that Vic spoke to her at length on the handshake line and so did Rori. Quinerly is the one I would want. Vic team have been really good when having 2 PG on the floor a combo of her and Rori and Shaylee at 3 would be nice
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  19. Born in ATX

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    I agree, and would guess that Vic would run something like this through compliance. Although they would probably like to do it, the NCAA can’t restrict all speech. As long as the coaching staff is not actively recruiting a player who is not in the portal yet, I don’t see how communicating with the players’ parents about things other than recruiting their daughter would be a violation. And we know that players communicate with each other all the time.
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  20. brnkj

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    Looks like we've got really similar ideas. Hopefully our energies will manifest in a healthy recruiting season for us, both from the portal and from the 2024 class.
  21. Moooooo

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    You said a lot in your post in the West Virginia thread. I couldn't tell how much (if any) was insider reliable info, and how much was just your wishful thinking (preference).

    You mentioned Jewel Spear and Ta'Niya Latson; while many of us have been Jewel Spear would consider entering the transfer portal and end up at Texas, it seems less and less likely. Latson has had a phenomenal season at FSU; think she'll be winning NFOY; can't imagine she'd be a transfer portal candidate (although these days anything is possible).
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  22. Sincerely hookem

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    I’m not a insider I just watch a lot of wbb. Texas is the sun but everybody else orbits in my fandom. All things I said are just off off watching and being nosey on socials and vibes. Jewel and Larson are hopefuls at this point everybody else is as well. At first I thought this transfer cycle wasn’t going to be as crazy but over the last 2 weeks and watching all the basketball I have I think it’s going to get crazy again. Think about it the portal helped a lot of people but some fumbled the bag and the ones who where smart enough to sit back watch it go down will benefit from that this year. I don’t think we will see hasty decisions like last year.
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  23. Moooooo

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    By my count, we will have 2 scholarships available for possible incoming transfers; that's assuming we have no unexpected attrition at the end of the season, but we seem to have at least one departing surprise each season.

    1. Abby Boutilier
    2. Madi Booker

    3. Jordan Codio
    4. Gisella Maul
    5. Ndjakalenga (I worry that she'll get homesick)
    6. Aminah Muhammad

    7. Rori Harmon
    8. Aaliyah Moore
    Kyndall Hunter (not expecting her to return to the team, so not counting her)

    9. Shay Holle
    10. Deyona Gaston
    11. Hadi Faye

    12. Taylor Jones
    13. Shaylee Gonzales (since she didn't go through Senior Day, I will count her as returning)

    As I stated, someone like JJ Quinerly would fill a void in our roster (especially on the defensive end and able to provide some backup PG minutes) . Would also be great to add someone who is efficient from the 3-point range.
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  24. Born in ATX

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    And now she's a unanimous all Big 12 1st team selection, and an all Big 12 Defensive team selection. She's got 2 years of eligibility left too. WVa's record will get them into some post-season play this year so a portal decision is at least a few weeks away. Interesting that her teammate Jayla Hemingway originally signed with and played for Vic at MissSt. So she has likely heard what its like to play for Vic. I'm sure there will be some very good guards in the portal this year, but this idea has me very intrigued.
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  25. Moooooo

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    Father Quinerly's IG account now shows him following TexasWBB. I know that wasn't there yesterday (near the top); but seeing it a few accounts above Moody Center IG account. IG sometimes does some weird "sorting", so let me know if you see the same.
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  26. Born in ATX

    Born in ATX 500+ Posts

    On my IG account (accessed from a phone), TexasWBB is about the 7th account from the top, with Moody much further down. That implies to me that TexasWBB is a recent follow. On my wife's IG account (accessed from a PC), Moody is the very first follow shown (but only because my wife also follows that account), with TexasWBB much further down the page not far from the WVa WBB Acct. Rori said yesterday that she heard a lot of compliments from other players from other teams this season about the Moody. Maybe daughter was impressed with Moody when she played here on 2/19 and that would explain the earlier follow by Dad. Speaking of that game, Quinnerly led WVa in scoring with 16, but got in some foul trouble and fouled out early in the 4th. Here's the shortened version of the game:
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  27. Moooooo

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    I only access IG through my laptop; seems like you and I are seeing the same listing order. I don't "follow" any accounts, but I do view TexasWBB; I've never viewed the MoodyCenter IG account.

    I will take it as good news that Dad is following both those accounts; and, that Vic and Elena are following his account; might not result in what several of us want, but time will tell if these were clues.
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  28. DFW_Horn

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    It'd be sweet to have a unanimous All-Big12 player on the roster. ;)
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  29. Moooooo

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    Another Kentucky Wildcat enters the transfer portal

  30. brnkj

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    She's a good one and currently only a sophomore.
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